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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 137 Grand Battle [part 1]
Chapter 139 Grand Battle [Part 3]

Chapter 138 Grand Battle [part 2]

Suddenly, Hayes dashes from her position like a blur and moves towards Magnus while doing some footwork on the runes she activated.


A sizzling sound explodes as Hayes swings her claws at Magnus. However, Magnus swiftly leaps backward causing Hayes’ claws to graze his chest. Hayes doesn’t stop there though, as she flies towards Magnus and punches him in his abdomen with all the strength she can muster.


A loud sound explodes as Hayes hits Magnus in the guts. The attack sends him flying backward in the air, but he quickly gains his momentum and starts levitating again. He is currently out of Hayes’s domain so he can watch all her movements now.

Meanwhile, Hayes can be seen gritting her teeth and panting very hard, as if she just finished running around a whole planet. Activating the runes on her own without Anne, took a huge chunk of her mental energy and MC cells.

‘T-This guy what is he made of? His body is so strong. It felt like I hit a rock when I punched him. My right hand feels numb.’ Hayes clenches her fists again in frustration as she begins to activate the runes again.

“Hahaha, not bad…not bad… You managed to graze me with your claws and punch me in the guts. Although your punches are like that of a little kid, your claws contain dangerous toxins.” Magnus says with a small laugh while coughing up a mouthful of black blood.

Then he continues,

“You surprised me, you know? You could even take me down if you continue to run that formation Array much longer. It would have been so easy if it were you and your daughter. Isn’t that the reason why you’re called the formidable pair? However, you have a big weakness! All I had to do was make one of you disagree and act irrationally, and boom! You’re no longer relevant.” Magnus says with a mocking grin on his face while laughing hysterically.

“Die! You bastard!” Hayes bellows as she finally activates the Arrays again and dashes towards Magnus at lightning speed.

The two can be seen exchanging blows in the air. Each of these blows is packed with a lot of power as it sends several waves across the castle.

Back on the ground surface, Jill has an expression of worry on her face because she has never seen Hayes this angry before, unless someone hurt her daughter. But still, it’s very hard to hurt Anne because both the daughter and mother are always together, so before getting to Anne, one will have to face Hayes first. However, Magnus has used his cunning skills to lure and render Anne immobile, thus exploiting Hayes’s weak points.

“Misty, Aurora, Myra. Hayes is

already losing her ground, she’ll soon be sent flying down. No matter what, avoid fighting with Magnus because you guys are pregnant. I am going to fight him next and make sure I kick his ass. However, If I fail, you guys should find a way to escape from here and then call for Alphonso’s assistance.” Jill tells the girls assertively.

“B-But mom~ Let’s take him on together!” Misty retorts and tries to persuade her mom, but Jill simply glares at them with blood-red eyes, making the girls shudder with fear.

‘Amber, please come out. I need you! Stop being a hothead!’ Misty yells at Amber inwardly since they share the same body.

[You can’t just tell me to take control. We already had a deal. I’ll only take control when things get out of hand. Besides, Jake Isn’t even here yet. I trust him, when he finds out that his women are being abused, he will kill this puny man that’s not even worth my presence.]

‘Idiot, if you are so confident, then come out and help us! Are you going to take action when things get bad? If mom is not even sure of taking him down, how can Jake beat him?’

[It’s not like I don’t want to help. just like the way you’ve improved. My powers have also grown by leaps and bounds. If I were to take control now and unleash my powers, I-It will affect the baby inside us. That’s the reason why I said we should wait for Jake. If Jake can’t take him down, then I am left with no choice.]

‘T-The baby?’ Misty thinks inwardly and clenches her fists.

Suddenly, Hayes comes crashing into the ground like a meteor, with burnt fist marks all over her body. Jill walks towards her and carries her away, before placing her beside Anne.

“Wish me luck, my friend…” Jill mumbles before standing up and walking towards Magnus.

“Oi, Oi, two down, another one is coming again. I can’t wait to bed you all…hahaha!!” Magnus grins viciously.

Enraged, Jill ejects her wings as a red aura covers her from head to toe. Then she starts to levitate in the air, floating at the same level as Magnus.

“You know, if Anne and Hayes use their Array together, they can be one of the strongest in this universe. However, you lured them with your cunningness.” Jill says with her arms folded because she noticed that Magnus’s eyes are fixated on her chest.

“Oh, one of the strongest you say? Have they ever slain a god or grown-up dragon?” Magnus says with a chuckle. But suddenly his expression turns serious. “You bitch! Do you think you have the right to reprimand me? After everything your husband did for the vampires, what did you repay him with? Your father and his men tried to kill him but they failed, and he was put into eternal slumber by a strange god, a state akin to being dead. I respect that man, he’s one of the strongest of our type, people who could slay gods. Even that god couldn’t defeat him, he tricked him and put him into eternal slumber.

“I know the full story, Bitch! Your husband’s great weakness is his children. He cherished them so much that he even sacrificed himself for them when the god threatened to kill them. He willingly sacrificed himself to be put to slumber all because of his children! Only for you to spread your legs for your child after his death, you ungrateful woman!!” Magnus bellows thunderously. He’s also trying to break Jill’s will like he did to Hayes and Anne.

“M-Mom, is it true? W-Why did you feed us lies? You didn’t tell us that dad was taken down by a god!!” Misty mumbles while staring at Jill above.

“What he said is true, but I have my reasons for keeping it a secret from you. Furthermore, I never betrayed your dad, he and I didn’t have any love interest.” Jill tells Misty while gritting her teeth at what Magnus just caused. Her relationship with her daughter might take a dip again all because of Magnus.

“Magnus, I don’t need to explain shit to you. Jake is the only man that has ever touched me!!” Jill bellows at Magnus. She’s trying to stall for some time while trying to create an escape road for Myra, Jill, and Aurora. However, Magnus has gotten on her nerves and now she’s trying not to act irrationally like Hayes.

Suddenly, all of Magnus’s men start to laugh and chuckle at Jill’s words.

“Hoho, so your son deflowered you? Hahaha….you are more shameless than I thought.” Magnus says in a loud voice while the laughter of his men echos throughout in the whole castle.

“I don’t have to explain anything, you bastard!! My children were born artificially, and the only man I have ever loved is Jake! I didn’t betray anyone or disrespect the culture of the vampires!!” Jill bellows thunderously as her eyes burn hot red, while she swings her right hand and throws a large red arc of blood strike at Magnus.


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Chapter 137 Grand Battle [part 1]
Chapter 139 Grand Battle [Part 3]