I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 16

In the next moment, without thinking much about it, I start to rub the base of her pussy after sliding her lingerie to the side…

“Ahaan~ J-Just take it off completely,” Anne tells me while biting hard on her lips. I guess she doesn’t want to climax early and lose to me. Just like how boys try not to cum early, women also try their best to hold back the dam that is going to burst from their pussy.


Listening to her request, I take off her panty, revealing her pink, hairless, puffy pussy lips with a thin slit. It’s obvious that she just shaved today because I can’t find a single strand of hair on her vagina.

I slowly trace my hands around the base of her pussy and slowly start to run it upward. Suddenly, I feel a little nub above her pussy and uterus.

This…this is Anne’s clit.

In a flash, I start to circle my finger around her clit while I pinch her nipples….and devour her red juicy lips.

“Nyaaaann!!! Ahaan– just fuck me– mmn– already.” Anne moans as she suddenly pulls me into a tight hug and digs her fingers into my back.

Her arousal has already reached its peak, and Anne wants me inside her body now. However, I’m not done yet.

Realizing that she is already very wet down there, I separate myself from her, then I plant my face on her stomach.


Anne’s body suddenly jerks up the moment my slimy tongue makes contact with her smooth, flawless stomach.

I don’t stop there, I start to slowly move my face downward with my tongue sticking out and licking out the area of her crotch till– I finally reach her sacred spot. And then, I latch my tongue onto her pussy, licking and eating every nook and cranny of it.

I don’t know why, but Anne’s pussy tastes so delicious as her juice seeps into my mouth.

This….pussy…I want to make it mine only. With this strong resolve, I start to circle my tongue around her clitoris.


Anne suddenly lets out a loud cry and her body begins to tremble and quiver under my manly touch, but I don’t stop there. I increase my pace….

In the next moment, Anne suddenly starts to press my head harder against her crotch.

Before I can move my face away from her pussy as her orgasm reaches its peak, a grayish, thick, slimy liquid suddenly bursts out of her pussy, hitting me directly in the face.

Fuck!….so much ejaculation…..

Without moving my face away, I start to lick and eat her fluid without letting a single drop seep past me.

Sometime later, after her intense orgasm…. Anne looks at me with an apologetic and embarrassed look on her face.

“I…I am so sorry, Jake….. I didn’t know when it came out, it just felt so– good that I couldn’t hold back. I am sorry…..I feel so ashamed right now…” Anne mutters and covers her face in embarrassment with her fluffy ears flapping in excitement.

I simply let out a chuckle as I lay on top of her again, and press my fully erect cock against her opening…

“You don’t have to feel bad, Anne. I was expecting you to squirt, but fortunately, you came… women rarely ejaculate and it is a miracle that you came so much, that I couldn’t stop eating you down there ….”

“E-a-t me d-down there,” Anne utters with a very red face, and her breathing starts to get rougher. I then take the initiative to kiss her on her nape, slowly moving downward till I get to her nipples and start to suck them.

“Ahaan~ take it easy, Jake…milk won’t c-c-come out,” Anne grumbles with a shaky voice, clearly overwhelmed by lust.

“Anne, I am about to go inside. I want you to hug me tightly while we slowly savor each other’s mouths…

This is your first time, I don’t want you to feel pain…” I tell her, then she spreads her legs wide for me to penetrate.

“Thank you, Jake, I won’t feel pain because you don’t know how happy I am right now… p-please take my chastity,” Anne answers with a red face, and lust-filled eyes.

In the next moment, we connect our lips and start to kiss passionately as our tongues intertwine together.

Suddenly, Anne stops kissing me and starts to unbutton my school shirt.

“I….I don’t want your shirt to be soaked with sweat,” Anne says shyly as she pulls off my shirt and flings it to the side of the room…..

“J-Jake hold on, I want to look at your eyes while you take my chastity….” Anne utters as she stops kissing me.

I look at her seductively and flash a dazzling smile at her.

Although, I would have liked a blowjob from Anne, she seems to cherish her first time a lot. Which is something I wouldn’t want to mess up for her.

Fufufu….as a Neko girl, her sex drive is going to be crazy after she tastes the feeling of sex, and she’ll always want to try out new experiences.

I just have to be patient…

In the next moment, I grab hold of her legs and spread them wide, giving me a perfect view of the opening of her wet meat walls.

My cock is about to explode right now as it can’t find a sweet and tight meat wall to cool it down. But I have to take things slowly.

I move my left hand forward and grope her tits, while I start to rub my cock against her wet, excited pussy, then I use my right hand to hold her legs in place.

“I am going inside, Anne,” I tell her and she nods her head in response.

Slowly, the cap of my cock starts to make its way into her pussy, inch by inch till I reach an obstacle.

Fuck!….her hymen is thick….

Letting out a groan, I start to pinch Anne’s nipple to give her pleasure and lessen the pain. In the next moment, after letting Anne feel pleasure from getting her nipple stimulated, I ram my cock inside her pussy in one thrust, tearing apart her thick hymen.

“Nyaaaaaaa!” Anne cries out in a feline voice and clenches the bed sheet tightly while tears flow from her eyes.

“Anne, you are mine…..”



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Chapter 15
Chapter 17