I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 14

Right now, I am on my way to Anne’s office. My movements are swift because I don’t want people to notice that I am heading towards her office.

Of course, it will look suspicious if they were to know. After all, they saw her acting all flirty back in the cafeteria.

A couple of minutes later, I arrive in front of a brownish-looking door that looks like it is made out of Zlatherium, one of the strongest metals in this world. It is even rumored that it can constrain an Emperor-tier beast.

The next moment, I knock on the door…and for some reason, the little willy inside my pants also responds to some signals, as if it’s trying to scan for any available wifi.

*knock* *knock* *knock* *knock*

“Come in….” The angelic voice of a lady sounds from within.


Evil giggles escape my mouth as I hear the sweet voice. This will be my first time tasting another pussy apart from Zelle’s own. And for some reason, this makes me excited.

I grab the doorknob and twist it, causing the door to open wide….


The moment I open the door, my eyes suddenly land on an unexpected person…who is sitting on one of the chairs in Anne’s office.

A frown forms on my face… this man is a cock blocker. The number one rule of cultured men according to what my master has taught me is to avoid cock blockers at any cost.

“Hey~ Jake, what are you doing here?” The man asks while adjusting his wretched glasses.

“Hahaha, Mr. Bon, I….I jus–”

“I want to run a check-up on him, Mr. Bon. So– you’ll have to take your leave now….” Anne interrupts…and gestures to him with her hand.

Phew…. that was a close shave…

Mr. Bon Rex is a strict and mature teacher who has been teaching in Springfield for over 120 years, and yet he still isn’t married. There is even a rumor spreading about him still being a virgin. Well… He’s a werewolf whose age is unknown… but his looks are quite mature, and according to the guess of other werewolves, he should be around 200 years…

I just wonder what type of wolf he is…

Mr. Bon simply adjusts his glasses again and stands up…then he looks at Anne.

“Please consider what i told you during our conversation Miss Anne,” Mr. Bon says shyly.

“Of course, Mr. Bon, I’ll think about it,” Anne replies, flashing a smile.

Mr. Bon glances at me and then glances at Anne before sighing and storming out of the office.

When Mr. Bon is gone, I lock the door from behind using the security mechanism.

“What– the hell was that?” I ask after locking the door and dropping my backpack on one of the couches.

“Fufufu…..were you jealous?” Anne asks with a grin.


“Of course, I was jealous….”

“Ahh, I knew it! Jealousy was imprinted all over your face the moment you came inside,” She replies with excitement over the fact that she finally made me jealous.

“Well, what was he doing here, and what were you guys talking about?” I ask, while walking slowly towards her.

She’s currently sitting on an office chair, in this room that looks like an average, cheap office with a few couches…. And then, there is also a small door that leads to the main infirmary where the patients are going to be treated…. So this place just serves as a place for she and her assistant…

“Well, the loser said he was interested in me, and he wants to marry me…” Anne tells me as she stands up from her chair and sits down on the office desk, slowly opening her thick laps.

Damn… those are thick thighs…


“Just like that?” I added, clearly trying to get my eyes off her thighs.

“Pfft…. I guess this was his first time asking a woman out. He just went straight to marriage, what a sus….” Anne mutters with a facepalm.

In the next moment, I suddenly close the distance between us and hug her while she is still sitting on the desk with her thighs wide open… and she also receives my embrace.

Though…she’s wearing a pantyhose….


“T–That startled me…”

She exclaims as i touch her through the pantyhose. Her hands are on my back and her hot breath slowly fans my neck. I can also hear the rate of her heartbeat getting faster every second like she’s scared.

” J-Jake, why don’t we use one of the beds inside the infirmary? This is my first time, and I thought I was mentally prepared for this, b-but I was wrong… I feel so nervous and I don’t want to do it on this desk….” She tells me as she separates herself from me and uses her hands to cover her red face.

Her cute fluffy ears also reacts to her shyness as they slowly flop up and down…while she peeks at me through the gaps of her fingers….

Sigh….how can she be so cute all of a sudden…

Suddenly, I lift her from the table in a princess carry and begin to make my way through the small door. Then, I arrive inside a small room that has ten beds that can each fit two people at once, there is also the smell of pills lingering in the air.

I glance at one of the beds and slowly place her on it. Right now, her hands are still covering her red face, with her long hair spread all over the bed…

Seeing this cute scene my cock suddenly starts to rise….


I quickly take off my pants and my underwear, leaving only my school shirt on.

“Open your eyes, Anne.”

“Eh,” Anne utters with a red face as she sees my cock that is dangling above her.

Although, my cock isn’t that big, it’s average in size at least… and one of the things that my master taught me is that the size of a cock doesn’t matter… It depends on your skills and experience…

“I-It looks big~ I don’t think it would fit inside me,” Anne mutters again, while her hands are still covering her face.

“Anne, you said you had a surprise for me earlier, where is the surprise?” I ask as I start to slowly crawl onto the bed.

“W-Well, It’s right in front of you… why don’t you u..undress me and find out for yourself…..” Anne mutters in embarrassment as she opens her leg wide, and gives me the go-ahead to unbutton her white, short nurse’s dress.

Seeing this scene, adrenaline starts to rush through my body. I want to dominate, defile, and conquer this woman…

The next moment, my hand swiftly moves towards her pantyhose.



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Chapter 13
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