I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 5

Right now, I’m inside my sister’s car, as we drive to my school…

The distance between my school and my house is not really far, but Misty wouldn’t let me go by myself, sigh….

We drive through the streets of my house at an insane speed since we are taking a shortcut.

To make a clear explanation of this world, it’s pretty much weird.

As written down in history, the cars that were driven in the past worked with something they called tires, while the world right now uses what we call tracks.

Although tracks were pretty common among heavy trucks and machinery in the past, they were imperfect, heavy, and slow.

Furthermore, beautiful birds and cute animals used to roam around the earth in the past, but today….

Zombies and mutated birds flock around and if you aren’t careful, you could end up dead before realizing what’s going on.

Although my sister and I live in a much safer place. And the best part is that we do not have to pay a dime since the house is an inheritance.

In the past, there were different countries, states, and territories. However, after the calamity, 80% of the earth’s crust was destroyed, thus forcing people to live on other beast planets.

In addition, the earth is now divided into 26 districts; districts A–Z.

In these districts, there are many streets and these streets are so vast that they could be compared to the size of a city in the past.

Thinking about it makes me want to bang my head so hard for ending up in this kind of misery.

Sighing, I glance at my sister from the side of my eye and I see a wide sadistic grin forming on her face as she crushes the low-level zombies with her car.

To top it all off, the road is as free as fuck which makes my sister smash her foot on the accelerator.


The car lets out a growling sound as we bump into hordes of zombies, killing them effortlessly.

Oh, man…. I’ve seen this side of my sister twice and it’s very scary, to be honest.

It feels like my sister enjoys killing, this is just a guess but man… the grin says it all.

“Sister… w-why is your face like this? I don’t like it.” I tell my sister, with a nervous expression.

“J-Jake, d-do you still love me? ” Misty suddenly asks, her face turning red.

“Look here, sis, I love you the most and I’ll always love you.” I interrupt my sister, stopping her from talking further.

But man… I had chills with her sudden change of personality…

What the hell was that….?

“Jake, will you kiss me?” My sister suddenly asks, puckering her lips forward while driving, and with her nervous expression gone.

Fuck… why the kiss…? This is getting weirder.

“A-Alright, sis… I’ll surely kiss you. This Lil bro loves you.” I reply awkwardly and start to move my mouth closer to my sister’s own.

“Also focus on the road, sis,” I tell her, sealing her lips with mine.

Man….it feels really good to take my sister’s first kiss. I’m confident about it because I have never seen her with any man except me.

‘Mmm~ Nnn~ ahaan~ J-Jake Mmm~’

Lewd moans leak from my sister’s mouth as I lavish her juicy red lips. I then start to fondle my sister’s supple ass while kissing her.

Her face is all red right now as I start fondling her ass, and I don’t even know what is making me do this to my sister.

Although, Incest is a normal thing among vampires, it is a taboo for humans and some demi-humans.

And right now, a strange feeling suddenly starts to overwhelm me as my hands begin to make their way into her shorts.

At this moment, I want to make my sister mine! And mine only!

“Ahan~ J-Jake, let’s stop it here…” My sister quickly separates herself from me the moment my finger makes contact with the base of her pussy, through her panties.

Snapping out of my daze, I also separate myself from her with our faces both looking extremely red.

‘Fuck!… What have I done?’

Why did I do this to my sister? How will I look at her face from now on? My facade as an innocent vamp has been blown.


I glance at Misty from the side of my eyes and notice that her face is bright red as she drives, and she also seems to be avoiding my gaze.

“J-Jake, do you see me as a woman?” My sister suddenly asks with her face getting redder like a human’s own.

Damn… I have always known that my sister will ask this question someday. Because our relationship doesn’t seem to be that of ordinary affection. I mean, which normal sister breastfeeds her brother? But at the same time, why did she ask me to make a move on Aurora….?

“Misty, I have always seen you as a woman since I was 16, and I have always had feelings for you.

I didn’t know what this feeling was though, whether it was siblings love or the attraction between two opposite sex.

But at this moment, I’ve finally found out what I want.

Misty, will you marry me when I come of age? I’ll also marry Aurora because I can’t ignore her feelings even though she’s always yelling at me. However, I’ll love you two equally with no boundaries.

So, are you going to marry me and have babies, sister?” I ask Misty, interlocking my hand with her immobile left hand which is now resting on her lap.

At this moment, I can hear my sister’s heartbeat getting louder, and her greenish-red eyes flickering in shock.

“I-I’ll marry you Jake, share you with Aurora, a-and have babies with you~” my sister mutters in a low voice with her face showing mixed expressions like she’s ashamed and excited at the same time.

“Jake, what about Zella? Are you going to break up with her?”



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