What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 32 This Three Year Old Wants To Be Stronger
Chapter 34 Second Contact

Chapter 33 First Training Montage

True to her word, my broken arm healed quickly as though it was magic… Then again, it might have been magic.

I thought Mother was training me seriously before this, but it seems even then she was holding back…

Now that she knows I could take on an infant dragon, she's training me even harder than before.

Not only was I being thrown back into the dungeon, she made me fight them without my summons and also forced me to use various different weapons and handicaps at the same time.

I even had to fight each of the two bosses barehanded without using my magic, I almost thought I would die then.

As though that wasn't bad enough, I had to then do it again with one hand tied behind my back, then once more with both hands tied behind my back.

You think that was the end? Mother then made me fight with both hands tied and a foot lifted off the ground, but of course this time I could use everything else.

I have to say, holding a dagger between my teeth was a weird but also somewhat usable tactic…

Once I was done with that, Mother brought me deeper into the dungeon and I had to do the same thing all over again to a full fledged adult wyvern.

[Name: Frost Wyvern

Race: Monster


400 Strength

370 Dexterity

200 Endurance

250 Magic

Magic Skills:

Cryomancy (Tier 3), Hydromancy (Tier2)]

It was weaker than the infant dragon but it was much more durable and also bigger in size. Furthermore, the boss area featured a giant cavern with enough space for it to fly around so I had to learn aerial combat just to deal with it.

I didn't realise that having both your legs tied together would impact flying so much either, not to mention both my arms too. Just to even be able to fly I had to move my entire body to alter my own flight path.

I was particularly pissed with this wyvern as it caused me to lose my first dagger Mother gave me.

The blade was snapped at the hilt when I had to use it to defend myself against its tail swipe with the weapon clutched in my mouth.

Just for that, I proceeded to headbutt it to death.

The fact that this wyvern was also stronger than that trashy asshole meant that guy must have been pretty weak and overconfident. Otherwise, why would he come to such a place if he can't beat a monster like this on his own?

Once I had completed the course with that wyvern, I thought we would continue deeper into the dungeon to fight the next boss.

Mother only took me to the very edge of the boss room and let me use my [Screen] on the boss.

[Name: Hell Dragon

Race: Monster


340000 Strength

5700 Dexterity

350000 Endurance

290000 Magic

Magic Skills:

Pyromancy (Tier 4), Aeromancy (Tier 3), Geomancy (Tier 3), Umbramancy (Tier 3)]

Yeah… Whoever designed this dungeon really doesn't want it to be conquered…

It was also my first time seeing a full fledged dragon too and that thing there was massive enough to be compared to a mountain.

Naturally, Mother didn't let me fight that and my training continued… With herself as my opponent.

Even now, my [Screen] still shows her status as question marks so I'm pretty sure she has a way of blocking it, especially when I'm able to see the Hell Dragon's stats clearly.

Back then Mother would sometimes spar with me but even I knew she was holding herself back at that time.

Now… Now she can handily beat me without even moving from her spot while using only a single wooden spoon.

My max stats summons were literally being obliterated with a swipe from that spoon, though she would simply flick me on the forehead when she attacked me.

I kept coming up with new forms, tricks, attacks, spells, weapons and tactics to fight against Mother, but I wasn't even able to touch her in our spar.

She even allowed me to use the Assassin's Dagger on her which I refused since the thought of poisoning my own Mother was a little too much, but it didn't even matter since I couldn't even land a hit on her.

And now… I'm officially twenty-eight years old…

My total age that is.

In this World in particular, it's been ten years since I came out of that egg although you'd never have guessed that with how I look like now.

I pretty much look like I'm already sixteen with my height slightly below Mother's and my body filling out in all the right places.

My silvery white hair has grown past my knees and both of my assets are much closer to their full size. Even both organs in between my legs were fully functional, which my hormones were very helpful in letting me know.

Mother did comment that I was growing much faster than a normal Meslatar. Any other Meslatar would still be stuck in their pre-teen bodies even at this age and their next growth spurt would have come when they are at least twelve or fourteen years old.

Mother simply said that this was proof that I was special and left it at that.

She also became much more preoccupied with teaching me how to dress up and stuff, which became one of her favourite past times. Mother would always make me wear various clothes just to doll me up, then squeal and fawn all over me every time I did so.

I admit… I may have started to like that too.

There's one thing I have to mention in particular, period pains are still a bitch.

I did take a boon that would eliminate it from being a problem but it was classified under 'lewd boons', meaning they don't manifest until I'm eighteen. This is going to be so annoying…

Speaking of which… For the past seven birthdays I had…

[Body Mod obtained: Touch Tail, Smoothed Over]

[Boon obtained: Iron Gut, Heed Thy Call, Fashion Forward]

[Bane obtained: Jungle And Blood]

[Magic obtained: Lumenmancy tier one]

Incidentally, I only got one per year which was a little bit of a let down, until I remembered most of the things I bought were in the lewd sections so it made sense.

[Touch Tail: You now have a nice, prehensile dragon tail.]

As usual, Mother utterly gushed over the tail I had, which was something that normal Meslatars will only have after they are older.

The fact that I already should have a tail meant that buying this allowed me to make it much longer than it normally would be, though it seems like it's retractable to a certain extent. At full length, it's about a half times longer than I am tall.

Why I would buy this would only become apparent later on when I grow older. But for now, it handles quite well as a third hand.

[Smoothed Over: This smoothes out your body. Makes your skin, hair, scales, everything shiny and smooth. While you can be cut, it'll never heal into a scar. It'll heal down until it's the same flat, perfect patch of skin it's always been.]

Hey! I have a feminine body now! Flawless skin is a must!

[Iron Gut: Nothing you digest can get you sick. Food poisoning is a thing of the past, as is anyone sneaking venom into your soup. Other kinds of poisons or illnesses are still dangerous, but even those are less effective because some of them will try to pass through your cleansing stomach.]

I already knew that I have a very big love of sweets so there's definitely people out there who might take advantage of that. This would allow me to eat all the sweets in the world without worry!

Ah, sure, it also helps me by eating poisonous stuff to sustain myself but that's just a bonus.

[Heed Thy Call: You have background music now. It compliments both your mood and your actions, without being invasive of your space. Normally, only you can hear it, but in times of extreme emotion even those around you can hear the fierce upswell of your rage, or the tragic violins of your sadness.]

Come on! You can't say that having your own background music or even your own battle theme isn't cool?! It's absolutely cool! Another goal of mine is to be able to make my enemies hear the sounds of a choir singing in latin when they do battle against me!

[Fashion Forward: You are not hampered by things you wear. At least when you move. Whether you have a bunched up sweater, massive amounts of armour, an overstuffed backpack, or high heels, you'll move like you've always moved. You will be just as quick, dexterous, and light on your feet as if you were naked. Just bear in mind, this stuff still weighs what it should. So even if you can move like before, it'll tire you out much faster, and you still won't be able to move with it on if you can't even pick it up off the ground.]

Ok, look. I not only want to explore the world, I want to look fabulous while doing so,

With Mother's efforts, I've now taken quite an interest in dressing up too, so even if I were to wear an impractically long cape, it wouldn't hamper me. Even if I were to wear stiletto high heels, I can still kick ass and run just as well on flats!

In fact… I've already switched to wearing ankle boots as my normal foot wear, although Mother had been trying to get me to try on pumps and high heeled boots too.

I do admit they make my legs look especially nice.

[Jungle And Blood: Every so often, when you get angry, it spills over into the Jungle and Blood. A ravenous spirit living inside your brain, whose only desire is to tear the tongues from those who you see as worthy targets. It grants you a savage, uncontrollable power to rip apart anyone in your way. You will use no weapons, rely on no tactics, and kill like a bear on cocaine. You will pull their teeth out with your thumbs and cave their chests in with your forehead. When the rage subsides, you will find yourself caked in blood, your body aching, and your foe's mangled corpse barely recognisable.]

And that's my first bane that I've gotten so far that I had to choose to get more points to buy the good stuff.

Honestly… This is my hulk mode I guess, which can be both a good and bad thing since I pretty much lose control of myself. But it should be fine as long as I keep my cool and not get angry.

… As long as no one steps on my cookies again…

And last but not least…

[Lumenmancy: There is a glow within you. It fills you like water, bursting into every nook and cranny. Through your muscles, bones, and veins. Right down to your fingertips, filling up your heart and bursting from your mouth. You walk the path of the radiant light.]

Yes, I took this to walk both the paths of Darkness and Light. It's cool, ok! And I get to shoot laser beams!

Aside from all those changes, the one thing that has not changed is the fact that Mother still cuddles me to sleep naked.

It's getting harder and harder for me to deal with that now…

Chapter 32 This Three Year Old Wants To Be Stronger
Chapter 34 Second Contact