I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 20

In a flash, I also start to run forward, activating all of my beast gears and using the remaining blood to harden my skin.

Right now, seeing Anne and her mom naked seems to give me some boost which increases my speed.

Within the blink of an eye, Anne appears in front of me and throws her right fist forward.

Seeing this, I am guessing that she doesn’t want to injure me with her claws, but unbeknownst to her, this was the very reason why I used blood to harden my skin.

With the incoming strike, I raise my hands to block it.


A loud sound erupts the moment her fist comes in contact with my two hands…. The impact of the blow pushes me back a bit and causes the ground below me to crack. And I’m sure that she is not even using thirty percent of her strength.

For some reason, the crazier the situation becomes, the calmer and more fearless I get. Furthermore, the red aura on my body starts to pulsate violently and causes several ripples.

Seeing that her attack was futile, Anne suddenly vanishes from my view, which made me confused as to her whereabouts.


I let out a loud groan as I suddenly feel a sharp pain at the back of my neck.

[Fuck!! Your title as the ruler of blood isn’t just a bluff. Control the blood in their bodies, your power is at its peak right now! We must not fail!!]

The green words suddenly flash before my eyes again…

Anne had landed a successful strike on the back of my neck, hoping to knock me out. However, she hit the wrong spot.

The aura on my body increases once again, and I start to turn the remaining blood into a massive brass knuckle.

Anne looks stunned at the fact that I am still standing on my feet. However, before she can register what is going on, I land a blow on her stomach, using all of my strength and without holding back.


She lets out a scream as she flies backward upon my fist making contact with her stomach.

It feels like my agility increased even more than before, which is why Anne was unable to see the incoming attack.

Of course, I did it because I know that she has a healing ability.


A loud sound reverberates across the room as Anne’s body slams against the wall and falls beside her mother who is still masturbating.

Seeing the naked mom and daughter, a lewd smile starts to form on my face, and all my pain vanishes.

“Jake, you have to stop…. W-We are helping you. If your power gets out of hand, you might kill everyone in this school. I think it’s time to knock you out. Moreover, congratulations on awakening your power.” Anne’s mom tells me, flashing me a smile as she tries to stand up.

However, her body suddenly freezes…

“What….t-t-the hell are you doing to me?” Anne’s mom questions, as she tries to move her body, but it is unresponsive.

“Pffft….do you think you can mess with the ‘Ruler Of Blood’? When I said it, I wasn’t joking. As long as blood runs in your veins, I’ll be able to manipulate you just like a puppet!” I bellow in annoyance, causing the aura around me to grow stronger again.

I am angry at this woman and her daughter for what they did, and they are going to pay…

“J-Jake, your power is running wild, you have to stop!! Your body can’t handle this amount of power!! I am sorry if I offended you…” Anne’s mom cries out, looking terrified.

“If you want me to forgive you, then you and your daughter will have to pay with your bodies…” I answer and begin to walk towards them with my fully erect cock.

At the same time, I use my powers to make Anne and her mom drift towards me by controlling the blood flowing inside them.

In the next moment, I make them kneel with their chest pushed out, making them look lewd. At the same time, I fold their hands to their back.

After that, I control their tail and direct it to start making its way into their ass hole.

“W-What do you plan on doing to us?” Anne suddenly asks with a red face and shaky voice, unlike her mother who seems to be enjoying this moment.

“I want to enjoy your bodies of course… you perverted women,” I reply with a lewd grin on my face.

In a flash, I move behind them and slowly start to move my hands toward their pussies.

Yes, these are their clits…

Feeling two poking nubs above their pussy and uterus, I start to circle my finger around them.


The mother and daughter let out cries of elation as I stimulate their erect clit and finger their wet shaved pussies.

Sometime later, after making them cum heavily, I move my hands upward and begin to fondle their tits…from behind.



I grope their tits and pinch their nipples, looking for the person whose moan is the loudest….while their tails fuck their asses.

Anne’s mom seems to have the loudest moan and makes the lewdest face, making my cock throb constantly.

“You are a lewd woman, aren’t you? I’ll fuck you first!” I tell Anne’s mom while sticking my fingers into her mouth.

Although I stopped them from talking, the only thing I am interested in is their moaning.

The next moment, I grab Anne’s mom’s ass and position her in a doggy posture…with her wet, dripping pussy open for me to penetrate without any obstacle.

Next, I grab my cock and begin to rub it against her folds.

“NYAAAAA!!!!” She leaks out a moan as she feels that something is about to enter her sacred hole.

Right now, Anne seems to be angry and is trying to break free when she sees that I am about to fuck her mom.

[I don’t know why she’s suddenly trying to break free, but I am sure that it means something in their Neko clan….fufufu…]

Green words suddenly flash before my eyes again….

I ignore the system and focus on what I am doing… I am currently sandwiching my cock with Anne’s mom’s pussy…. (Of course, she has a fat pussy like her daughter’s.)

Taking the next step, I slowly start to penetrate her wet walls….

However, I suddenly stop midway….

Something feels wrong right now, I can’t control my body again…


I glance up and see another large vortex appearing inside the room…

Inside the vortex, a figure starts to emerge, and before I can register anything, a big white ball of blinding light is suddenly launched at me…

I try to dodge it, but my efforts are all futile… the white ball hits me.

The next moment, I fall to my knees, and my eyes start to close…

[We have failed…..]

I see the green texts one last time before I fade into unconsciousness.


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