I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 18

“You!” The cloaked figure says as it points at me, who is currently stark naked with my cock still inside Anne’s pussy.

Suddenly, my cock slips out of Anne’s pussy, followed by the mixture of our semen and her blood.

Seeing this, the cloaked figure looks enraged.

In the next moment, my body starts to levitate in the air.

What the heck!… Is this some kind of telekinesis and who the hell is this person?


In a flash, my body suddenly flies across the room and slams against the walls of the room so hard that cracks begin to appear on the walls of the room due to the impact.

“GAH!!” Blood begins to spurt out of my mouth the moment my back slams against the wall. My body starts to heal itself and regenerate my broken bones.

If I was an ordinary vampire, I would have probably been dead.

Before I can register anything, my body suddenly starts to levitate again. This time, it feels like my body is being squeezed.

I can feel my consciousness slowly fading away…. Is this how I am going to die?

I need to live!…. I can’t die on top of a pussy.


My body slams against the wall again, this time with a greater force and heavy impact.

This is it, I am going to die without fulfilling my wish. My hidden desire of becoming the greatest harem king ever.

I glance at Anne and realize that she is not helping me. In fact, she sits down on the bed with her face facing the ground.

So this was all planned huh? They must have glanced into my future and realized that I will be a threat to mankind huh?


My body slams against the wall again, and each time my body slams on the wall, the greater the impact becomes.

Right now, my regeneration is no longer working, I have no blood left in me… I am dying.

In my next life, I shall cuck every human and demi-humans! Even if the gods exist, I shall cuck them all!!

Slowly, my eyes start to turn blurry, my consciousness starts to slowly fade away. I am dying.

Suddenly, different memories start to flash in my eyes. All my lovely memories. The smile of Misty, the way she cares about me….

The stoic and tsundere Aurora, Misty who could lay her own life for me, my perverted master, old man Duke.

All these people all care about me, what would happen to my sister? She would probably go on a killing rampage and get killed by hunters…

Fuck!… I must live on, I need power– I can’t die here, not on top of a pussy!!!!

Suddenly my body starts to rejuvenate, although, I don’t know what is going on in the real world, but right here…I feel like I am in some sort of dark void. Only darkness surrounds me.


“You seek power?– I shall grant you, come find me when you are strong and don’t fail like the others, because you carry his bloodline. I can feel it…” A female voice whispers into my ears and it slowly trails away.


[You have acquired the cuckold system]

[The goddess of lust has acknowledged your strong will and determination]

[You have become a dedicated follower]


I am slightly stunned by the green texts appearing in front of me. I believe I am seeing all this gibberish even after dying. I guess I have gambled a lot, sigh.

In my next life, I shall not become a follower of anyone, I will also conquer the goddess of lust…Mark my words!

Sigh…. Who am I even talking to? I am as good as dead…

[Fufufu…..you have the balls of steel, you know?]

Holy shit! What the heck is that? Why do these words keep appearing in my eyes?

[I’m your system…you can take me as your system A.I or guide. You are the chosen one]

What the fuck! Do you mean? Which system even talks? I have read many bullcrap fictional novels about systems, but none of them have a talking system…

Am I fucking dreaming!?

[You are not dreaming, you have been chosen by the goddess of lust]

Hey-Hey, man….I don’t fucking understand you, what the heck do you even mean. Do gods even exist?

[Oh, gods do exist, they even walk amongst you]

This is so confusing man…..

[We have no time to waste on this dimension, you have to return to your body very fast before it is too late. I’ll help you activate your blood powers]

The green texts flash in my eyes, in the next moment, I feel my soul being sucked into something. The next moment, I find myself back inside my body.

“Argh!!!” I let out a loud, the pain I am feeling now is unbearable.

I resolve my will and stand up. Right now, I see the cloaked person standing beside Anne, with the cloak removed.

Huh, a woman? A Neko at that…

The woman is like the clone of Anne but a mature version with bigger body proportions.

[It’s time to get your revenge and eat up these beauties….just do as say, It’ll be very beneficial…..fufufu…]

Green texts suddenly appear in my eyes again. In a flash, a huge amount of power starts to flow in my body. I can feel it flow in my arteries and muscles, but I feel like my body wants to tear apart because I don’t have any blood left in me.

This…this….is my blood power.



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Chapter 17
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