I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 4

“Jake, how about you make a move on her? Don’t you get it? She clearly likes you and cares about you… both of you will make a nice pair….”


“W-what do you mean, sis?” I ask, confused.

“Don’t change the topic, Jake…”

“But you know I have a girlfriend, I can’t just ditch my girlfriend because of Aurora… besides, Aurora is our late uncle’s wife… It just seems wrong.”

“Jake, beware of that bitch, Zella. I don’t friggin trust her…” My sister tells me with a worried expression on her face.

“Misty, I promise you that I’ll always be on alert. But I trust Zella, we have been dating for two years now…”

“Okay, Jake, I believe you, just take care of yourself. I don’t want any harm to come to you. After all, you are still my cute baby brother.” Misty says, pulling my cheeks slightly as she treats me like a kindergarten kid.

The reason is that, according to vampire criteria, I’m still a baby. Due to our long lifespan, as we can live more than a thousand years without aging much.

Likewise, considering the age difference between me and my sister, she sees me as a two-year-old kid using human criteria.

Moreover, Misty is older than me by 50 years, which makes her 67 years old. However, her appearance is comparable to that of a teenager.

Misty graduated from Supers Academy, as a healer, even though she’s more skilled than most combatants.

In this world, people with abilities are classified into two. Supers and Espers.

Supers are those that are naturally born with Innate abilities, while Espers are the ones that get their powers from ability crystals.

The difference between them is that Supers are likely to reach a higher level and gain more enlightenment about their abilities.

While the Espers are similar to bottom feeders. Although, there are also a few of them whose growth skyrocketed over that of a super.

Right now, Misty is staring at me as I slowly drink my blood, like a mother who is ensuring that her kid eats.

“Eat quick, Jake, it’s almost 8am and you’ll be late. Or do you want your big sister to breastfeed you? My breasts are swollen because you won’t suck them anymore, I better stop producing milk.” My sister says with a sigh, cleaning my mouth that got stained with blood.

“Come on, sis, t-that’s embarrassing, I won’t suck on your tits anymore…” I reply with a flushed face.

Formerly, I often sucked on my sister’s lactating tits, because as a growing vampire I needed it.

My mom who was supposed to provide the care for me was nowhere to be found. So Misty began to put up with some drugs that enabled her to lactate and provide the appropriate care for me so that I won’t suffer from malnutrition…

“So you now think you are big because you have a girlfriend? Hmph, most of your mates that are vampires are not even thinking of getting a girlfriend yet. But here you are, thinking about a measly human. I even gave you the grace to date Aurora but you refused! I’ll see how you’ll escape from sucking them tonight…” Misty tells me with a serious face, causing my face to turn extremely pale, like I haven’t fed for decades.

Hearing my sister’s words, I know that she isn’t joking. She will probably feed me till I puke tonight…

While it’s normal for vampires of my age to still feed on milk, I found it extremely gross after I crossed the age of sixteen.

Most of the time, I puke my guts out after Misty forcefully breastfeeds me, but she doesn’t seem to care about it…

Right now, I just finished drinking my blood pack… and Misty seems to be counting some money to give me, like I’m still a little kid.

Well, I’m still jobless for now, so I’ll just be a little shameless….

“Jake, take this 100 dollars, use it for your welfare but don’t use it to gamble because you promised me that you’ll stop. Failing to do so, I’ll stop you from being friends with Tony and ground you for a month because you are still too young to do all that!” My sister says with a grim expression as she cautions me.

The type of gamble she is referring to is a type of challenge where one is tasked with killing a certain amount of zombies…

“Okay, sis, I promise not to gamble anymore…and please will you stop stalking me during your free time. Besides, you don’t have to drop me off at school every day…” I tell her with a depressed gaze.

I, the perverted, great vampire, who is one of the worst trouble maker in my high school, despite not having an ability, am nothing but a little kid in front of my sister.


I let out a sigh as I obediently stand up from my seat, with my sister still skimming through my backpack to confirm if I did any of my assignments.

Well, it’s not like I have one, after all, I’ll be graduating in three days…

After skimming through my bag to her satisfaction, Misty carries my backpack for me like a kid and urges me to follow her outside, so that she can drop me off at my school on her way to work…



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Chapter 3
Chapter 5