What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 33 First Training Montage
Chapter 35 I'm Bringing Back Guests

Chapter 34 Second Contact

[Name: Aster Nilm

Title: None

Race: Meslatar


410 Strength

395 Dexterity

405 Endurance

420 Magic


Hunting (Tier 2), Cooking (Tier 2), Martial Skill-(Dagger Proficiency (Tier 2), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 2), Bow Proficiency (Tier 2), Sword Proficiency (Tier 1), Polearm Proficiency (Tier 1), Axe Proficiency (Tier 1))

Magic Skills:

Mana Management (Tier 2), Umbramancy (Tier 2), Electromancy (Tier 2), Lumenmancy (Tier 1)]

At my current level, I can wrestle with a fully grown wyvern and win, though an infant dragon is still able to beat me in strength.

Not that either of those two monsters would be a threat to me anymore since I've pretty much beaten them multiple times already, with handicaps I might add.

Even if that trashy asshole were to appear in front of me again, I'm pretty confident I can beat him too.

I remembered that I got quite a big power up from eating monster meat and I asked Mother if I should do that again, but she shot down the idea quickly and instructed me to never eat them without draining the mana ever again.

"Aster, never eat monster meat like that again," Was what she said.

She even called me by name instead of her usual terms of endearment, so I knew she was absolutely serious about it. Thus, I didn't even try.

As of now, Mother had decided to slow down my training in favour of sending me to school like I had wanted back then.

In order for me to attend Aerialla Academy, I first need to attend and graduate from one of their branch schools.

Thus, Mother had left for the mainland a few days after my tenth birthday to prepare for my attendance in one of those schools, leaving me alone back at home once more.

I did ask if I could come along again but Mother insisted I wait at home as she wanted to prepare a surprise for me when I move over. Not sure what kind of surprise that was but it's not like I have a choice anyway.

Mother didn't tell me when she would be back this time so I decided to explore more of the island while she was away.

Despite being here for ten years already, I have yet to explore beyond where the dungeon was located. Heck, I haven't even seen any dragons who aren't from that dungeon either.

Is this place called 'Dragon Sanctuary' only because there's dragon themed dungeons here?

No, that can't be. I remember reading about this place and it's said that this is the home and nesting grounds for dragons of this world, so they must be somewhere here too.

Although, remembering the stats of that Hell Dragon… I'm not in a rush to meet another dragon either.

Still, having arrived in another World and being stuck in the same place for ten years… Even I would get tired of the same sights.

That's why I'm flying further and exploring places I've never been to see what else is in the Dragon Sanctuary on this moonlit night..

Right now I'm flying further south to explore the part of the land that would curve to join towards the western side. The mountains were also significantly bigger here so maybe I'll find new monsters?

While thinking of such things, I spotted movement down in the forest below. The movement was quick, like something was running away from something else, so I decided to descend and take a look after turning myself invisible with [Shadow Wall].

Flying close to the treetops, I spotted a group of what look like Mahuns running through the undergrowth with all their might. Judging by their weapons and armour, they are probably Mercenaries or Dungeoneers.

Interestingly, everyone in this group is a female and has tanned or chocolate brown skin. Their gear looks rather simple with a few wearing leather armour while the rest wore simple cloth armour, all of them showing quite a bit of skin which revealed their toned muscles underneath.

Could they also be transmigrators?

Admittedly, after my meeting with that trashy asshole, I'm also now a little bit more wary of meeting other Off-Worlders too.

"Leader!! If we go any further, we will be intruding!" The woman at the back shouted, her auburn hair flowing freely behind her.

The one at the front cursed, "Gah!! Do we have a choice?! It's better that we beg for forgiveness later than ask for permission now! Just go for now!! If anything happens, I'll take responsibility!"

I followed above them, wondering just what they were running from until a shadow passed overhead and landed in front of them.

Oh what do you know? It's an old friend.

[Name: Frost Wyvern

Race: Monster


400 Strength

370 Dexterity

200 Endurance

250 Magic

Magic Skills:

Cryomancy (Tier 3), Hydromancy (Tier 2)]

Hmm… I guess this wyvern's pretty unlucky to be here, since this group of people look like they are in a hurry. No doubt they'd just quickly kill it before moving on.

"Damn it! It's already caught up with us!! Everyone! We'll have to fight it!" The leader roared, pulling out a broad double bladed axe from her back.

Eh? They were running from this wyvern? It's not even a dragon… And they have… Six people here, that should be more than enough to take on a wyvern right?

Let me just check their stats starting with the young woman they called leader. She stands out quite a bit since she's literally using what looks like a deer skull as a helmet that partially covers her greyish hair and wearing leather armour that only covers her chest and privates.

Just saying, but she has a killer set of abs. Like damn, those look tight…

[Name: Ardiolyta

Title: Amrap Instructor

Race: Amrap


220 Strength

190 Dexterity

150 Endurance

30 Magic


Hunting (Tier 3), Cooking (Tier 1), Martial Skill-(Axe Proficiency (Tier 3), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 3), Sword Proficiency (Tier 2))

Magic Skills:

Geomancy (Tier 1)]

Huh… So they are Amraps…

Amraps are, in the simplest terms, amazonesses. They look like Mahuns but their race comprises only females and they are more stronger physically and also larger in size as compared to Mahuns.

They are also quite obsessed with strength and they have a sort of festival that is basically a competition where they can showcase their physical capabilities.

Speaking of which… I did a quick check on the rest of them and their stats are even lower than hers, the average being around a hundred and fifty in strength.

Then there was the one that looked like a ten year old with amethyst purple hair that cascaded around her shoulders and tanned brown skin, looking rather out of place compared to everyone else here that has auburn hair aside from the leader.

[Name: Odeta

Title: None

Race: Amrap


30 Strength

34 Dexterity

22 Endurance

10 Magic


Martial Skill-(Sword Proficiency (Tier 1), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 2)]

Yeah, there's no way this group of Amraps will be able to beat that wyvern. What are they even doing here if they can't even beat a wyvern?

Should I help?

Hmm… Maybe I should hang back and watch first, just in case it's a trap like what that trashy asshole did.

"Damn our luck!" Ardiolyta cursed. "I'll buy all of you some time! Head in deeper and beg for help! Use whatever we have as compensation!"

"But leader!"

"No buts! We were all meant to be a diversion for the main group to escape anyway! With this our mission is already complete! Go!"

Oh, a diversion? So I guess there were supposed to be more of them but maybe they encountered a situation where they could not help to fight it off?

The others in the group were still hesitant on leaving their leader behind but the wyvern seemed to understand their intentions and stomped its foot.

A ten foot high wall of ice sprung up from the ground, completely surrounding both the wyvern and the Amrap party in a sort of arena.

"Damn it! It won't even let us run?! Hurry and start breaking the ice!" Ardiolyta roared before charging at the wyvern.

I watched as she leapt towards the wyvern with her axe raised, striking down as the wyvern used its own wings to intercept the attack.

Her axe was deflected by the talon on its wingtip and she barely managed to bring her weapon up to defend herself before its tail smashed into her, sending her crashing down into the ground.

To her credit, she recovered quickly and rolled away before it could stomp on her, slashing her giant axe in an arc and drawing blood in the wyvern's side.

The wyvern shrieked and blasted the Amrap away with a jet of water, giving it enough distance for it to summon icicles from the water remnants to shoot at her.

Even with such a heavy axe, Ardiolyta showcased her skills by dexterously slashing apart the icicles before flinging a small rock bullet at the wyvern's eye.

The attack was rendered useless as it simply moved its head away, the monster leaping forward by kicking its powerful hind legs to snap at her.

The Amrap hefted her greataxe and slammed the blade into the monster's snout, the force just enough to redirect it away to avoid getting chomped by the giant lizard.

Despite her inferior strength, it seems like her skill with the axe is no joke since she's able to challenge that monster to a certain degree.

But even with that, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to beat it.

As though to confirm my thoughts, the wyvern leapt again, delivering a body slam that blew the woman away to crash into the ice wall, creating a visible crack in the solid wall.

"Sister Ardi!" The youngest Amrap cried, drawing her sword to rush towards the wyvern.

"Odeta! No!!" Another Amrap screamed, her hand failing to pull the younger one back.

The commotion caused the wyvern to turn to face the little girl, its eyes narrowing at her attempt to strike it with her sword.

The girl barely closed the distance before its tail slammed into her abdomen, sending her bouncing away with her sword flying out of her grasp. By her groans of pain, she does not look like she'll be able to get up any time soon.

The monster took a leisurely stroll towards the downed girl, only to halt as Ardiolyta pulled on its tail.

"Leave her alone fuckface!" She roared, bringing her axe down on its tail and cutting the tip clean off.

The wyvern roared and a block of ice slammed into her, pinning the woman against the ice wall.

The other Amraps charged the wyvern despite the clear difference in strength, all of them easily subdued when the wyvern blew a breath of frost that sent them tumbling away with ice forming on parts of their bodies.

The wyvern moved towards the downed Odeta, its head reared back and jaw opened in preparation to bite down on her.

Well, I think I've seen enough.

Time for me to make a hero's entrance!

Chapter 33 First Training Montage
Chapter 35 I'm Bringing Back Guests