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Chapter 135 Meeting Stella's Parents
Chapter 137 Grand Battle [part 1]

Chapter 136 Roth's Mixed Feelings

"Hehehe, your attacks are getting weaker, Roth!!" The creepy voice of the dhampir emerges as he punches Roth in the guts, sending him flying backward. It's no doubt that the dhampir is tougher than Roth since he hasn't even activated the skill on his twin dagger. However, the dhampir is surprised at the time, because Roth was able to push him to the edge and make him go all out.

"Argh...ahhh. T-that fire hurt as hell, you bastard! I would have taken you down if it wasn't for the fact that I am trying to conserve my aura." Roth groans as he gets up from the ground and looks at the levitating figure of Max.

Right now, he and Roth's bodies are full of bruises here and there. Although, both of them have a high healing capability, healing themselves right now will only consume a huge chunk of their aura. Which they can't afford.

"Then use it all and don't be a coward!! What if you are facing a real enemy!!" Max roars as he flies towards Roth at full speed, aiming to punch him again.

'This guy...there's something odd about him. He's using some sort of energy for his blows, as well as to defend himself from heavy blows. Is this some sort of ability? Or can he wield dual or multiple abilities like Jake? Fuck it, I am not backing down!' Roth thinks inwardly and clenches his fists.

"Void; Absolute devou—"

"Roth, stop!!!" A loud voice suddenly interrupts, surprising Roth, and causing him to halt the attack that he was about to lunch on Max.

When he glances towards the voice, he sees Blair swats Max away like a fly, sending him flying several meters away. Even though it didn't look like it, the movement was packed with a lot of power, making Roth worry about Max surviving it.

"Roth, didn't I tell you to call me through the token I gave you if you ever got into danger?" Alphonso says angrily as he slowly descends in front of Roth alongside Blair who just kicked Max's ass with the flick of her hand.

"M-Master, that dhampir is a friend. We were only sparring, I swear." Roth replies with a stutter.


Both Blair and Alphonso look at Roth as if trying to determine if he is crazy.

"Sigh, I know what I am saying. I know it sounds crazy, but that guy is just a friend. If he wanted to kill me, he would have done that a long time ago because he had been watching me from the top of this volcano before he finally showed himself." Roth explains, as he points towards the top of the dormant volcano.

Alphonso simply nods his head and glances at the sky as if pondering something.

'Roth is right, if that dhampir wanted to kill him, he would have done that long ago because the dhampir is also using 'that energy'. Do all dhampirs know how to use that energy? If yes, then this is going to be bad... But I doubt that is the case. Also, just who the hell is that kid?'

Alphonso thinks inwardly and swallows a lump of saliva. Only a few people like god slayers know about that particular energy. Although, normal people can also use the energy, however, that energy has been exclusive to the strongest people for many years, as they passed it down to their disciples or children.

If this dhampir knows how to use it, then he must be an influential figure in the dhampir clan. Alphonso gulps again and thanks his stars that he didn't kill the dhampir at first sight. If he had done it, it may have caused a huge war. Because dhampirs can easily detect if one of their own dies, especially the nobles. This is their special trait.

"It's okay, Roth, I believe you. Besides, you've gotten stronger than I thought. Keep working hard." Alphonso says and pats Roth on his shoulders.


A few seconds later, a figure lands before them like a meteor, raising dust and debris into the air. This figure is none other than Max, who is covered in fire from head to toe.

He puts away his fire, and introduces himself to Blair and Alphonso. "Hi, my name is Max, I am Roth's friend."

"I am glad you are safe, man. My teacher thought you were attacking me." Roth says as he walks forward and shakes Max's hand.

"Roth is right Max. My name is Alphonso, I am his teacher." Alphonso speaks up and also waves at Max when he doesn't sense any ill intent from him. All he can see is a kind person.

Max's eyes light up upon hearing Alphonso's name.

"A-Alphonso! Yes! I have heard about you from many elders! Y-You look nice and kinder than what I have always heard about you." Max says with excitement on his face as he starts walking around Alphonso, while taking a closer look at him.

"Stop flattering me kid. I am a nice person, the conflicts between us made both sides look like monsters to each other. Also, I think it wouldn't be a good idea to tell anyone that you saw me." Alphonso replies and walks away from the battle maniac pair. From the look in Max's eyes, he can tell that he's about to ask for a spar, so he avoided it before he could even ask.<sub> </sub>

Max simply nods his head at Alphonso's words while looking at him in awe. One of the strongest vampires in existence is standing right in front of him.

'Hehehe, this is the legendary knight who has the strength of a vampire king. How would it feel to take one attack from him.' Max thinks to himself while a nasty grin starts to appear on his face.

Suddenly, as if Roth knows what he's thinking, he places his hand on Max's shoulder.

"Man, don't think about it. My master won't even pay any attention to you." Roth says while shaking his head.

Sometime later, Max takes his leave, so that he can complete his mission, after exchanging contacts with Roth. Currently, Roth has mixed feelings, this dhampir has the same character as him. They are both battle maniacs, plus, they have 99 percent of things in common. This dhampir is now like a brother to him.

"Roth, I think you should have recovered some of your aura after fighting with that weird friend of yours right?"

A voice suddenly snaps Roth out of his daze, causing him to turn around with a jerk, and his gaze falls on Blair's figure.

"Yeah, I have recovered my aura and I can now open a portal for you. However, you have to keep to your promise, or else, I'll never trust you again." Roth tells Blair with a battle grin on his face.

"Sigh, I promise to spar with you when I return. Just open the portal for me please, I want to go and see my darling." Blair begs Max with puppy eyes, like a love stricken girl.

"You promise?" Roth asks again for confirmation.

"Yes I promise to spar with you when I return. Just open the damned portal already!" Blair says while gritting her teeth in frustration. She can't wait to be reunited with her darling once again.

"Okay fine. A promise is a debt." Roth says as he begins to circle his right hand in the air in a very fast motion, while a tiny red aura also starts dancing in the air in a circle motion, before expanding and turning into a large man-sized red portal.

"This portal will take you to planet Demaz. But you might land in any random location." Roth says with a shrug.

"I don't care! As long as I see my darling." Blair says and instantly jumps into the portal.

The moment Blair passes through the portal, he closes it and lets out a sigh. Then he patiently waits for his master so that they can return to earth.


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Chapter 135 Meeting Stella's Parents
Chapter 137 Grand Battle [part 1]