What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 47 Pay Respect To Your Seniors
Chapter 49 The Idiots Came Back

Chapter 48 Clothes Shopping

"Ahhh~ My heroine~" Mother giggled, hugging me as we left the alley with the three men still groaning in pain back there.

I decided not to point out the fact that Mother could have handled all of them easily too.

"Is that alright, Mommy? If they say something to the guards like we were the ones who attacked them…"

Mother giggled, "Oh you don't need to worry my little one! The guards would listen to Mama over those pieces of trash~"

Well… If Mother is sure about that then there's nothing more for me to say.

The both of us then proceeded to the market district without any other problems after that, the atmosphere of the street changing almost instantly.

I assume the previous area was the harbour and Guild district so the people around there were more rowdy and rough, like those ruffians who tried to extort us.

But here, merchants were much more numerous and the air practically smelled of money.

"What are we looking for, Mommy?"

"Ufufufu~ First thing we have to do is get you new clothes! Ah~ I finally get to go shopping with my little one! Mama feels so blessed!"

She proceeded to guide me towards one of the boutique shops nearby. Judging by its interior and exterior decorations, I'm guessing this shop usually caters to the nobility around here.

Sure enough, a Mahun woman wearing an immaculate suit was at the door to welcome us. Standing beside her was a green-skinned male Wrunch, which are this World's version of orcs. The Wrunch was as large as Ardi in size and I'm guessing he serves as one of the guards of this store.

The Mahun bowed her head at us, "Welcome dear customers, I am Leera, please allow me to assist you in your shopping today."

Mother must be used to such a situation since she barely battered an eyelid at her and simply gestured towards me, "I am looking for clothes for my dearest child. Let me see your best dresses."

Eh… It's hard to say this since we're here but I'm still not used to wearing dresses you know? I mean at most it's a shirt and a skirt for me but not a dress… Even the dress I'm currently wearing feels weird to me…

The woman bowed again, "Please follow me."

We were guided into the interior of the shops where several other well dressed, noble looking Mahuns were also being served by their own shop assistants.

She showed us to one of the shop aloves where a plush couch was built into the wall. Mother went ahead and sat down on it with practised grace allowing the assistant to focus her attention on me.

"My lady, perhaps I could ask what type of dress you would like?"

I decided being honest would be the best choice here.

"I'm not really that used to dresses yet and I move around quite a lot… So I'd prefer it if it was something comfortable to wear on my own and also easy to move in…"

I feel like the answer to my requirement would be 'then just don't wear a dress', but the assistant merely nodded her head and proceeded to measure my sizes.

"Ara, my little one would be having another growth spurt soon, so you can add a few more inches to your measurements~ Incidentally, her bust size will be ninety-five centimetres."

Ok, first of all, how does she know? Second of all, HOW DOES SHE KNOW?"

Is this a mother thing? Is this even normal? Seriously Mother, who are you?

The assistant didn't even question her words and simply adjusted her measurements without another word.

I gave Mother a look but she simply gave me a knowing smile and said nothing more. I already learnt that this meant she knew what I wanted to ask but she wasn't going to explain it to me.

The assistant then wrote down the numbers on a pad she brought out from her suit jacket before leaving us, presumably to get the dresses.

Not five minutes passed and she returned wheeling in a trolley with several dresses hanging on its rack.

She took off one of the dresses from the rack and lifted it up to show us.

The sleeveless dress was green in colour with white frills along the edges. The skirt of the dress flared out slightly at the waist and ended a little bit above the ankles.

Immediately I was shaking my head at it, the dress would definitely tear if I were to make any big movements while wearing it, especially if I were to twist the upper part of my body.

As though already expecting my answer, she replaced it back onto the rack before picking out another one from the rack.

This one was black in colour with long, puffy sleeves but not too puffy to the point of being too obstructive.

The only problem is that the skirt basically ends less than an inch below the waist. If I were to wear it, my butt would basically be on full display if I were to bend over even just a little.

My face must have told her what my thoughts on the dress was, thus she replaced it back on the rack without hesitation.

The next dress she brought out featured short sleeves, a high collar and a skirt that reached the knees. It was red and white in colour with a bodice included that wraps around the waist. Basically, it looked like what a knightess would wear.

Somehow, just by seeing it, I knew it was the right one for me, as though it was predetermined that I would wear that dress.

"Ufufufu~ It seems like my little one has found the dress she wants~" Mother giggled.

The assistant nodded and brought the dress to me, letting me get a closer look at it.

I ran my hands over the dress, marvelling at the quality of the cloth.

The outer layer seems to be made of a more solid material while the inner parts felt like it was made with silk, the cloth sliding over my fingers and feeling especially soft to the touch.

Best of all… The dress has pockets! This is the best!

"If dear customer has decided on this, we are also able to enchant it for you if you wish to," The assistant added.

Mother smiled at the assistant, "It's fine, we can handle the enchantments ourselves. Has my dearest little one decided on this dress?"

I broke out of my thoughts and nodded at Mother's question.

It was classy enough to pass off as semi formal wear but also loose enough to be worn casually. If it was enchanted, I wouldn't mind wearing this to adventure with it too.

Obviously this wouldn't be used in really formal events but that would involve having specific tailor made dresses in the first place so there's no helping that.

The shop assistant guided me to the dressing rooms beside the alcove where a pair of ladies in maid uniforms were waiting. She then handed the dress over to them and the two maids started to help me strip with experienced hands.

I was so surprised by the action that I didn't manage to stop them before I was standing there in my underwear.

To their credit, they barely batted an eyelid at me and simply proceeded to dress me in the new dress, going so far as to tie up the bodice for me as well.

Soon enough, a mirror was brought in front of me and I found myself wearing the dress.

It might sound weird for me to say this but I think it was perfect.

"Ufufufu~ My little one looks absolutely perfect!" Mother giggled, mirroring my thoughts after having appeared from nowhere. "We shall take this one~"

The maids bowed and proceeded to strip me again, both of them working together to strip me back into my underwear in record time before dressing me back in my original clothes again.

Seriously though? Is this the norm for such shops or is it only limited to this shop in particular?

I admit that I have no confidence in being able to dress myself while outside shopping like this so having someone to help me would definitely be welcome. Perhaps… I should get myself a servant when I go to school? That's a thought I suppose.

Soon enough, I was back in my original dress in perfect condition, my dress wasn't even ruffled either.

The maids then handed over the dress to the assistant before bowing their heads and returning to their original positions.

The assistant took the dress away and hung it on another rack, a sign that this particular item had been chosen.

After that particular dress, the rest of the clothes just looked inadequate so I rejected all of them, leaving only the first dress I had chosen initially.

As expected of such a high class boutique, just this dress alone already costs one gold coin and eight large silver coins for a total of eighteen thousand Creas.

Apparently the price was because it was made using some rare monster materials. I don't even want to imagine the cost of this dress if they had gone ahead to enchant it for us.

At least it was practical even while being stylish.

Just as I thought we were done, Mother clapped her hands together, "Alright! Now onto shoes! My dearest child would like to see the best heels you have! Preferably boots~"

Eh? We're still going? But the dresses already took us three hours!

Chapter 47 Pay Respect To Your Seniors
Chapter 49 The Idiots Came Back