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121 Chapter 121
Chapter 123 Jake Vs Misty

Chapter 122 Planet Demaz

☆Planet: Demaz...▪

☆Location: Elves' realm...▪

☆Region: Antarctica (Royal district...)▪

☆Date: 15/11/5020▪



"Ahhh! I got you!"

Misty lands a powerful kick on my crotch, sending me flying backwards and crashing into the ground below while my wings disappear. A loud crashing sound erupts and debris rises up in the air as I crash heavily into the once greenland that was full of grass, but which is now scorched with burnt marks everywhere.

"That's cheating!! You kicked me in the crotch!" I bellow and let out a grunt of pain, as I can feel my balls twitching from the powerful kick. Thanks to the penis elasticity potion that I drank a few days ago. I didn't feel much pain.

"Kyaaaa! Do you want to break daddy's balls?!" Aurora lets out a worried voice as she flies towards me and helps me to get up. She and Misty were formerly attacking me but now she seems very worried after I got 'kicked in the balls'. (Although we are training) And since our marriage, she has developed the habit of always calling me daddy.

"Ah, thanks, Rora." I say as she puts my hand across her neck and lifts me up. I also use the opportunity to squeezed her breast a little.

"Aaahan~ daddy~"


Right now, we're on the elves' planet. Basically, it is a planet that accommodates both the elves and the dark elves. The planet is split into two, with the elves taking half of it, while the dark elves also take the remaining half. Although, the elves and dark elves aren't enemies at the moment, and they seem to have a very good relationship. However, that was not the case in the past. In the past, the elves felt that the dark elves were inferior to them because of their complexity, compared to the normal elves.

While they didn't wage war against themselves, or enslave each other, they created a difference between themselves. A difference of not being the same race. Furthermore, the dark elves also believed that they were the true elves and that the other elves were the sham.

Both races went their separate ways and started building their empire, competing against each other to prove that one has more prosperity than the other. Slowly, the dark elves and the normal elves turned into two great empires and slowly started accepting themselves. Which is when inter-marriage began to happen between them. However, they didn't come together as one under the same rule, they still had different hierarchies and Rulers. Instead, they only came together as allies!

After marrying Aurora, Misty, Hayes, and Anne, I came to the elves' planet and also married Myra, thereby becoming the dark-elves king. (Though the queen is the absolute ruler. Plus the people were reluctant at first to make a vampire their king.) A few weeks after our marriage, the rest of my women came here for their honeymoon after thorough consultation and consideration, while Myra agreed to it.

"Honey– I...I didn't mean to kick you in the crotch. Teeheehee... besides, there's nothing like cheating if you're fighting against a real enemy." Misty says with cute giggles as she flaps her wings and descends onto the ground, before retracting her wings.

"It's okay, Misty. We'll just have a one-on-one rematch, and if you lose, you'll allow me to use your backdoor." I say, with a grin slowly materializing on my face.

"Y-You! I said I won't allow you to use my backdoor. I...It's weird! Why would you want to use that place?" Misty's face flushes red as she turns around and hides her face from me. She's wearing a skintight jacket and pants, same as us, which makes her reaction much cuter.

"Yes, since you've been winning against me all these days aren't you confident about your skills again?" I ask with a grin while I place my right hand on her shoulder, making her body shudder a bit.<sub> </sub>

"W-Who told you?! I am not scared of you! I'll kick your ass once again like I always did on my own!" Misty brags and turns her body around, bringing her face closer to mine.

"Let's fight! I am going to kick your ass again!" Misty says confidently and takes a fighting stance.

"Okay, you have yourself a deal. I won't go easy on you this time. And It wouldn't be fair if you tapped from Amber's power now that you can fully utilize your blood power." I say, as I also take a fighting stance.

"Aurora, be the judge."


Aurora declares...


Meanwhile, Myra is quietly watching the fight between Misty and Jake from far above, and many meters away from them with a bright smile on her face, while standing on a flotation device along with her bodyguard.

"Your majesty, I'm sorry for doubting your husband at first. Even though he is a pervert, he's the best man a woman could ever wish for." A black-haired, dark-elf with a mask on her face, who is standing behind Myra says in a low voice. She's Myra's bodyguard, but mainly a professional combat maid.

"Sigh, if I tell you how I met my husband, you'd be surprised. When I learned from him that he has many other women, I felt disheartened. But I decided to give our relationship a try to see if it works out. And well, here we are, I am married to him and in a few months to come, we'll be having a baby." Myra says in a low voice while slowly rubbing her stomach over her royal attire.

The maid behind Myra simply nods her head at her master's words. Even though she knows that her master's husband, the elf king, is a very good man, she has only one problem with him; he is a pervert!!

A certain memory of what occurred between she and her master's husband flashes through her mind, and she clenches her fist, as she promises to carry the secret to her grave. It was only a one-time mistake, it won't happen again!


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121 Chapter 121
Chapter 123 Jake Vs Misty