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Chapter 136 Roth's Mixed Feelings
Chapter 138 Grand Battle [part 2]

Chapter 137 Grand Battle [part 1]

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Right now, a tall muscular figure can be seen levitating above the royal castle of the dark elves. This figure is none other than Magnus.

Meanwhile, below him, many guards can be seen gripping their spears and swords tightly. Lots of corpses can also be seen littering the floor. All the doors of the castle have been shut down by Magnus’ men, leaving no space for anyone to escape, or call for reinforcements from the soldiers that are stationed outside the castle.

The number of guards within the castle that haven’t been killed yet are less than 150. While the ones that have been killed are over a hundred. The castle and the guards are all surrounded by Magnus’ men, but the guards don’t look like they will be backing down any time soon. Their bodies are all battered with wounds and injuries, while some of them are almost on the verge of death, yet they refused to back down, instead they retained their will to protect the castle to the very end.

“I will give y’all one more chance! Drop your weapons and surrender now! If y’all do as I say, I’ll promote you from mere guards to sash guards. Y’all seem loyal, it will be a waste to kill y’all. Surrender now or die!” Magnus’ voice reverberates across the whole castle, making the guards shiver in fear.

“We’d rather die with honor than become nothing more than your dogs. Our loyalty has been pledged to her majesty!” One of the guards bellows at the top of his voice while the other guards follow suit.

“I’ll repeat myself again, surrender or die?! Since you pledged your loyalty to the queen then you should all surrender because she’s going to be my woman very…very soon…” Magnus says in a thunderously scary voice, while his eyes glow bright crimson.

The guards start pissing their pants, but they still refuse to back down, making Magnus slightly stunned.

“You disgusting bastard! Who told you that you could even touch her majesty? Touch her, and the king will come for your head.” All the guards bellow at the same time, making Magnus enraged.

“Very well, since you have all chosen your fate, only death awaits you. I’ll keep y’all alive till your so-called king finally arrives. And right before your very eyes, I’ll detach his head from his body…hahaha!” Magnus starts laughing maniacally and then signals to his own guards with his hand in the air.

Suddenly, many hidden archers raise their bows and begin to fire at the guards.

*Twooof* *Twooof* *Twooof*

Many arrows with very sharp arrowheads start flying towards the guards who are currently terrified. Some are even shitting on themselves as they accept their fate.

However, the arrows suddenly stop a few meters away from the guards. And in a flash, an invisible force turns all the arrows around and launches them back to where they came from, skillfully piercing one target each and killing them on the spot. This single attack just killed 60 percent of Magnus’s men in a flash.

Suddenly a huge vortex appears beside the guards and many figures begin to emerge from it. Myra, Jill, Misty, Aurora, Anne, Hayes, and finally Kira (Myra’s combat maid.) These are the figures that emerged from the vortex.


A cracking sound ensues as the vortex disappears.

“Oh, mere women?” Magnus says and lets out a chuckle as he sees all the women that came to challenge him. “Y’all are nothing more than ants to me, you will all be good on the bed. Especially you, the one with the big ass.” Magnus says with a lavishous wide grin, while licking his lips pervertedly.

“You!!” Aurora bellows in embarrassment and she instantly tries to cover her asset from Magnus’s piercing eyes, while Misty stops her from acting irrationally.

“Say all you want Magnus, but your days of living will come to an end right here and now,” Hayes says while walking forward.

“Oh, the Neko queen. You’ll make a nice addition to my collection.” Magnus says with the same lewd grin still plastered on his face.

Then he continues. “Hey, you, daughter of a whore. Do you know that your mom killed your dad intentionally? But, she lied that she killed him when he tried to kill you while you were still a baby. Here’s the truth, your mother killed him because she was afraid that the old rule would change because of the support and love your father was receiving.

Since she doesn’t want a male to become the ruler of the Neko clan, she killed him so that she can keep the throne for herself. The past leaders of the Neko clan also did the same thing as your mother. It runs in their blood. You were fed lies by your mother….hahaha!!” Magnus says with an evil grin and starts laughing hysterically again.

“You! Die! My mother would never do such a thing!!” Anne bellows angrily as she changes into part cat and flies towards Magnus.

“Anne, no!!!” Hayes shouts as she tries to stop Anne, but it’s too late.

Anne flies towards Magnus in a very fast, spinning 360-degree motion, while aiming to grab him and start clawing at him. However, before she can even reach Magnus’ position in the air, Magnus disappears and materializes beside Anne like a blur. Raising his right foot upward, he lands a very powerful kick on Anna’s ribs.



The sound of bones breaking can be heard, which is then followed by Anne’s cries as Magnus kicks her in the ribs and sends her crashing into the ground in front of her mother.

“Weak~!” Magnus says in a mocking tone.

“Anne!!!” Hayes shouts with tears in her eyes as she runs towards Anne and pulls her into her embrace while checking her body. Anne has healed all her broken ribs, but not only her ribs were broken. Her ribs pierced her lungs and many of her other organs. Magnus also broke her spinal cord. So Anne used up every ounce of her MC cells to heal herself, thus rendering her weak.

“Why…Anne..why? You know that we’re to attack together. He tricked you.” Hayes says with tears streaming down her beautiful face.

“I am sorry mom…” Anne replies in a low voice and passes out immediately.

Hayes gently carries Anne and safely puts her down in a corner before standing up and glaring at Magnus.

“Hayes, wait let us deal with him tog–”

“I want to deal with him myself, please don’t interfere.” Hayes cuts Jill short with an angry expression on her face.

Jill and the rest of the women simply keep quiet and don’t say anything else, as they quietly watch what is about to happen next.

Suddenly, Hayes starts to levitate in the air until she reaches the same height as Magnus. Anyone who has blue Mana cells will be able to fly regardless of if they have the flying ability or not.

“By the time I am done with you, you’ll regret the day you were born. I will feed your bones to mutants!” Hayes bellows angrily.

In the next moment, several green runes start appearing underneath Hayes’s feet while she is still levitating in the air, and it starts to spread across the whole castle. This is one of the Nekos’ innate abilities. However, she and Anne were supposed to be the ones to activate it together, but since Anne is down. Hayes is left with no choice but to activate it on her own.

The runes underneath her have many marks which look like some sort of dance game or footwork to follow. These marks often change positions now and then, making Magnus slightly cautious.

Suddenly, Hayes dashes from her position like a blur and moves towards Magnus, while doing some footwork on the runes she activated.


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Chapter 136 Roth's Mixed Feelings
Chapter 138 Grand Battle [part 2]