What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 30 Falling Into A Trap
Chapter 32 This Three Year Old Wants To Be Stronger

Chapter 31 Don't Mess With A Girl's Sweets

I groaned while looking up at the ceiling of the boss room.

My left arm was broken from trying to defend myself against the attack, the column having blasted me all the way to the other side of the hall.

At least I avoided a death blow that would have left me helpless for a long while.

Using my good arm to push myself up, I surveyed the battle and found the situation less than ideal.

Half of the melee fighters were already wiped out and even though the archers were shooting it non stop, the dragon showed no signs of slowing down.

With my broken arm, I won't be able to draw my bow as well so I'm either going to have to hope my summons are enough to kill it, which is very unlikely, or move to fight it in melee range as well.

I grimaced as I got a summon to take out the rope from my backpack, directing her to tie my broken arm against my side to prevent it from flopping around.

If I can get out of this alive, I'll think about making a splint then. Mother should have something to deal with this.

I equipped my Assassin's Dagger, the paralysis poison being my hope in killing this thing before it kills me.

I quickly cast [Darkness Paranoia] to rob it of its sight before dashing under it, aiming for its softer belly that was not protected by its scales.

The dragon let out a roar as its loss of sight caused it to rampage, swiping the area around it blindly in an attempt to get rid of the darkness. It seems like fear wasn't affecting it as much and the spell was only effective in blinding it.

My melee summons had already backed away and switched to ranged weapons as well, leaving me to fight it alone to minimise the damage. As long as I remain under it and it doesn't decide to do a belly flop, I should be safe from--

A gust of wind blew out from under it, blasting me out towards its tail.

I struck out my hand and impaled my dagger into the flesh where the tail joined its body, using it as an anchor to hold me in place even as the wind spell buffeted against me.

The pain of having something impale it from below caused the dragon to drop itself down on the ground, very nearly squashing me if it wasn't for the fact that I was not directly below it.

The movement still slammed me against the ground painfully though but I managed to hold on to my knife.

"Bastard…" I gasped, releasing my grip on my knife to channel electricity into my hand before punching on its tail.

[Static Shock]

It didn't do much damage of course, but the current still managed to make the dragon pause in its movement of rising back up, giving my summon enough time to smash its head with a battleaxe.

The summon didn't have time to pull out its weapon before the dragon twisted its head and caused the summon to lose her footing, giving the dragon the opportunity to snap her up by her leg.

It reared up its head and slammed her into the ground, instantly causing her to dissipate, although the battleaxe remained lodged partway in its head.

What does it take to kill this damn lizard?!

I pulled out my blade and straddled the back of its tail, using it as leverage to start stabbing the fleshy side repeatedly.

Arrows fell on top of its back at the same time, puncturing through its scales and annoying it even more.

Just as I stabbed the dagger back in again, the dragon shrieked and its body was suddenly lit ablaze with fire, blasting me into the air and away from it.

I tumbled across the ground, the pain in my broken arm intensifying as I felt the stones digging into my skin.

Recovering from my roll, I did a quick check on myself to see that I was relatively unharmed. It seems like the armour Mother made protected me from the worst of the blast.

I was just about to get up when I realised there was a weight missing from my shoulders.

Looking back, the backpack that I was supposed to be carrying was no longer there. That means…

I swivelled my head back frantically, spotting my backpack laying near the dragon's hind legs.

No… It better not…

The dragon lifted up its leg even as I was rushing towards it, my hand reaching desperately out towards it even as the foot was brought down right on top of it.



No, no, no, no!!!


[Lightning Clad]

My dagger was sheathed in favour of cladding my right arm with electricity, the current sparking off the entire arm and buzzing around angrily.

I leapt on top of its head, uncaring of the roar it let out the moment it felt me stand on top of it.

Pumping my mana into the spell until I felt it reach its brim, I punched downwards and unleashed all the lightning I had charged straight into the dragon's cranium.

The roar changed into a shriek of pain but I was not done yet. I needed something stronger! I needed a spell that could make this dragon feel the pain!!

[Body Current]

[Body Current: A spell that allows the mage to make use of the body's electrical current to strengthen specific body muscles.]

[Lightning Clad]

I roared and punched down again, hearing a loud crack as the blow dazed the dragon.

Still keeping [Body Current] active, I reached out and pulled out the battleaxe that was still stuck in its head.

Lifting the weapon up over my head, I gave another roar for my destroyed cookies as I slammed it down with all the force I could muster, impaling it even deeper than before.

That wasn't enough so I lifted my foot and casted both [Lightning Clad] and [Body Current] on it before stomping down hard on the axe's handle.

The blade of the axe buried itself all the way to the shaft, but judging by how the dragon was still thrashing around, this cookie destroying turd is still too lively for my taste.

I leapt into the air and unsheathed the Storm Sword from my waist, pouring every bit of mana I had left into the sword as I overcharged it with its lightning enchantment.

Instead of shooting it out, I concentrated the lightning to the tip of the sword and flew down, plunging the blade through its head.

The dragon shrieked as lightning coursed through its entire body, frying it from within.

My sword shattered from the attack but the damage was done, the dragon collapsing onto the ground soon after.

I tossed the broken blade away and dragged myself to the side, kneeling down at the crushed form of my backpack.

My cookiessssssss… Waaaaaaahhhh…

I didn't even get to taste them… They were raspberry flavoured ones too…

I turned to glare hatefully at the damned piece of trash that killed my cookies.


You didn't let me eat them?! I'll eat you!!

I got my clones to start working on disassembling the dragon while I worked on a splint for my broken arm. There wasn't any wood around so I had to fashion one from some broken pieces of marble.

Picking up my torn backpack, I then started climbing up the stairs to move back to the higher levels of the dungeon, feeling a bit annoyed that the map I made in my [Screen] was now useless because of that trap.

It took me about half an hour of wandering around and having my summons take care of the goblins before I finally found the exit, the summons I had left there already finished with the disassembly of the first wyvern.

My initial plan was to have the materials gathered outside and fly home to bring Mother here to help me bring them back since my summons don't have my wings, but I decided I was too tired to fly back home today and I'll just sleep outside tonight.

I used [Shadow Summon] to create several weaker shadows of myself and instructed them to help me gather wood and to prepare a large campfire, there's a dragon I need to cook after all.

The fire was just beginning to roar into life when my summons reappeared from the dungeon carrying a large chunk of meat.

I knew that particular piece was from that cookie destroying trash so I immediately skewered it and let it roast over the fire.

I didn't really care about the taste but I suddenly got an idea to get back at this piece of trash.

Carefully opening up my back, I took out my poor, crushed cookies that were not nothing more than fine pieces of crumbs.

Grabbing a handful of it, I sprinkled them over the meat before picking it up from the fire and biting into it.

Oh? Oh… OOOHHH!! I can taste it! I can taste the cookies!! It's back!! My cookiessss!! You've returned to meeeee! Om nom nom nom nom~

Ehehehe~ I'll forgive you just this once you stupid dragon~

Chapter 30 Falling Into A Trap
Chapter 32 This Three Year Old Wants To Be Stronger