I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 123 Jake Vs Misty
Chapter 125 Unexpected Guest

Chapter 124 Huge Development

Right now, Jake and Misty can be seen on a green patch of grass, behind a large one-thousand-year old oak tree. Jake is on top of Misty, thrusting his cock in and out of her butthole non-stop and with vigor, as if this is the last time he will have this type of privilege.

"Aahan~ Aahan~ Jake~" Misty moans, while trying to tone down her voice as low as possible.

Even though she doesn't like the idea of her backdoor being used by Jake, there's nothing she can do about it because she made a bet with him. Furthermore, she is disgusted by her body for enjoying being fucked from the second hole.

Jake can be seen gritting his teeth as he tries hard not to cum quickly, due to the pressure he is currently feeling on his cock.

"Argh... just a little bit more.." Jake grunts loudly as he changes positions by lifting Misty's left leg up and pressing down on her right leg, stretching it to the max. In this position, he can freely plow Misty very hard.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Clapping sounds from the flesh reverberates throughout the forest as the two vampires indulge themselves in the abyss of pleasure.

After thrusting non-stop for about ten minutes, Jake can't take it anymore. He can feel the pressure building from the base of his cock straight down to the cap of his dick.

"Ahhh....ahh I am cumming Misty..." Jake lets out a loud grunt and gives Misty one last powerful thrust before he starts squirting his semen inside her.



"Misty, hold on. I want to talk to you about something."

"No~ leave me alone. I have to go now~!"

"I'm serious, it's important!"

"No~ you want to fuck me again." Misty answers as she quickly picks up her clothes and sprints far away from Jake.

"Sigh..." Jake lets out a loud sigh and glances at the bright sun hanging above. Luckily, he's shielded by the large oak tree behind him. Some of the trees on most planets were extracted from planet earth. These types of trees along with other specimens were common on earth when it was still at its peak. It was the planet with the most resources, but it only lacked one thing; Mana!

Now that it had gained Mana, it lost 80 percent of its resources. Nevertheless, it's still one of the best planets out there.

Right now, Jake is sitting in a lotus position on a very green patch of grass, shirtless, while beads of sweat drip down his face after railing Misty.

"Mimi," Jake mutters.

​ Suddenly, a blue glowing wisp that is about the size of a tennis ball comes out of his body and starts flying around in excitement.

"Hehehe, master I love this planet!!!" Mimi giggles as she flies around Jake for about a minute before resting on his shoulder after getting exhausted. After Jake leveled up his stats, he discovered that Mimi could materialize into a wisp of light the size of a tennis ball.

Although Mimi didn't actually tell him what she really was, she told him that it wasn't time to know about her origin yet. Jake didn't feel offended since he knew that she has always been a good aide to him. The only thing he noticed was that; the more he leveled up his stats, the more Mimi could materialize into a big wisp and spend more time outside.

"Mimi, have you played enough?" Jake asks in a low voice with his eyes closed.

"Hehehe, I've played enough master!" Mimi replies with enthusiasm.

"Mmm, weird... Since we got to this planet, you've been calling me master. Isn't that a little weird?" Jake asks as he finally opens his eyes and looks at the small wisp on his shoulder.

Hearing her master's question, Mimi starts flying around him in excitement again.

"You exceeded my expectations master! You were able to copy three abilities within two months! None of my former hosts were able to achieve this feat without earning tons of enemies. Yet you haven't even made one single enemy! You're like a poisonous snake that's slowly waiting to devour its prey! This alone has earned you some respect, besides that's what I feel like calling you now...hehehe." Mimi replies happily, and lands on her master's shoulder again.

"Sigh... I agree with what you say. But that won't be the case forever. I'm bound to make enemies. I can sense it." Jake says wearily.

"Show me the system stats..." He requests.

"Affirmative!" Mimi replies and enters Jake's head.




[>>>>USER'S STATS<<<<]

[Name: Jake Mystro]

[Race: Vampire]

[Strength: 30]

[Dexterity: 30]

[Stamina: 30]

[Resistance: 30]

[Perception: 30]

[Free System Stats: 5]

[Sex Points: 99,500]

[Charm: 100 <Unlocked>]

[Celestial Points: 23 <Locked>]

[Ability Bank: 3/3]

[Current Cell: Not defined]

[Number Of Mana Cells: 18,220]

[Current Ability: Ice, Healing, Telekinesis]

[Ability Category: Esper(3)]


[Jill Mystro | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 99.9%]<sub> </sub>

[Misty Mystro | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Zella Fox | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 56%]

[Aurora Grey | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Myra Cougar | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Anne Heath | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Hayes Heath | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Blair Graham | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Note: Temporary women will be removed from the list after 48 hours. Each sexual interaction with the host will allow them to appear on the list again, till they become a permanent woman or get dumped.]



[Inspect: The host will be able to analyze any item. It can also be used on beasts, humans, and demi-humans.]

[Inventory: Store anything inside the endless space, apart from living things.]

[System Shop: This is a function of the system that has been permanently unlocked. Anything can be found in the system shop, ranging from skills, weapons, items, and consumables.]

[Lust Meter: This skill can be used to measure the arousal state of the opposite gender. It does not work on men.

Level: 1

Usage: Passive

Cooldown: None

Category: Skill]

[Ben Transform: This skill will allow you to change your appearance into the character "Ben".

Level: Not defined.

Usage: 2 hour before wearing off.

Cooldown: Can only be used once a day. Resets after 24 hours.

Category: Skill.]

[Sex Scent: This skill will enable you to secrete an aphrodisiac substance from your body into the air, and arouse the opposite gender who is within a distance of 3 meters.

Level: 1.

Usage: Use it indoors so that it will be more effective. It might not be effective in an exposed or open environment. It also works faster when there is body contact.

Cooldown: Can only be used once a day. Resets after 24 hours.

Category: Skill.]

[Cock mastery: Adjust your penis to any desired length or size as long as it doesn't exceed the real size of the host's penis.

Level: Passive.]

[Mind Read: Read someone's mind for one minute.

Level: Maxed out.

Usage: Can only be used once a day.

Cooldown: 24 hours.

Category: Skills.]


"Nice, so I gained 1,500 sex points from Misty. Mimi, it's time to put one of our skills to use, and to visit the elf kingdom...fufufu."


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Chapter 123 Jake Vs Misty
Chapter 125 Unexpected Guest