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Chapter 138 Grand Battle [part 2]
Chapter 140 Grand Battle [Part 4]

Chapter 139 Grand Battle [Part 3]

Seeing the large blood strike heading towards him, a smirk starts to form on his face.

'This is my first time fighting a vampire lord. How strong are they? Although, I heard that their power varies.' Magnus thinks to himself as the red arc comes flying towards him at an incredible speed.

Snapping his fingers, Magnus activates the beast gear on his middle finger which is a ring. In a flash, a burst of translucent light bursts out of Magnus's body as the aura hits him.

When the light finally becomes dim, Magnus can be seen floating in the air and unscathed. Not even a strand of his hair was harmed.

Seeing what has just happened, a surprised look appears on Jill's face, but she doesn't fear or falter.

'Just what is this guy made up of, that was one of the largest blood strikes I have ever created. That single attack consumed two liters of my blood.' Jill thinks inwardly.

Suddenly, Jill turns herself into thousands of bats and starts flying towards Magnus.

Seeing Jill coming towards him in the form of bats, Magnus snaps his left finger, activating another beast gear, which creates a thick bubble barrier around him.

However, contrary to his expectations, Jill changes her direction and heads towards Magnus' men, after dividing herself into several bats.

"Nooo!!!" Magnus bellows. But it is too late.

Jill is like a grim reaper now, killing countless of Magnus's men like ants, without them even giving them the chance to fight back.

"Argh...ahhh!! It hurts!!"

"Ahh...!! My eyes have been gouged out!!"

"Aargh!!! Do bats even eat balls, get off me!!!"

"Arghh!!! I've got a family at home, get off me!!! My skin is gone!! Argh...ahhh! Not the eyeballs!!"

Jill ignores the cries of the men as she continues her carnage, killing every single man under Magnus. However, she leaves the one with the mask, as he seems to be quite powerful.

After the carnage, all the bats come together, and slowly, Jill's body starts to materialize again in front of Magnus who can't believe his eyes. Jill has just killed all of his men within a fraction of a second. He has an angry look on his face compared to the shameless and perverted expression that he's always wearing.

"You are stronger than I thought and you've made a grave mistake by killing all my men. I wanted to play with you before and free you after putting my nuts inside you. But now... you have made me mad and I'm going to make you pay! Once I am done with you, I'll allow a thousand soldiers to all have a go at you and make sure to cum inside you. I'll make you the greatest cum dumpster!! Manov, get those girls while I deal with this bitch!" Magnus bellows and in the next moment, he takes off his Jacket, revealing his toned abs.


At the same time, the masked figure that escaped Jill's carnage earlier flies towards Myra and the other women.

"Planning to run away huh?" The masked figure says as he descends in front of the women.

Right now, Misty is carrying Hayes on her back while Aurora is carrying Anne on her back, since it wouldn't be a good idea to leave them behind.


The masked figure suddenly blocks a very fast sword attack that was aimed at him.

"Not so fast~" The masked figure says, raising his foot in the air to kick Kira. But Kira simply evades the kick by doing acrobatic movements in the air with her long katana blade.

"Kira! Be careful!" Myra suddenly says in a worried voice when she sees Kira move forward to intercept the masked figure. At the same time, Aurora and Misty can be seen gritting their teeth.

'It wouldn't be a good idea for us to go into a tough battle with our pregnancy, but if push comes to shove, we can make another baby if something happens to our pregnancies.' Aurora thinks inwardly while gritting her teeth and contemplating if she should drop Anne and join the fight.

"Move sideways and hand the queen over to me. My lord ordered me not to kill anyone." The masked figure says, lowering his sword a bit.

"You have to go through me first!" Kira gives a reply and tightly grips her katana before dashing towards the masked figure.

"You leave me with no choice then. After all, you are only a mere combat maid. Killing you won't get me any penalty." The masked figure says in a low yet stern voice. In the next moment, he moves towards Kira like a blur, with his robe swaying, and slashes her across the stomach with his sword.

"Gah!!" Kira lets out a groan as she can feel the cold steel cutting into her flesh. This man is just too fast.


"When I am done with you, you'll regret going against me. In Fact, I think killing you will be the best thing to do." Magnus shouts while flexing his toned abs and muscles.

"Quit whining, Magnus," Jill replies as she turns into many bats and flies towards Magnus.<sub> </sub>

"Me whining, huh?" Magnus mumbles and in a flash, several vines burst out of the ground, turning into several sharp vines. The vines then begin attacking the bats before they can get closer to him. Since he's a royal, he also has the innate ability to control vines.

Frustrated that her movements are getting disrupted by the vines, Jill flies backward and comes back together, materializing into her real form. Enraged, she also raises her hand and a big bright light aura envelopes her.

"Fuck!" Only one word comes out of Magnus's mouth as he is slammed into the ground, due to the sudden pressure of the gravity. At the same time, all the small castles surrounding Jill also begins to crumble as they can't withstand the pressure of the gravity.

"This is what I was avoiding, but I just want to kill this bastard right now." Jill mutters as she flies towards the rubble to pick Magnus and kick his ass again.



*Thrust* *Thrust* *Thrust* *Stab* *Stab*

The masked figure stabs Kira repeatedly, while Kira is still standing on her feet with her katana lodged into the shoulder of the masked figure. The katana could only cut into the masked figure's flesh a little and it didn't budge again afterwards.


"I warned you!! I warned you to stay away! Now only death awaits you!" The masked figure roars as he stabs Kira one last time and twists his sword inside her stomach, ripping out all her guts.


A clawed hand swiftly moves towards the masked figure's head, aiming to cleave it off in one go. However, the masked figure is too sharp as he predicts the movement and quickly leaps backward, meanwhile his sword is still lodged inside Kira's stomach. The person that attacked the masked figure right now is none other than Misty.


Myra shouts with tears flowing down her face as she runs towards Kira who is still standing on her feet with a happy smile on her face, despite all her guts dangling outside.

Misty quickly removes the sword that is lodged inside Kira and she immediately lowers her to the ground, then she tries to regenerate all her missing organs. But no matter what she does, Kira's organs do not regenerate and her minor wounds refuse to be healed as well.

"Kira! Uwaah!! I am sorry that I couldn't help you. Misty, please do something!" Myra cries while embracing Kira's bloodied figure and urging Misty to try her best.

Suddenly, Misty raises her head and looks at Myra.

"I am sorry, Myra. There's nothing I can do. The sword was enchanted by a witch, thus rendering my healing ability useless. It's as if this sword was mainly created to kill a vampire. The main target of this sword is Jake." Misty tells Myra while shaking her head.

Then in a flash, she gets up and starts walking towards the masked figure.

"Amber, it's time to come out."

Meanwhile, Myra can be seen weeping profusely while hugging Kira tightly.

"Please just hold on a little longer Kira!!" Myra weeps profusely, as she tries to stop Kira's bleeding.

"I am sorry, master. I-I had the best time serving you because you treated me like a sister. However, I have something to tell you, and I want you to forgive me." Kira says while coughing out a mouthful of blood, then she continues, "Y-Your husband and I h-had things together. Although I don't know how we ended up having sex, it somehow happened. A-And the outcome of the sex left me with a pregnancy that I just discovered today. I...I didn't want to let anyone know so I planned to abort it as soon as I got a leave. B-But now that I have little time left, I want to ask for your forgiveness, master." Kira says with a small smile on her face while her eyes slowly start to close.

"Nooooooooo!!!!!! Kira!!!!!!!"


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Chapter 138 Grand Battle [part 2]
Chapter 140 Grand Battle [Part 4]