I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 3

Fuck me sideways.~ I should have known that her fingerprint was embedded in my door’s security…


The door of my room opens up, and a beautiful, breathtaking woman enters. She is 1.8 meters tall, with red crimson eyes, gracefully set within their sockets, flawlessly pale skin, and red juicy lips that every man would want to suck.

To top it all off, her crescent-shaped brows fit perfectly with her Pearl round face.

On her chest are two juicy-looking, average tits that could fit perfectly in the hands of an average man.

As for her backside, well… it’s something otherworldly, as it even puts 70% of housewives to shame.

This woman is no other than Aurora, the wife of my late uncle, Sid, who was eaten by a mutant a few months ago.

After the death of her husband, Aurora still decided to look after me in the stead of my sister whenever she goes to work.

Although it kind of feels weird, since Aurora is just 22 years old, which makes her older than me by five years.

Considering a vampire’s life span, it’s only a puny number. Furthermore, she’s also a pureblood, just like me.

Basically, in the vampire standard, she’s around my age, and it feels somewhat peculiar with the way she treats me like a son.

Maybe the future holds something for us, fufufu….

Right now, she is standing in front of me, looking at me with a suspicious gaze as beads of sweat roll down my forehead.

“Jake~! What are you hiding? And why are you only wearing your underwear, YOU PERVERT!!” Her face flushes as she bellows at me and walks toward my bed.

Fuck!… now I’m done for, she will discover my little secret again.

Aurora removes the sheet from the bed and begins to inspect it thoroughly…

Suddenly, her eyes flash with a cold glint as she stares daggers at me, disappointedly.

“JAKE! YOU PERVERT!! YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN TODAY! AND WHY DIDN’T YOU COME HOME YESTERDAY TO EAT DINNER?! WERE YOU WITH HER?! TELL ME!!” Aurora yells again, this time sounding furious, as she lets out all her vexation.

“Aurora… I…I’m sorr–”


Aurora slams the door of my room, leaving in anger.


I was with my girlfriend last night and I forgot it was already late at night.

She is very mad that I didn’t eat dinner…

Misty should have covered up for me… what kind of sister would expose her brother?

Sighing with a hunched back, I walk into the bathroom and enter the bathtub…

Right now, I’m still feeling horny after seeing Aurora’s hot body…. I just can’t help but jerk off thinking of her.


I let out a groan as hot jeez shoots out of my little brother, and my raging boner finally calms.

Ahhh— that was satisfying….

I then begin to wash my body after making sure that I have relieved my pent-up frustration.

After bathing, I walk out of the bathroom, drying up my body and rummaging through my wardrobe, looking for my school uniform.

Suddenly, I notice something…

My laundry basket is empty, it’s a clear sign that Aurora entered my room while I was bathing and picked up my dirty clothes.

Sigh… when will Aurora and Misty stop doing my laundry! For crying out loud, I’m frigging going to graduate from high school in three days!…

Pulling my hair in frustration, I wear the uniform that Aurora has perfectly ironed for me.

As usual, I did not style my hair before storming out of my room nor did I use any cologne like every other teenager would have done; however, I didn’t forget to pick up all my beast items.

Although, I don’t really need those things since I’m pretty confident of my natural looks…

Right now, I’m in the passageway that leads to all the bedrooms, as well as the living room and opposite my room is Aurora’s room.

I want to enter her room to apologize for what happened, but I change my mind because I’m already late for school, and I would rather not engage in a fierce argument with Aurora.

I then begin to move toward the dining room, which is situated near the living room. Our house consists of three rooms which we evenly shared among us…

Arriving in the dining room, I can see a blood pack on the table, and my sister sitting opposite the blood pack.

“Hey, don’t just stare at me…come on, hurry up and eat your food before you get late.” My sister tells me, pointing at an empty chair.

I nod my head and sit opposite my sister.

Misty is my older sister, who is older than me by 50 years. She’s the same height as me, standing at 1.9 meters tall, with her long white hair that always covers half of her face.

Underneath her hair, is a beautifully breathtaking, and alluring face with her curved brows and slightly pointed nose that resonates with her greenish-red eyes, which features one of her special traits.

I pick up the blood pack, cutting it with my sharp canine, and fresh blood begins to seep into my mouth…

We, vampires, get blood from human clones that are mindless, thanks to the great idea of Edgar Frost. This enables vampires to stop hunting humans as meals.

And today, we have many blood factories that produce fresh blood for us…


“Yes, sister~” I reply, still greedily sucking my blood pack.

“Aurora told me that she argued with you this morning–” Misty says while pressing her phone.

“Hahaha, you don’t have to worry about us, it’s not something serious…” I reply, shrugging off her words, as my attention is focused on my meal.

“Jake, how about you make a move on her? Don’t you get it? She clearly likes you and cares about you… both of you will make a nice pair….”




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Chapter 2
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