What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 48 Clothes Shopping
Chapter 50 Saving Some Merchants

Chapter 49 The Idiots Came Back

We ended up buying several more pairs of shoes, including a pair of boots that I especially liked.

The boots looked like it was made of normal leather until I found out that it was made of dragon hide, which kind of explains why it was the most expensive one out of the bunch.

I felt a little insecure that I was making Mother pay for all this so I used some of the trashy asshole's money to pay part of it, leaving just a few copper and silver coins for myself.

Mother then used some kind of spell that made our purchases disappear, leaving us free to move on to our next stop.

A shop specifically catered to underwear.

I… Won't say what happened in there, just that Mother was of the opinion that I should get some 'adult' underwear in preparation for my future growth.

On the plus side, I was not the first futa the shop served so it wasn't as awkward as I thought it was. I also didn't expect there to be underwear specifically made for futas too.

With the shopping side of our trip done, it was finally time for the next most exciting part of our trip!

Sweets!!! Cakes!! Desserts!!

Mother brought me to a certain cafe that had an outdoor sitting area and ordered several slices of cake for me. I was in heaven~

Mother's homemade sweets were great but these made by professional chefs had their own unique sweetness as well~ I most certainly would never say no to more sweets!

I moaned as I bit into the slice of strawberry shortcake, enjoying the sweetness that filled up my entire body with absolute happiness.

Mother took a sip of her tea while smiling at me, "Fufufu~ My dearest child is truly the cutest~"

Nnngh… I know I'm letting myself loose but I can't help it! They taste so good!

I was just about to dip a marshmallow into the chocolate fondue when several people appeared beside our table.

"That's her, boss!"

I turned around to see that the three men I had beaten up and left in the alley were now back with five other guys, one of them being a Wrunch while the rest were Mahuns.

The bald Mahun with an eyepatch across his left eye cracked his knuckles and stepped forward, "Heard you had some fun with my boys, little lady. I think you owe us an apology and some medical fees."

I went ahead to dip my marshmallow into the chocolate fondue before stuffing it in my mouth, taking a moment to enjoy the sweetness that exploded in my mouth before finally addressing him.

"I'm enjoying my sweets right now so… Could you kindly go fuck yourself?"

I then dipped the next marshmallow into the chocolate and popped it in my mouth as well.

The bald man moved his hand to the pommel of his sword, "What did you say?"

"Hmm? Are you hard of hearing? I told you to go fuck yourself. Unless you wish your buddies to fuck you instead, I don't judge."

"Do you think you can get away with something like this?!"

I shrugged, "What? Are you going to cut me down in broad daylight in full view of everyone around here? I doubt even you are exempt from the law."

"No, but I can do things like this!"

He raised his hand and attempted to smash his fist onto the table to ruin my desserts, only to be stopped when I caught his wrist with my hand.

Seriously? Is he saying that messing up the table and harassing people in public like this does not even warrant the guards' attention? Is the security of this city actually that bad?

Just so you know, Mother continued to sip on her tea while looking at the newcomers with mild interest. No doubt she was simply watching this like it was some kind of period drama to her.

"I'm currently enjoying these sweets," I told him while making sure he knew I meant business. "Disturb me and I will break that arm like how I broke your underlings'."

He snatched his hand back and I released my grip to allow him to take it back, hoping he got the message.

Had I used my strength, we could be here all day and he wouldn't even be able to move me an inch with his pathetic stats.

Unfortunately it seems like they didn't get the message as three of the other Mahuns immediately tried to attack me, all of them charging me at the same time.

It didn't matter as my tail had lashed out at that moment, smashing into all three of them and sending them crashing onto the ground.

The boss guy immediately turned to his Wrunch follower, "What are you waiting for, Rusk?! Get her!"

The Wrunch actually rolled his eyes before moving to my side, "Alright, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

Hmmm… He looks confident so let's see what his stats look like…

[Name: Rusk

Title: None

Race: Wrunch


68 Strength

46 Dexterity

50 Endurance

5 Magic


Martial Skill-(Axe Proficiency (Tier 2), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 2)), Fishing (Tier 1), Hunting (Tier 3)]

Huh… Aside from his strength stat, everything else is just… Bland…

I gave him a fake smile, "Indeed. The easy way is of course all of you simply leaving right now while the hard way is that I break all of your limbs before leaving."

"Just so you know, we're D rank mercenaries. Any one of us could take you on."

I looked pointedly at the state of those people who I had beaten up, "I beg to differ."

"In that case, I can take you on myself," The Wrunch growled, obviously interested in my display of strength.

They are similar to the Amraps in terms of admiring strength after all.

"Oh, I doubt you can even get me to take you seriously, Rusk," I told him with a smirk.

He reached out his hand and tried to grab me but I caught his hand in mine.

The Wrunch tried to crush my hand with his grip but nothing happened even after he tried to exert all of his strength.

I had used my other hand to cut out another bit of my cake to bring to my mouth in a leisurely manner.

"Grrrr! Ho… How are you doing this?!" He growled.

"You haven't figured it out yet? I'm just stronger than you."

I tightened my grip and there was a loud crack as the bones in his hand snapped audibly.

He let out a yell of pain and anybody outside the cafe who wasn't paying attention to us was now looking at our direction.

I let him drop to the ground while taking another bite of my cake, savouring it with relish before pretending to notice that the Wrunch had dropped onto the ground to clutch his hand in pain.

"Oh my, what happened to you? Are you alright, good sir? Are you perhaps trying to fuck yourself down there? You should really do that in private instead of outside a cafe as busy as this."

Obviously losing to me in strength was something he couldn't accept as he quickly got back on his feet and tried to punch me.

Unexpectedly, Mother moved before I could block his punch, stopping him by holding his wrist in between her index finger and thumb delicately.

"My little one is enjoying her tea time, don't you think it's awfully rude of you mongrels to disturb her time? Especially when I'm here?"

"Move aside granny or we'll make you!" The boss warned, pulling out a knife.

"Ara ara! Please help me! These rude men are threatening my dear child and I!" Mother cried out all of a sudden.

And as though on cue, several guards rushed towards us and immediately surrounded the men.

"To think there's people like you who dare to cause trouble in the city under our watch… All of you are coming with us," One of the guards growled.

The boss guy tried to protest, "Wait! She attacked us first! We're the victims here!"

"Mmhmm, a very likely scenario. Round them up lads!"

With how beaten they already were, the guards had no difficulty in tying them up before manhandling them away from us. The leader of the guards even apologised profusely to us for the inconvenience caused before leaving.

I waited until they were gone before turning back to Mother who had already moved back to her seat and continued drinking her tea as though nothing had happened.

"Mommy… Who are you actually?"

"Ara ara? I'm your Mama of course~"

"You know what I mean."

"Ufufufu~ Mama may or may not hold quite a bit of influence in this kingdom but that's not important! How are the cakes?"

No, no, Mother… I'm pretty sure that is quite important… But whatever…

The cakes are very nice Mother, thank you for bringing me here."

"Ufufufu! Hearing you say that makes everything worth it! You truly are the cutest and best child Mama can ask for!"

She then reached over and started patting my head.

Ugh… I knew she wouldn't tell me anything… But whatever, the cakes really are nice though so I'll just overlook it just this once!

Chapter 48 Clothes Shopping
Chapter 50 Saving Some Merchants