I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 21

Comfortability, warmth, affection…. These are the things I am feeling right now…

And at the same time, I can feel some sweet, thick liquid flowing into my mouth… The taste of the liquid is familiar yet different.


I try to blink my eyes a few times to see my surroundings, but my eyes won’t budge for some unknown reason…

[Wakee-wakeee! son of a pussy!!]

Green words suddenly flash before my eyes.

Hey, what the hell happened to me? Also, why do you enjoy insulting me?

[Oh, why I enjoy insulting you? Well, you really fucked up!! You couldn’t even fuck that Neko Queen, it would have been beneficial if you had cum inside her! “●●”]

What the fuck man….? You saw what happened right there…? A ball of light was suddenly hurled at me. Heck, I thought I was even dead.

Moreover, you haven’t even explained yourself… what the heck are you doing inside my head?! I have never heard of a talking system.

[Okay, I’m sorry man…I was just being harsh on you. Well, I am a sentient system. I’ll tell you more about myself when you finish enjoying the paradise in front of you…]

Paradise…..wait… what do you mean—

Suddenly my brain clicks and I start to put everything together. The warmth, the comfy feeling, and the strange liquid.

Fuck!… Misty…is here….

Did she kill those two?

I forcibly open my eyes and, through the gap of a huge cleavage, I see two glowing crimson eyes, which belongs to the mature woman who seems to be sweating and flashing a smile at me.

What the fuck!! How does this woman’s milk taste so good?

I blink my eyes a few times again to make sure that i am not hallucinating. However, the truth is that what I am seeing right now is real.

[This is reality, man….]

I am currently lying on a bed with my head resting on this woman’s lap. Furthermore, the woman is a vampire because I can see her fangs and she’s currently feeding me with her milk, which is contained inside two large-looking tits.

This…woman…Is someone that I have only seen twice in my lifetime, I have her picture at home. It was through her that I came into this world…and this is the woman Misty hates the most in the world.

“Mom–” I mutter and instantly withdraw my mouth from her nipple after I gulp down a mouthful of her milk…

In a flash, I move my head away from her lap and sit down on the edge of the bed, still stark naked. Glancing at the ceiling, I realize that I am still inside Anne’s infirmary. (Though, my body still feels weak)

“You are finally awake huh?” Mom says as she puts her breasts back into her bra and wears her top.

“My tits started lactating the moment I got closer to my baby, isn’t the power of the bond between us very strong huh, little Jake?” My mom adds.

A frown forms on my face the moment I hear her words…

Well, how should I describe the appearance of my mom right now…

My mom is no doubt the mature version of Misty… She is 2 meters tall with long white hair that stops at her waist just like Misty’s.

Underneath her hair is a beautiful breathtaking face that can arouse the desires of men the moment they look into her crimson eyes…

There’s almost no difference between them, except that she is taller and more endowed in the chest region than Misty. Furthermore, it looks like her face hasn’t changed since the last time I saw her.

Right now, she’s wearing a plain white top with black trousers, and on the bed, lies a black jacket that she is probably going to wear once she is leaving.

“Mom, did you know about all these?” I ask in anger with my fists tightly clenched.

My mom simply looks at me and lets out a long sigh… Although, I can’t see her expression well because of her long hair– something she and Misty has in common, in order to avoid unwanted attention from men because of their beautiful faces.

“I am sorry, Jake… I know that I have offended you in many ways, but I did what I had to do to help you activate your blood powers.” My mom says while gazing at the floor.

“Help….me…huh? Do you know that I nearly died!? What type of mother would awaken her son’s power in such an inhumane way!!” I bellow in anger as I stand up from the bed and start to search for my clothes.

“Wait, Jake… I…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to act that way. Hayes is a friend of mine, and when I realized that her daughter was interested in you, we came up with a plan…..

You can’t awaken your blood powers without experiencing a life and death situation. Hayes helped me to push you so you could go past your limits.

You playing with their bodies to exact your revenge was all part of the plan because I learned that you love women.

Y-You can’t expect an old and powerful figure like Hayes to be easily overpowered by an amateur who just awakened his powers. Before coming over here, she sealed 95 percent of her power.

When you fainted and slowly started losing consciousness, I was ready to butt in and feed you some Phoenix tears which could bring you back from the near-death state.

However, I decided to wait when I saw the signs of the aura building up around you…

I…I…am sorry Jake, I am sorry for being a bad mother all these years.

I….can explain….everything, I don’t want my son to become a stranger to me… Waaaaaaaaa!!!!” My mom suddenly falls to her knees and starts crying.

[Jake, I believe she is telling the truth, a drop of Phoenix tears could have saved you at that time. And if that situation didn’t occur, you wouldn’t have awakened your innate blood powers and acquired me.

You can’t watch such a beauty cry, Jake. Adding your mom to your collection wouldn’t be bad either…fufufu…]

You fucking system… once I have your time, you had better be ready to tell me the type of system you are.

I grit my teeth and start moving forward.

In the next moment, I crouch and begin to lift my mum up, letting her sit back on the bed. Then, I immediately snuggle into her arms.

My mom looks stunned by the sudden hug, causing the both of us to fall flat on the bed, with me laying on top of her.

“I am sorry for doubting you, mom…” I mutter as I hug her tightly again.

I don’t know what this feeling is, but it’s different from what I experience when I am with Misty. Is this the affection of a mother and son?

My mom simply pats my head and buries it deep into her cleavage.

“I will tell you, son…I’ll tell you everything. Just suck mommy’s breast while mommy tells you the reason why mommy abandoned you…” My mom pats my head and changes our position, so we lay sideways on the bed while facing each other.

In the next moment, she pulls off her top again and starts to unstrap her bra. In a flash, her bra comes off, and her G-cup tits appear before my eyes.

“Living and making friends with the humans has made an impact on you, Jake. You have the instinct of a mature vampire, but you are still a baby in my eyes,” My mom mutters and inserts one of her pink cherry nipples inside my mouth.

She’s no different from Misty. I hope I will learn the reason why Misty despises our mother.

In the next moment, thick white milk starts to leak into my mouth. And thus, begins my mom’s explanation of the reason why she never stayed with us.


Note: Remember, this is a slice-of-life novel and a slow-paced.


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Chapter 20
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