I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 17

“Nyaaaaaaa!” Anne cries out in a feline voice and clenches the bed sheet tightly while tears flow from her eyes.

“Anne, you are mine…..” I mutter as I thrust in the whole length of my cock and stop moving. (Though it’s not big)

Right now, I am waiting for Anne to scream but she’s surprisingly silent as tears roll down her eyes…

Not wanting to ruin the moment, I lean my face forward for a kiss, but something….. begins…. to feel weird… I feel ticklish in my crotch area.

I glance down and see a cute small, fluffy cat tail tickling my crotch.

This is…Anne’s tail. And this is my first time seeing a Neko’s tail. It is said that Nekos cherish their tail more than their body, so they feel molested if a male sees their tail rather than their naked body.

And if Anne willingly reveals her tail, does that mean….

“J…Jake…grab my tail and start fucking me… Now that you have seen everything, you wouldn’t dare to not marry me right? Or else, all the Neko clans will launch a full-scale attack on y-your house…nyaaa!!

And in case you don’t know, I am the only princess of the Neko clan….My– mother is the current queen, and I am going to be the next queen….at least that’s if I don’t get killed…

However, I won’t die without spending some good times with the love of my life and giving him some furry babies…Teeheehee..”

Anne suddenly starts to giggle cutely and tickle my crotch with her golden tail which is a sign of royalty. It’s as if her excitement didn’t let her feel the pain of losing her virginity.

Fuck! What have I gotten myself into?

Dammit!… I take back my words, I think my sister is the one in danger now fuck!…

But either way, Misty is not to be underestimated as well, especially her ‘other’ personality when she activates her blood powers.

This isn’t good man…I feel like a man who’s sitting on two ticking time bombs. If these two fight at their full strength, they can destroy a whole district.

If it wasn’t for the modified restraint shackles that old man duke put on Misty hands, she would have killed anyone who pissed her off on mere whim. I just wonder how many Mc cells these two have.

“Aahan…Jake, you are wondering why I am working here right?

T-The thing is that I have been stalking you since when you were a kid because I took a liking to you, moreover our moms are friends…

I told my mother about it and she used her influence to make me work here so that I can look after my darling, after sealing my Neko powers and giving me this puny healing ability.

But I won’t think twice about unsealing my powers if that Chihuahua sister of yours tries something funny…after all, she is my rival…Teeheehee,” Anne lets out cute and mischievous giggles again.

I-I was deceived, Anne looks even more dangerous than my sister. What about Aurora, her ability is way more lethal, what if this trio clashes together? Fuck!!!! What have I done!!?

With these conflicted emotions swirling within me, I grab Anne’s tail and tug it hard, then I start to move my waist. The moment I retract my cock, blood flows out of Anne’s pussy, the blood is quite much which really bothers me.

It is said that the thicker a woman’s hymen is, the more pain she’ll feel when she gets dis-virgined. And with the amount of blood flowing out of her vagina, she must have felt a lot of pain but didn’t want to show me her weak side.

But right now, I am horny as fuck and can’t hold back my urges. I tug her tail and plunge my cock into her vagina with full force again.

“Aahan!!! P-Pull my tail gently,” Anne lets out a loud groan as her body jerks up, with a painful expression on her face this time.

“Should I stop it now, Anne?” I ask, ready to pull out my cock.

“Noo! W-We have gone this far, we can’t back off now.” Anne tells me with a red face while her vagina’s wall tightens on my penis.

“Aargh!” I let out a groan and begin to move my waist. To be honest, it’s not like I actually want to leave this pussy and get blue-balled for the second time today after Misty deprived me of sex.

“Aahan–!” Anne moans painfully and clenches her fingers on the bed.

Fuck!… I just need to cum real quick and finish this, after all Anne and I will have tons of sexual intercourse in the future.

I slowly start to move my waist and give her weak thrusts which causes her tits to jiggle with each movement.

In the next moment, I lean my face forward and start to suck on Anne’s otherworldly tits. I play with her long nipples with my mouth and bite them, causing her to clench her walls on my shaft.

At the same time, I stop tugging her tail and move my hand and start stimulating her clit.

“Nyaaaa!!” She moans loudly and her pussy grips my cock tightly again.

Fuck…! The sensation is just too much, I might cum at this rate. I bite her nipple and start pounding her pussy vigorously. I am pounding her so fast right now it looks like a blur.

The faster I go, the tighter, wetter, and slippery she becomes. To top it all off, Anne is moaning like crazy using her Neko instinct which further turns me on.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sounds of clapping and squishy sounds ensue as I slam my balls deep into her pussy.


Anne suddenly lets out an ear-splitting scream and her body begins to convulse. At the same time, I start to stimulate her clit very fast while a pressure starts to build in the base of my cock.



I let out a groan as I increase my thrusting, while Anne wraps her legs around my back, wanting me to creampie her.

With the remaining strength left in me, I deliver one last powerful thrust and begin to pump my semen deep into her.

For about ten seconds I am still pumping my seed inside her which comes as a surprise, because i never knew that I had such an amount of semen in me. Meanwhile Anne continues to convulse under me as her pussy sucks every last drop of me.


Anne and I suddenly hear a cracking sound like that of a glass shattering, causing us to glance up in our weak state. Then we see a large dark vortex begin to appear inside the room.

Inside this vortex, a cloaked figure starts to emerge.

“Nyaaaaaaaaa!!!! Nyaaaaaaaaa!!!” The moment Anne sees this figure, she starts to growl and readies her claws to attack this figure if it comes forward any further.

“You!” The cloaked figure says as it points at me, who is currently stark naked with my cock still inside Anne’s pussy.



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Chapter 16
Chapter 18