I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 15

In a flash, I tear Anne’s pantyhose, revealing her red G-string panty which is already damp.

“Wait!” Anne suddenly holds my hands. “Won’t we have some foreplay before you strip off my panties?” Anne asks with a very flushed face as she avoids looking me in the eyes.

“Oh, sorry Anne, I was just too excited,” I reply and close the distance between us…

In the next moment, my hands start to unbutton her white nurse’s gown. The dress finally comes off and reveals what is underneath.

“What the…. So it wasn’t a G-string huh? It was lingerie..” I mutter as I stare at the red, lace lingerie that Anne is wearing. With the little restraint left in me, I help her with the nurse’s dress that is still on her body. Finally removing the obstacle, I feast my eyes on Anne intensely.


“I…I have always been wearing different types of lingerie to school with the hope of you having sex with me… So d-do you like it?” Anne asks, this time covering her face with her hands due to embarrassment as I gaze intensely at her body.

Fuck!…. this is a masterpiece…. I wanna see my sister in these things.

“You are friggin hot, Anne, I didn’t know that your curves were this much…” I answer, then I push her flat on the bed and lay on top of her.

In this position, Anne’s legs are spread wide, so my half-erect cock is pressing against her vulva.

In a flash, I press my lips against Anne’s lips and slowly begin to invade her mouth.

“Ahaaan,” Anne leaks out a moan. But I instantly seal her mouth again and begin to slowly lick her teeth and suck on her tongue. Anne doesn’t resist it as she also starts to kiss me back and greedily suck on my tongue.

Right now, the sounds of two people kissing passionately ensue in the room. I’m the one that initiated the kiss, but Anne is the one who is getting aggressive here.

Suddenly, I start to notice something wet on my face….

What the heck?… Anne is crying?

“Jake, please don’t leave me! Uwaaaaah!!!” Anne suddenly separates herself from me and starts to cry furiously.

What the actual fuck?…

“Jake, please promise me that you won’t leave me. Please…promise me! I…I could die if you leave me, you don’t know how much I love you, Jake. I don’t care if you don’t marry me, j-just don’t leave me, please… I just want to be happy…” Anne begs as tears stream down her face, and her fists are tightly balled.

We are still in an intimate position, so I can see all of Anne’s agony.

Sigh…If only my sister wasn’t such a hot head … But heck… I am going to be the man of the house if I get married to her. She has to listen to me as her husband and stop making decisions on her own.

I just have to get stronger…and protect Anne from the claws of my sister. With time, I will change Misty’s aggressiveness and make her accept Anne, just like the way she accepted Aurora.

I clench my fist and grit my teeth. The decision I am about to make now is similar to me putting my balls on fire and endangering Anne’s life, but heck… Anne is a good woman, she might end up doing something crazy if I have sex with her and later dump her…

Or…I could just stop this right now and not have sex with her.

Fuck–Fuck–Fuck!! What the heck am I even thinking of, that perverted man didn’t teach me all this just so I could become a coward.


Cursing one more time, I glance at Anne whose face is extremely red as she waits for my answer.

“Anne, I promise; I’ll never leave you, and I’ll always protect you…” I tell her and hug her.

“Jake– thank you,” Anne whispers and suddenly wraps her legs around my waist.

Damn it!!

Even though my body is still under my control. My lust for Anne keeps exploding.

In the next moment, we seal our lips together again and start to taste each other. All of a sudden, Anne suddenly looks so delicious right now. I want more of this body…more of Anne’s body…I want to fuck her.


Anne’s body suddenly jerks upwards with a loud moan escaping her mouth as I grip and cup one of her tits that can barely contain my hand….

I can even tell that Anne is more endowed than Aurora and Misty in the chest region. Only Zelle’s abundant jugs can compete with hers’, however, she’s out of my life for good. My fingers also begins rubbing and stimulating her erect nipples through her lingerie.

Even now, despite still savoring her tongue, my lust for her keeps exploding. Without warning, I press my crotch harder against her pussy with my fully erect cock.

“Ahaaan,” Anne leaks out another moan as her sexual arousal reaches its peak.

“Jake, t-touch me down there while you play with my tits,” Anne suddenly tells me as we part our kiss with a thread of saliva, and her gaze shifts to the side in embarrassment.

Damn! Did she just ask me to touch her down there?

In a flash, without thinking much about it, I start to rub the base of her pussy after sliding her lingerie to the side…


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Chapter 14
Chapter 16