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Chapter 139 Grand Battle [Part 3]
Chapter 141 Grand Battle [Part 5]

Chapter 140 Grand Battle [Part 4]

Kira's eyes slowly start to close due to blood loss. However, her heart is still beating slowly with her life hanging on a thread.

Although she would have been dead immediately after telling Myra her secret. However, Myra had immediately done something the moment she saw death flashing in Kira's face.

Right now, Myra can be seen placing her two hands on Kira's stomach with a white light emitting from her hands and entering Kira's body. This white light is none other than Myra's divine blessing.

"Naughty girl, you've done a lot of things behind my back, haven't you?" Myra says with a smile while the white light around her hands keeps getting brighter.

"W-What is that?" Aurora asks as she moves closer to Myra.

"It's my divine blessing that I told you about."

"B-But didn't your teacher say that you shouldn't use it while you're pregnant? She said it will slowly eat your life force." Aurora says with worry shown on her face.

Myra simply turns her head towards Aurora and flashes a smile at her.

"Yes, that's true... It will expend some of my life force, and I will pass out the moment I stop using the divine energy. However, I can't watch my maid die in front of me while trying to protect me. I might only be asleep for two days, there's not many consequences." Myra replies while she continues to do what she's doing.

'Mmm, this is why the elves are different from us. If she was a vampire, she would have left her maid to die without a care in the world. I see why the vampires are known as a vile race. I wonder if I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes..." Aurora thinks inwardly as she sees the way Myra is trying hard to get rid of the sword's effect on Kira.

Sometime later, a bright light flashes from Myra's hands and envelops Kira. After the light dims down, Myra passes out and collapses onto the floor, but Aurora is very fast to catch her.

At the same time, all of Kira's wounds start to close up and her organs start to regenerate at a rapid rate. This is happening because Misty had tried to heal Kira earlier and she had left a huge healing energy in her to sustain her life. And now that Kira's body can be healed, the energy started healing all her wounds up.


Meanwhile, a short girl with two large side buns and a large sword strapped to her back can be seen floating in the air while staring at a castle several meters away from her.

"My eyesight has improved drastically. I can see things several miles away from here and my strength is on par with teacher's. But I am still lacking in experience compared to him. I'll forget about that for now, but the castle looks weird somehow compared to how it looked before. Is some kind of renovation going on? Sigh, even though my eyesight has improved significantly, I still can't get a clear view of something several miles away from me. Whatever, I can't wait to meet darling, hehehe!" Blair mutters and lets out childish giggles as she flies toward the dark-elves royal castle.


"Die! You bastard!!"


Amber curses out loud as she slams the masked figure into the ground, creating several massive web cracks on the ground.

The mask on the figure's face has also been crushed, revealing a demon's face underneath. A higher demon.

Not wasting any time, Amber grabs the demon's leg and raises him in the sand before slamming him into the ground and creating another massive crater.

"Hehehe, I have an endurance ability. That's why that girl's sword couldn't cut through me. When you are tired, I'll give you a swift death. Hehehe." The demon grins with his purple ugly face as Amber continues to slam him onto the hard floor.

Hearing his words, Amber pauses for a few moments and also flashes an evil smile at the demon. A much more evil grin.

"Lucky you, I also don't get tired. I can do this all day. Since you can endure anything, don't you think we should play a little harder?" Amber says with a wide evil grin on her face while her green eye glows brighter. Indeed, Valkyries don't get tired. And since Amber is part Valkyrie due to the pod that she and Misty were created in, she has the ridiculous strength and 'aura' of the mystical Valkyries.

"W-What a-are you? Let go of me!!" The demon trembles in fear as he feels the aura Amber is emitting. The aura is something that he knows about and often uses it. But he has never seen one as strong of one as this person's own. It's as if the person in front of him was born with it.

Amber grabs the demon by his hair and shoots into the sky, taking him into the torture room that she has always heard about while inside Misty during their stay on the elves' planet.


Currently, Jill is down on the ground surface, rummaging through the rubble to pick up Magnus's body and cleave off his head. However, she has been rummaging through the rubble for over 10 minutes, yet, she hasn't seen Magnus's body.

'Is he dead? How can he be dead with just one attack? If he's really dead then this doesn't make any sense.' Jill thinks inwardly while she continues to search inside the rubbles.

"Looking for me?"

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounds from behind, causing Jill to turn her body around in a jerk. Then her eyes fall on Magnus who is levitating above her.<sub> </sub>

'H-How? W-When did he appear here? I didn't even notice.' Jill thinks inwardly and swallows a mouthful of saliva. In many years, she hasn't felt fear like this. Yet the man in front of her is making her feel fear for some reason.

Jill stills her resolve and also flies into the air, levitating a few meters away from Magnus.

"I wanted to take things easy with you guys. But it looks like I am going to do things the hard way." Magnus says with a scowl on his face, and in the next moment, his hair begins to float in the air in a straight manner while a sort of energy begins to radiate around him.

'T-This energy, I have seen someone use it before.' Jill thinks inwardly while cold sweats start dripping down from her face.

Suddenly, Magnus disappears from in front of her and her eyes can't follow his movements again.

"W-Where the fuck did he go?" Jill mutters panickingly as she changes her stance every now and then to avoid a sneak attack from Magnus.

'If only I knew about that energy. I think my sister should also know about it since she's a battle maniac. B-But, I on the other hand just want a peaceful life.'

Jill thinks inwardly and bites her lips in regret for not learning all these things when she had the opportunity. It was one of the reasons she insisted that Alphonso should be Jake's teacher.

Suddenly, Magnus appears behind Jill and slams his palm into her back.


Jill crashes into the ground in an instant, creating a man-shaped hole in the ground.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Jill begins to cough black blood as she gets up from the floor. She can feel some of her bones broken and her organs disrupted just from a single attack. However, the scariest thing right now is that she's unable to heal herself.

'I...I can't heal myself. T-This bad, that energy. What is it?' Jill thinks inwardly.

Suddenly, she raises her head and looks at Magnus who is flying towards her while emitting murderous killing intent.

'If I am to die here, then I am taking him down with me.' Jill thinks inwardly and ejects her claws, letting her aura dance around them.

The moment Magnus reaches a few meters away from Jill a strong explosion suddenly blasts him away, sending him crashing into the rubble again with greater force.


"Mmm, that guy's body is surprisingly strong. Just what the fuck happened here?" Blair mumbles as she looks around at all the destroyed buildings before flying towards Jill.


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Chapter 139 Grand Battle [Part 3]
Chapter 141 Grand Battle [Part 5]