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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 122 Planet Demaz
Chapter 124 Huge Development

Chapter 123 Jake Vs Misty

"Begin!" Aurora declares...

Immediately, a red aura flares out of Misty's body and starts dancing around her body. This aura is similar to Jake's absolute control, but there is something different about it compared to Jake's own; It is very wild! Ready to devour anything in its path!

"Hyyyaaa!!!" Misty lets out a battle cry and dashes towards Jake very fast, her figure moving like a blur.

Jake, upon seeing Misty close the distance between them, becomes calm and collected.

'Misty is damn talented, her blood power; sanguine wrath is also scary. At this rate, she won't even have to rely on Amber again.' Jake thinks inwardly.

"Sanguine wrath; Berserk claws!" Misty bellows as she stomps her right foot on the floor, and does a swift spin in the air. Suddenly a small pool of blood in the form of an aura emerges from Misty's hand, and turns into a large, clawed, beast's hand, before it begins to fly towards Jake.

Jake, upon seeing the incoming attack, simply snickers at Misty and activates his blood power.

"Absolute blood control; Absolute devourer!" He utters, and in the next moment, a tornado of red aura starts to swirl around his fist. Running forward, Jake slams his fist into the bloody beast-clawed hand coming towards him.


A loud sound erupts as both attacks slams into each other. The beast-clawed hand can be seen pushing Jake backwards, and its movements make it seem like it is alive, as it tries to cut Jake's hands.

'Dammit! I underestimated this damned claw. Looks like Misty Isn't Joking. She's still above me in terms of strength, I just have to avoid close combat with her.'

Jake grits his teeth as the large beast's hand continues to push him backwards, while cracks begin to appear on the ground below. The amount of strength the clawed hand is exerting is the amount of strength its owner has.

Abruptly, Jake increases the strength of his blood power skill; Absolute devourer which begins to swirl around the clawed hand, cutting it into tiny bits before it finally disintegrates.

Suddenly, something shocking happens that baffles Misty. The disintegrated aura turns into a red fog and begins floating in the air, before entering Jake's body, and combining itself with Jake's aura.

'H-How is that possible? He combined my aura with his own?!' Misty mutters in confusion, but she doesn't let it stop her as she starts to run forward again.

"Blood strike!"

Misty whispers, throwing an arc of red aura at Jake, which he simply evades by veering around his body swiftly.

"Okay, time to go down Jake! Sanguine wrath; Fiscal boost!" Misty says frustratingly.

In the next moment, Misty suddenly gains unimaginable stats from the skill. Then she dashes towards Jake with so much speed that his eyes can't follow it.

'I only need 10 seconds!' Misty thinks inwardly.

*Blow* *Blow* *Blow* *Blow* *Blow*

Misty begins to land several blows on Jake's body and trashes him around the field.

After landing several blows on him for ten seconds, the skill deactivates itself, causing her to halt and catch her breath. The skill doesn't have any type of backlash, except consuming a huge chunk of her aura.

Meanwhile, Jake can still be seen standing, even after receiving several blows from Misty. His body is covered with fists marks from top to bottom with half of his clothes almost ripped away from his body.

"Argh!! That hurts like hell~! I didn't know Misty was this serious. She really doesn't want me to use her backdoor." Jake grunts as he straightens his back, and is barely able to stand.

"Honey, do you see that you still have a lot to learn? I even beat you black and blue without the help of Amber...hahaha." Misty laughs mockingly at Jake's bruised figure. She's really scared about the fact that Jake wants to fuck her from the second hole, so it is making her go all out in this fight.

Jake simply raises his head and looks at her, with a wide grin slowly forming on his face.

"Who said that you won?" Jake lets out a chuckle, and in the next instant, all his wounds begin to close up like they never existed, and within a few seconds, he's back to peak condition. He used a healing ability.<sub> </sub>

"W-What y-you can now copy two abilities?" Misty mutters in shock at what she just saw. Earlier today, during their first fight, Jake had been using Myra's ability, ice. But now, he just used her own ability.

"I didn't know that you would go all out. I really need that backdoor Misty~" Jake says in a low voice while black wings sprout from his back.

"W-What w-why that place?" Misty stutters and her face flushes red at Jake's shamelessness.

However, seeing Jake fly towards her, Misty reignites her determination.

"I guess you don't know that healing can also be lethal. You just have to understand it and know the secret behind healing!" Misty yells, as black wings sprout from her back and she starts flying towards Jake However, she doesn't know that Jake has a nasty surprise in store for her.

Jake skillfully maneuvers his body around the air with his wings, as Misty throws several green balls at him. These balls may look harmless but they are very dangerous. Misty studied the healing ability to a certain extent so that she would have the ability to use mass healing on a large number of people, and without physical contact. At the same time, she had also been able to reverse the effect of healing, turning it into a dangerous ability.

Right now, these balls that Misty is throwing at Jake are the reversed effects of the healing ability. If even one of these balls were to hit him, he might become crippled for a few moments, or in the worst-case scenario, his body will become deformed and turn to what Misty wants.

Seeing that Jake evaded all her balls, Misty grits her teeth. She knows that close combat is the last option.

She closes the distance between she and Jake, while at the same time evading the barrages of ice shards thrown at her. However, she doesn't understand why Jake has a wide grin on his face while she was closing the distance between them, despite knowing that he will lose to her in close combat.

Arriving in front of Jake, Misty swings her right hand forward, aiming to punch Jake in the guts, but her body suddenly freezes. No matter how much she tries to move, she can't move her body. Realizing the situation, a terrified expression appears on Misty's face.

"W-What did you do to me?" Misty asks in a shaky voice.

"Well, I didn't do anything to you. I just used another ability on you." Jake says, raising Misty in the air with telekinesis. Over the past few months, Jake has worked hard to triple his stats. From fucking the chef, to popping the cherry of Myra's maid.

He also fucked all the female guards that are situated around the royal palace. He has also been able to cuck a lot of men, mostly the guards of the palace since most of them are dating the female guards. Also, he fucked Myra's mentor, one of the dojo masters back on earth when she came for a visitation. All these huge feats he was able to perform, is thanks to his sex scent skill.

Raising Misty high in the air, Jake swings his hands downward, slamming Misty into the ground with telekinesis.


A loud sound explodes as Misty crashes into the ground. The pressure makes her body dig deep into the ground, thereby creating a humanoid-shaped hole in the ground.

"Argh...ahhh! You bastard, Jake. Can't you go easy on me? I'm your wife." Misty lets out a loud grunt as she heals herself while lying inside the manhole in the ground. At the same time, seeing Jake's figure move towards her, she gulps hard because she knows what's about to come.


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Chapter 122 Planet Demaz
Chapter 124 Huge Development