I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 18
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Chapter 19

This…this….is my blood power.


I scream as another round of pain overwhelms me again.

Anne and her mother are standing with their mouths wide open like they are seeing a ghost, or they are regretting their actions…

But I don’t care, I want to get my revenge, I want to defile these women in front of me— I want to use all their holes– I want to slap their faces with my cock and cum all over them.

“ARGH!!!!” I let out a scream once again…


A red aura suddenly bursts out of my body, my skin starts to glow red, and my hair flows in a straight manner like that of a god…

I can feel it…. I can feel the blood flowing in their bodies like it’s mine, I feel like I can make their bodies explode.


[You have awakened your blood powers]

[You are now the wielder of the ‘Absolute Blood Control…]

Apart from that of Anne and her mother’s, I can also feel the presence of human blood.

In a flash, all the lockers inside the room start to shake vigorously. Waving my hand, the lockers explode, and about 20 blood packs fly towards me.

Although I am having a hard time controlling this power because it’s currently sucking my life force since I don’t have any blood left in me. So, I need to feed…

Using my powers once again, all the blood packs explode, and all the blood inside starts to form a large blood sphere that hovers above me.

My body absorbs half of the blood, reducing the size of the blood sphere to the size of a soccer ball.

In a flash, my body starts to regain color and heal itself, and my eyes start to glow bright crimson.

“What a-a-are you…?” Anne’s mother mutters and begins to take a few steps back.

“I am the ruler of blood…” I answer.

I don’t know what that means and why i said it, but it just came out of my mouth.

“R-Ruler of b-b-blood…? So you have awakened your powers, Jake…

Look….we were trying to help you…we are not your enemies…” Anne’s mom tells me as she begins to walk towards me.

[You piece of crap! Don’t let her deceive you, even though she was trying to help, you nearly died. Let her pay with her holes, you dumb host!!]

The green texts suddenly flash before my eyes again.

I don’t have time to argue with the system, I guess I should just follow its instructions for now.

“Talk to my fists!” I shout and suddenly start to control the blood sphere above me.

I don’t know what I am doing, but I guess I can control the blood to do my will.

I let the blood crawl onto my hand and use it to coat my right fist.

Punching my fist forward, a burst of blood and aura suddenly leave my body. The impact is so strong that the recoil makes me stagger backward a bit.

Seeing the blood aura coming towards her, Anne’s mom tries to deflect it but it’s too late, the blood aura is just too fast.


The blood aura hits Anne’s mom. But nothing happens…

Huh… was that attack a fluke?

“Look here Jake, I’m your mom’s friend, we are just trying to help you. Your mom—” Anne’s mom suddenly stops mid sentence.


Anne’s mom suddenly lets out a loud cry and covers her body.

I look down and notice that the robe on her body is rapidly melting. The robe quickly melts, then her pantyhose also begins to melt, followed by her white bra and panties.

Not to lie, man…her body proportions are twice as big as Anne’s own.

The Neko Queen is right in front of me naked…muahahaha.


[You have learned a new skill]

[Perverted Blood Aura]

[What a perverted host, creating a dress-melting aura.]

Ignoring the perverted notification and the system’s comment, the remaining blood flies toward me again. Although, this time it is in a smaller quantity than before.

I let the blood crawl onto my hand again and begin to form something like a gauntlet.

I glance at Anne’s mother who is now stark naked and trying to cover her vagina and breasts.

I need to make her weak…

With the blood now completely covering my whole right hand. I dash forward activating one of my beast gears.

Unaware of the incoming attack, Anne’s mom is unable to dodge. I land a powerful blow on her stomach, sending her flying backwards and causing her to hit the wall.


A loud sound reverberates across the room as Anne’s mom slams against the wall. I am pretty sure that the Impact will even make the school suspect that something is going on here.


[You have learned another skill]

[Blood Hardening]

However, to my surprise, Anne’s mom doesn’t stand up.

Her body starts to convulse and her eyes roll to the back of her head.


Anne’s mom lets out a loud cry as grayish fluids burst out of her pussy, at the same time, she starts to rub her clit and immerse herself in it like she’s in paradise.

What the hell is happening now!!? I…Is she getting pleasure from the pain? Was she intentionally holding back?

I knew it! The Neko queen won’t let a random guy like me attack her.

[Man….the situation took an unexpected turn, you have to follow the flow…fufufu… this is much easier than I thought.]

The green words appear again….

This is so– confusing man!

I glance at the also-naked Anne and realize that she is shooting a threatening glare at her mum.

“What the hell are you doing mom!!? Must you always show your perverted side everywhere you go!!? Jake is mine!” Anne bellows.

“Aahan…Mmn~ c-can’t I share things with my daughter? Teeheehee….” Anne’s mom lets out giggles and moans as she continues to masturbate.

Anne grits her teeth and looks at me…with an apologetic look on her face.

“Sorry, Jake…but I will have to knock you out…” Anne tells me and readies her claws while her tail also begins to pulsate and glow with a golden light.

“Anne, y-you have broken the seal…” Anne’s mum mutters.

Within the blink of an eye, Anne suddenly dashes towards me. She is so fast that I can barely follow her movement.

[This…is…the power of a Neko. But man… we must not fail…we must eat up these beauties!]

In a flash, I also start to run forward, activating all of my beast gears and using the remaining blood to harden my skin.



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Chapter 18
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