I Shall Cuck Everyone

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[Warning!: Filler chapter ahead, you can skip if you don’t like fillers and info dump.]


The next moment, thick white milk starts to flow into my mouth. And thus, begins my mom’s explanation of the reason why she never stayed with us.

“Jake, I never intended to abandon you guys and ignore my responsibility as a mother… It pains me a lot when I think about the fact that I left my baby and grown-up daughter all alone in this deceitful world….”

“Deceitful world? What do you mean mom? Different races live on this planet, I don’t understand what you are saying.” I ask, slightly confused about what my mom is trying to point out.

“Sigh…you are still too young to know this but do you know where my dad went to?”

“You mean old man Duke?”

“Jake, try to respect your elders, call him grandpa…” My mom retorts.

“Okay, I get it…but didn’t grandpa say that he was going into slumber?”

“Yes, he went into a deep slumber. But haven’t you ever wondered where all the old vampires go when they are going into slumber? Haven’t you realized that the number of vampires on this planet is smaller compared to other races?” My mom asks me with a serious expression on her face while her milk keeps flowing into my mouth.

“Now that you mention it, I have also realized it. But what does that have to do with the fact that you abandoned us…?” I reply and latch my mouth back onto her nipple.

“You see….they are several other planets out there, some of which are beast planets.

After the calamity, the earth couldn’t contain everyone because 80 percent of its surface had been destroyed.

Gradually, people began clearing some of the beast planets and started living on them.

Although it was an arduous task, some planets which inhabited low-level beasts were easy to clear to an extent. Because no matter what they tried, they couldn’t wipe them out completely as they kept spawning.

It was like an endless cycle….

However, we Vampires were also forced to look for a home planet because there was a never-ending war between the Vampires and the Dhampirs…on earth” My mom mutters with a sad expression on her face.

“Dhampirs….huh? So do the Dhampirs also have a home planet like the vampires?

If so, why are the Dhampirs and the Vampires still on this planet? Why have I never heard anything about this? Also, it doesn’t change the fact that you abandoned us, mom!” I yell and fondle her tits very hard, causing jet streams of milk to spurt out of her nipples.

“There are so many things that are still unclear to you little Jake, however, I’ll just keep most of them to myself and tell you some other day when you are old enough.

Just like how Vampires were able to walk under the sun, how the Dhampirs came to be, and how only Vampires could summon a familiar…

There are so many secrets, Jake…

The reason why the Vampires and Dhampirs settlement isn’t talked about is because of the humans.

Humans are the weakest but they are very cunning. Vampires are no doubt one of the strongest races ever along with the Werewolves…but have you ever wondered why the Humans are still feared….?

Even though we have our settlement, the Humans are still wary of us and they still believe that we might attack them in the future…

Because during the calamity, humans witnessed the terrors of Vampires as we hunted them for food, when we realized that their blood gives us a certain boost and also changes our metabolism, however, this issue was solved by Edgar Frost.

Therefore, since that time, Humans have been finding every means to weaken the Vampires, or if they get the chance to eradicate us completely.

That’s why we formed a pact with the Humans and got it finalized by the witches.

And the prizes for that pact are you and your sister…..” My mom says as a single drop of tear falls from her eyes.

“M…Mom, what do you mean?” I ask with a scared voice, because I am currently wondering whether we are going to be used as a sacrifice or something like that…

“The grandchildren of the Vampire King are used as a bargaining chip…” My mom replies and glances at the ceiling, seemingly in deep thoughts.

“D-Does that mean grandpa is the Vampire king? Is that the reason why we are purebloods and different from other vampires?” I further ask, instantly losing the urge to drink her milk.

“Yes, that’s right… that is the reason why you and your sister have blood powers. Moreover, you are the only one who wields the mythical power inside you, the ‘Absolute Blood Control, the power of the Vampire god.

My father should have been the one to help you awaken your blood powers but unfortunately, as you already know, he went into a deep slumber….”

“Mom, if grandpa went into a deep slumber does that mean that dad is now the new king?”

“No Jake, your dad is gone…. He’s gone for life…” Mom replies and lets out a long sigh…

“Dad is gone? W..What happened to him?”

“He was forced into eternal slumber. And eternal slumber means that he has gone into slumber for life… so he’s as good as dead.

There are two differences between an eternal slumber and a deep slumber.

My dad went into a deep slumber after putting your dad in an eternal slumber.”

“Your dad went berserk and planned to attack the humans because of the pact. My father talked to him about signing the pact but your father went towards the dark path about killing the humans, something which seems almost impossible.

So a big fight broke out between the two of them. The fight caused several ripples and tidal waves all over the settlement and my dad was finally able to force my husband into an eternal slumber.

Because of my dad’s old age, he also went into a deep slumber. He’s probably going to wake up in a few years….” My mom tells me and closes her eyes.

“So, that’s the reason why Misty despises you?”

“Yes, that’s the reason why Misty hates me. I didn’t want to do that but I couldn’t let him go down the part of destruction that will affect the fate of all Vampires and may even cause us to lose our kids which we are trying to protect…” Mom lets out a sigh…and her milk even begins to ‘gush’ out more from both tits.

“Mom, so you and dad have been lying to us all these years huh?

Do you even love dad? You sound like you don’t care about his death…

Moreover, what was the pact all about and why does it involve the witches?”

“No Jake, we only hid it from you. Your sister knows everything. We didn’t tell you because you were too young.

As for your dad, I cared about him and his slumber pained me a lot. He can only be awoken by the Vampire god. And as for the love between us, we never really loved each other.

In fact, we only had sex when we wanted to have our children. The reason is that our marriage was arranged, and your father was also an unlikeable person.

And lastly the answer to why Misty hates me, is that–

Sigh, you might end up hating me like Misty if I say it…

That’s why I want to request something from you, Jake…. Something that won’t let me lose you…

“What’s that mom?” I ask with curiosity.

“Have sex with mommy, cum inside me…”

“What the hel—”


[A charm has been detected trying to influence the host]

[The host has been charmed]

[The host’s resistance can’t break through the charm]

Suddenly, my body starts to feel weak and my eyes start to close as elation overwhelms me.

The last thing I see is my mom stroking and sucking my fully erect penis….


Note: Before you start complaining, wait for the next chapter. He couldn’t just resist the charm of a vampire lord.

Moreover, the mom is ashamed of doing it with her son. it took her all her will to do that.


Chapter 21
Chapter 23