I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 120 Ritual Completion
Chapter 122 Planet Demaz

121 Chapter 121

*Pants* *Pants* *Pants* *Pants*

“W-We d-did it! W-We finally did it!” Aurora says with joy as she suddenly hugs me emotionally, even though she’s weak right now. I can see tears of joy on her face.

“We’re married now, Aurora~.” I say while caressing her silky hair with my hand, and hugging her very tightly.

While Aurora and I are about to make out again, a black miasma suddenly fills up the room, causing me and Aurora to scrunch up our noses in disgust, while staring at the black mist swirling around the room.

After some time, the black mist settles and a familiar person emerges from within.

“Wow, looks like you didn’t go easy on th–” the witch suddenly pauses her words as if she has seen a ghost, while her eyes are fixated on me and Aurora.

“What the barnacle?!!!! You could have just covered your thing!!” The witch bellows and instantly turns around, facing the other side of the room. However, the red blush on her face can’t be hidden.

Hearing what this old hag said, a frown appears on mine and Aurora’s face. She invaded our privacy without prior notice and now she’s getting mad at us?

“Hey, old hag! How dare you call my husband’s thing a barnacle?!” Aurora bellows angrily at the witch and I can see her muscles tensing up as if she is about to attack the witch. Well, I can’t really blame Aurora because the witch invaded her private time with her husband.

‘Or….wait a minute…’

I look down at my cock and…

What the heck?! It’s really shaped like a barnacle. I didn’t revert it back to its original size after I shape-shifted it to exactly fit the inside of Aurora.

I let out a sigh and instantly revert my cock back to its original size.

Meanwhile, Aurora is still scolding the witch for invading our privacy. She’s so serious about it as if the witch took something precious from her. Well, she was about to receive my good dick again before the witch intervened.

“You little girl, watch your mouth! I’m not an old hag!” The witch replies in defense.

“Old hag! You’re nothing but an old bag of bones, hiding your real self with your evil potions and magic!” Aurora fires at the witch again, pointing her index finger at her.

“You say what?!” The witch asks furiously this time, turning her back around and facing us without caring about seeing my cock. “I’ll teach you a lesson, you naughty girl!” The witch says angrily, and her wand begins to materialize in her hand as she raises her hand in the air.

“WAIT!!” I suddenly give a thunderous bellow, causing both women to halt and stop cussing at themselves.

“It’s okay Aurora, you shouldn’t get angry over trivial things.” I say, pulling Aurora into a deep warm hug.

“And you….” I say, raising my head and glancing towards Dorathy, who has just put her wand away.

“It would have been so unprofessional and childish of you to do something to the bride on her wedding day since you are the one in charge of the marriage ritual. If you had done anything, I bet that two liters of your blood wouldn’t even be enough to make an atonement to my mum.” I say, shaking my head wearily.

“She started it first!!” Dorathy retorts, pointing at Aurora.

“You started it!” Aurora also gives a comeback.

“No, you started it! You big ass bitch!”

“Shut the fuck up! You old hag, hiding your true self under a disguise!!”

“Oh, what do you know about me you big-ass lewd bitch!”

“Are you jealous of my ass? You flat-ass bitch!!”


I leak out a sigh as I see the two women arguing endlessly. Although, Dorathy Isn’t as old as we make it seem. However, we are criticizing her due to a few words she uttered earlier, when she was drawing the marriage circle.

[Shouting at them won’t stop these women from arguing till eternity. Do something that will shock them, and make them stunned and keep calm.]

‘Something that will make them shocked huh?’

I mutter while glancing at Misty’s sleeping figure at the edge of the bed.

I have to wake her. Sooner or later, she’ll have to wake up for our reception party. So, it makes no difference.

In the next moment, I close the distance between me and Misty, hugging her and bringing her closer into my embrace. Now that we’re officially married, I can sense her emotions and detect her location from miles away as long as we’re on the same planet.

“Wake up Misty~,” I say as I place my palm on her head and begin to send my aura into her body.

Slowly, Misty’s eyes begins to open, and when she sees me trying to wake her, she gives me a radiant smile.

“You naughty boy, you could have just let the witch do her job instead of wasting your aura.” Misty says, rubbing my face with her soft hands.

“Well…I think you should see for yourself.” I say with a chuckle while pointing at Aurora and the witch.

“Ah, I think Aurora has finally seen the person with the same personality as her. If we don’t do something, they really won’t stop.” Misty replies while rubbing her temples.

“There’s a way to stop them…” I say, sliding my dick into Misty’s pussy the moment I see an opening.

“Aaahan~ Ahh~ h-how is this a way to stop them, Jake? Aahan~!” Misty moans loudly as Jake’s snake penetrates her pussy.

Meanwhile, Dorathy and Aurora have an expression of disbelief on their faces. Especially Aurora, as Jake didn’t care in the slightest about her squabble with Dorathy.

“Jake~!” Aurora bellows with a pout on her face. She can’t believe that her beloved husband is busy fucking Misty. In extreme jealousy, she also pounces on the bed and joins the show, thus having a hot threesome with Jake and Misty. While the witch watched them with the disguise of leaving the room, after casting an invisibility spell.

After having enough fun, Dorathy repairs Misty and Aurora’s wedding dresses and gets rid of the stench on their bodies, before leading them all to the reception where the rest of the wedding takes place in a grand style.

After the wedding, Jake also heads to the Nekos home planet, which they share with the foxes, and also marries the mother-daughter-duo on the same day.


Note: Volume one has come to an end. I don’t want to prolong the story any further. That’s why I didn’t give any details about Jake’s wedding with the Neko duo, and the dark-elves queen. However, after the completion of this novel, every single detail will be written as a side story. Furthermore, starting from the next volume, the pacing of this novel will increase significantly because the retention rate of this novel dropped.

Chapter 120 Ritual Completion
Chapter 122 Planet Demaz