What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 31 Don't Mess With A Girl's Sweets
Chapter 33 First Training Montage

Chapter 32 This Three Year Old Wants To Be Stronger

[Name: Aster Nilm

Title: None

Race: Meslatar


185 Strength

120 Dexterity

165 Endurance

220 Magic


Hunting (Tier 2), Cooking (Tier 1), Martial Skill-(Dagger Proficiency (Tier 2), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 1), Bow Proficiency (Tier 1), Sword Proficiency (Tier 1))

Magic Skills:

Mana Management (Tier 2), Umbramancy (Tier 2), Electromancy (Tier 1)]

I rubbed my eyes before squinting at the screen again, making sure I wasn't seeing things when I checked my stats the next morning.

I wasn't surprised that I got stronger but seriously, isn't this a bit too big of a jump in stats? My Magic stats literally doubled you know? This also means my ten percent summon is now stronger than a goblin too.

Was it because of the dungeon? Is this level of growth even normal? What are the average stats of people my age?

Scratch that, I'm pretty sure there's no normal three year old out there with even half my stats… Anyone who does is most likely a transmigrator as well.

At my current strength, I can probably solo that first wyvern boss already. Actually… Do they respawn?

Just for the sake of science, I descended into the dungeon again and there it was, the same wyvern with the exact same stats appearing after a day had passed.

I guess this made sense since there are people making a living out of hunting in the dungeons so it wouldn't be profitable if the monsters take exceedingly long to respawn.

Coupled with what Mother told me about the amount of mana in this world increasing because of Off-Worlders like myself, there should be even more monsters in the world now.

Deciding that it would be a better idea to just ask Mother about it, I left the dungeon and extended my wings before flying back home, leaving the carcasses behind to be picked up later.

Mother was already up and tending the garden when I landed, the woman immediately dropping her watering can to run up and pull me into a hug when she spotted me.

"Ahhhh~ My little one! Welcome home! How was your first dungeon?"

"Mnnnffghh!! Mnnnggghh!!"

She pulled back and I finally managed to breathe.

"It… It was good, mommy… Although… Is it normal to grow exponentially when hunting monsters in the dungeon?"

She paused and her eyes widened before her grip tightened on my shoulders, causing me to wince slightly for the pain that shot through my broken arm.

"My dear… Did you eat monster meat? Wait, is your arm broken?!"

My breath hitched, already fearing the worst, "Ye… Yes?"

Mother immediately spun me around and smacked me on my back, hard. I would have been sent flying if it wasn't because of the fact that her other hand was holding onto my shoulder tightly.

Something churned inside my stomach and I spat something out.

The 'something' turned out to be a Mana Crystal except it was black in colour compared to the standard blue.

"Monsters are made from pure mana, my little one. If you wish to eat one, you would need to drain all of the monster's mana first or you would be ingesting pure mana as well. When a non-monster does that, they will turn into a monster themselves after a while."

I shivered, "Was I…"

"Unnn… It seems like you did not eat enough to turn you into one. If you had avoided monster meat for another five days, that mana would have dissipated from your body naturally."

"And that Mana Crystal?"

"I forcibly crystalised the mana to expunge it from your body my child. Though such a thing is cursed and should not be used."

With a wave of her hand, the Mana Crystal burst into flames and disintegrated completely.

I checked my stats again, expecting to see some changes but surprisingly… There wasn't any change?

"Mother? My stats are still the same? Perhaps some of that mana is still inside my body?"

"Ara, ara? My little one must have grown to accommodate the ingestion! As expected of my child!" She beamed, hugging me to her chest again.

I know that wasn't true and there was another reason for it, but it seems like mother was not willing to tell me.

It's the same when I tried to ask what her real name was, she simply smiled and dodged the question by constantly telling me "Mama's name is Mommy of course~"

Oh well, at least now I know not to eat monster meat before draining their mana… However that is done. I'll need to ask Mother to teach me that since I do intend to dive into dungeons in the future.

She then ushered me into the house and applied some kind of salve on my broken arm before properly putting it in a splint. She claimed that this would help my broken arm heal quickly.

"Mommy… I still have the materials from the monsters I slayed, could you help me bring them back?" I asked with my face still stuck in her bosoms.

"Oh my? Of course my little one! Let's go right now!" She answered immediately.

The both of us flew back to the entrance of the dungeon and mother immediately started gushing over me about beating the two bosses on my own.

Technically I had help using my summons but I'll take it.

I was thinking she would put all the materials into a dimensional storage or something but a bag appeared in her hands instead, a bag that I most certainly did not expect to appear at this point in time.

It was the Pack of Folding, the bag of infinite storage space.

"I think it's about time my little one has a proper bag of your own, yes? It would be terrible if another monster were to crush my dear child's bag and the sweets inside it, wouldn't it?"

I gasped, "How does mommy know?"

She giggled and gestured to my previous backpack that lay smashed and forgotten by the campfire I had made last night.

Ah… I see.

She then gave the bag to me and I started stuffing everything into the bag.

Like I mentioned, the pack of folding has infinite capacity but there is one drawback to it.

[Pack of Folding: A backpack with an infinite storage capacity. If you can push something inside of its stretchy opening, you can comfortably store it in its endless depths. However, everything inside the backpack is turned into a flat disk and sits on top of each other like a stack of plates. In order to take something out, you need to remove everything you placed on top of it. Just shake the disk, and it will unfold back into whatever it once was. If you hold the backpack upside down, the item you pull out will start from the bottom of the pack rather than the top. This backpack cannot store living creatures without killing them, but will preserve food for a very long time.]

That means if I were to store the wyvern scales, the wyvern meat and the wyvern bones in that order, I will need to remove the wyvern bones at the top before I can get the wyvern meat below it.

At least they appear as disks which are smaller than my palm so it's still manageable if I do have to start removing stuff to get to the things below.

In no time, all the monster materials were safely stored away in the bag.

"Ahhh~ My sweet, sweet child~ Already slaying dragons and you're not even an adult yet~ Mama is so proud of you!"

Mentally speaking, I'm already an adult though… And I think in just a few more years, this body of mine would catch up to my mental age as well. I wonder if I could be considered an adult then?

As though reading my mind, Mother booped me on the nose, "My little one does not need to worry about the number so much. In a World such as this, long lived races and Gods exist. When your body is grown up, you can already call yourself an adult~"

Well, I'm not too worried about that, it's just that the things I bought using the character creator would still only appear on my birthday every year and the lewd ones would need to wait until my eighteenth birthday… Unless it takes into account of me maturing faster than normal?

I guess only time will tell.

As for now… I'll just continue training myself until I'm strong enough to solo a dragon! Just so that my sweets will never be threatened again!

"Mommy… I want to be even stronger…"

"Oh my~ As expected of my little one! Such a small achievement is definitely not enough for you~ In that case, how about my child register in the Guild as a Dungeoneer?"

"Eh? They have no restrictions on age?"

"Ufufufu~ As I said my little one, the number is negligible especially when there are races who are mature the moment they are born~ As long as you are aware of what you are doing, the Guild will not turn down applicants who passes their tests!"

I guess that makes sense… But…

"I think I would like to be a little bit more prepared before I go there. Could you teach me to be stronger, mommy?"

"Ufufufu~ In that case, I think my little one is ready~ Mama shall train you seriously now~"

Umm… Something tells me I might regret this…

Chapter 31 Don't Mess With A Girl's Sweets
Chapter 33 First Training Montage