I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 124 Huge Development
Chapter 126 Public Humiliation [Part 1]

Chapter 125 Unexpected Guest

"Ben...transform..." Jake mutters and in the next moment, a bright dazzling light covers him from top to bottom before vanishing after a few seconds.

After the light vanishes, Jake blinks his eyes a few times and gets up, checking out his body. His pants look somewhat small on his new body, while his abs are very toned as if chiseled by Hephaestus.

"Mimi," Jake mutters.

"Yip...Yip...Yip." Mimi mumbles some gibberish words as she comes out of Jake's head and begins to fly around him.

Jake is standing at about 2.1 meters right now, with a very wide muscular body that would make any girl drool. He also has a long chiseled face that resonates with his muscular body, and his night black, long hair is tied into a single ponytail, giving him a fierce yet captivating look. Swinging his fists in the air a few times and doing some acrobatic moves, Jake feels jealous of this body.

"Wow, this body is amazing. It's quite a shame that this skill can only last for two hours a day." Jake clicks his tongue.

"Master, you are soo handsome! A-And hot! Hehehe..." Mimi giggles and continues to fly around him.

"You know, it's so weird that these words are coming from you, Mimi." Jake says wearily and shakes his head.

<o>,m Mimi continues to fly around the oak tree and finally perches on her master's shoulder whenever she gets tired.</o>

'Sigh, where's my serious Mimi? Ever since she has been able to materialize, she always been plays around the moment she gets the opportunity to come outside. Well, I think she deserves it, who knows whether she has ever been able to do things like these. But now that she can at least turn into an image of herself, it must be a joyous thing for her. I can't wait to know about her origin.' Jake thinks inwardly while staring at the wisp that's happily flying around the trees, along with the butterflies.

"Mimi, time to go." Jake finally calls out to her after letting her play around for a few more minutes. Hearing her master's voice, Mimi instantly drifts towards him and enters his head because she knows that they do not have much time left, since the duration of the skill is limited.

Picking up new clothes from his inventory, Jake wears another pair of black pants and a Jacket with a large cigar in the corner of his mouth. This is a habit of his that he developed. Actually, Jill didn't like the idea of him smoking, but alas there was nothing she could do about it since his other wives didn't have any qualms about it. After all, vampire cigars don't harm them in any way.


Inside a huge castle, the royal palace of Antarctica, a large room is located. The room is painted pure white and decorated with lots of golden artifacts. Everything inside this room is made out of gold, ranging from the chairs, tables, and so many other things. Over the years, the elves have also decided to embrace luxury, over their love for nature. And although they are still pretty much in love with nature, it's not as much as the one that those in the past had.

At the center of the room, there's a large king-sized bed with a wooden frame around it. Sitting on this bed is the dark-elves queen, Myra. She's fully donned in her red royal robe with lots of jewelry around her ears, neck, and hair. Seated opposite her on a long chair are two red haired cat-women, and who pretty much look like twins. They're both wearing a simple blue gown. And even though there's no makeup on their face, their beauty is unprecedented.

"Euek~! Nyaaaaaa~ stop teasing me, mom." Anne lets out a voice and her face flushes red.

"So you both are also pregnant?" Myra asks in awe, while she blinks her eyes a few times to make sure that she's not hallucinating.

"Yup, Anne and I were tested this morning. I...I can't wait to tell Jake." Hayes replies and her face also turns beet red, while butterflies rise in her stomach.

"Wow, I...I am not surprised that you guys are pregnant. B-But at the same time!" Myra exclaims in shock. The mother-daughter duo got pregnant at the same time with ease, while she had to drink and use tons of herbs before she got pregnant. Plus, the pressure from her people after she got married made her exhausted and forced her to mate with Jake every morning and night before finally conceiving.

"That's why we're called the formidable pair." Hayes replies in a low voice.<sub> </sub>

"Sigh, all of us are getting pregnant but I am worried about a particular person." Myra suddenly states...

"Blair...?" Anne asks with a raised brow.

"Yes, Blair... I wonder how she'll feel after learning that most of us are pregnant. You know that as a human, she can't conceive a child with Jake. And if she eventually does, the child will be a dhampir. However, there's a way she can conceive a halfling (True dhampir), but the procedures are hellish. Furthermore, she's somewhere out there, trying to figure out how to use that ability." Myra says, shaking her head.

Sighing sounds ensue in the room afterwards.

*Knock* *Knock*

Knocking sounds can suddenly be heard from the door, causing Myra to glance towards it.

"Come in..." Myra commands.

Immediately the words leave her mouth, the door opens wide and her combat maid enters the room.

"Your majesty, we have bad news. Magnus is here...." The maid reports with a worried expression on her face.

"M-Magnus?! T-That bastard? What does he want this time?! He was the cause of my mom's death." Myra mumbles and clenches her fists angrily, some of her divine blessing ability also begins to leak out of her body.


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Chapter 124 Huge Development
Chapter 126 Public Humiliation [Part 1]