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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 125 Unexpected Guest
Chapter 127 Public Humiliation [Part 2]

Chapter 126 Public Humiliation [Part 1]

☆Planet: Demaz■

☆Realm: Elves realm■

☆Location: Clayreyar■


Jake is currently inside a large flying train and is on his way to the main city of Clayreyar, in the elves' realm. This train is powered by numerous heavy-duty thrusters, and is flying at a low altitude.

Inside this train, there are several elves and a few other races. Ninety percent of the people inside this train are elves, two percent are dark-elves, while the remaining eight percent consists of other races, but mostly of beastkins.

Jake is the only vampire in this train. Even though he's not using his real identity, most people moved away from him because of his muscular physique and red glowing eyes. Some were embarrassed, shy, and nervous to start a conversation with him because this is the first time they are seeing a vampire.

Yes, some of the elves born on this planet have never seen a vampire, but they have always heard about them, due to their blood-sucking nature. To cut things short, vampires are like some kind of blood-sucking celebrities that are known all over the universe. Most parents even use the word 'vampire' to scare their kids.

Jake is currently standing, because it was too full when he boarded the train, he is holding onto one of the numerous handlebars that are dangling from above. While everyone keeps moving away from him, he can also hear their whispers and gossip.

"Hey, didn't you watch the news? The king of the dark-elves is a vampire!"

"Eh, I also heard the rumors. The Queen is very young and her husband is also young. I wonder if the dark-elves empire is going down the drain, for them to have made such a young girl their queen. Where's the once glorious dark-elves' queen that was feared even by our own queen?"

"We don't know about the capabilities of their new queen. But we heard that she's the biological daughter of their former queen. However, sources have proved that she is the gentle type."

"Ah, that makes sense... B-But what about their former queen's brother?"

"T-That.... that evil man?!" One of the elf women sucks in a cold breath.

"W-Won't he also go after the new queen? He's desperate to become the king!"

"No, I doubt it. Now that she's married, he can't make any move on her again. B-But that man...." All the elven women shiver at the thought of a certain man.

After listening to everything the women are saying with his heightened senses, Jake begins to understand them. However, he can't seem to wrap his head around the 'evil man' that they were all referring to.

'Who's this man that these women are talking about? If the elves know about him, then he must be exactly as described. It's a shame that I don't even know this person despite being the dark-elves king. Why did Myra omit this detail from me or did it just not cross her mind?' Jake starts to think about different possibilities, but he still can't figure out the situation.

[Master, I think I smell trouble in the future. If you don't finish off these type of threats, they'll always be a pain in the ass. Even though they can't hurt you, they'll end up hurting your loved ones.]

Mimi's voice emerges from the inside of Jake's head. After he leveled up his stats, he doesn't have to deal with the constant words that used to flash in front his eyes before.

'Mimi, I'm having a bad feeling after hearing what these women said. But I think the others should be able to handle any situation if something goes wrong.'

[Yes, master. It seems like you're underestimating your women. Misty alone, with the help of Amber can single-handedly kill 1000 C-rank travellers without breaking a sweat.]


[My calculations are right, master. Amber is a Valkyrie, she's not to be underestimated. Plus, we have Hayes and Anne along with your mom who's a vampire lord. Nothing can go wrong.]

After chatting with Mimi, Jake finally focuses on his surroundings. He notices that everyone is still moving away from him, but there's only one girl that's standing very close to him. At times when the train takes a sharp turn, this girl occasionally bumps into him and holds onto him as if scared. Jake finds it odd because this isn't even enough to make a one-year-old scared. Plus, several protective handlebars are hanging above.

The girl is a blond-haired beast-kin, who is 1.6 meters tall and has goat-like horns on her head. She looks very human, if you ignore her horns, elongated ears, scent, and her odd dressing which is made from a beast's hide. She's also carrying a small quiver on her back, as well as a small bow. This girl is a beauty despite her dirty appearance, she looks like she is just coming back from a hunting expedition. Jake can't guess what type of beast-kin she is so he is forced to use his inspect skill on her.



[Race: Half-draugh (half human)]

[Name: Stella]

[Age: 19]

[Strength: 20]

[Agility: 17]

[Stamina: 21]

[Ability(innate): Null]

[Ability(external): None]

[Mana Blood Cell: Null]<sub> </sub>

[Prowess: Good at archery. Good at swordsmanship.]

[Qualities/Attributes: <<Good at massaging>> << Good at cooking all types of food>> <<Survival instincts>> <<Straightforwardness>> <<Extreme-horniness>>]

[Virginity Status: Busted (sorry man, she ain't virgin *tch*)]

Jake lets out a sigh when he sees tons of information about this girl. After he leveled up his stats, most things about his system changed, such as the inspect function. It can now access in-depth information about any object or person he uses it on. However, it still fails sometimes, so it's not really reliable.

'Man, she's straight up weird. She keeps bumping into me intentionally.'

[Hehehe, use your mind-read skill master!]

'No, I might need it later. I don't want to waste it on unnecessary things.'

[Please, please, please master! Just use it. My gut is telling me that we're going to receive something amazing in return.]

'Tch! As if you really have guts'

Jake clicks his tongue and activates the mind-read skill.


[Mind read skill has been activated. Once deactivated it can't be turned on again until after 24 hours.]

(Ah, such a cute, tall, handsome man.)

'Huh, what the fuck!?' Jake exclaims inwardly when he hears a different type of voice inside his head. This voice belongs to the beastkin, and her thoughts are being projected thanks to his mind-reading skill.

(Such manly hands. I wish he could just fondle my breasts very hard and bite my nipples till they fall off, then fuck me senseless! Ah, I'm getting wet down there, what to do now? It'll be so delightful to get fucked in the presence of so many people. Thinking about it is making me feel the urge to cum everywhere. Just grab me already.....)

Jake can hear all the perverted thoughts going on inside the mind of this young beastkin. He has fucked quite a lot of people in the past few months, but this is just new to him! This is his first-time seeing someone who likes public humiliation!



[M-Master, t-this is authentic! This girl is a masterpiece!! You have to keep her as your toy!]

'Wait! To—'


[New mission!]

[>>Mission One<<]

[To-do: Disgrace and humiliate the half-draugh by doing all sorts of perverted and inhumane things to her. The host will be aided by the fear-aura for thirty minutes, so that you won't be reprimanded by anyone while achieving your task!]

[Reward: Full BDSM kit and tools!]

[>>Mission Two<<]

[To-do: Conquer the Half-draugh and make her your personal toy-pet and cum dumpster that you can use anytime! The host doesn't have to worry about morals, this target is a pure pervert who is beyond saving!]

[Reward: +10 system respect and sex points bonus!]


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Chapter 125 Unexpected Guest
Chapter 127 Public Humiliation [Part 2]