Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 36. Establishing a Guild
Chapter 38. 5 Star Dungeon

Chapter 37. Establishing a Guild(2)

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*At the Hotel owned by the Hammer guild*

The large banquet hall was filled to capacity with people.

Except for those on duty tonight, it seemed everyone had gathered here today.

“This is crazy.”

“T…team leader. What should we do?”

“How should I know?”

It wasn’t an atmosphere where he would be able to have a private talk.

It was as if all the chefs inside the hotel had been mobilized to prepare the buffet. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, but Jung-minchan and Kim-haemin’s face was turning darker as time passed.

The department head, who would usually accept their letter of recommendation, had been transferred, and Minchan had been promoted to the head of his own department.

The president was sitting at the table reserved for the managers and directors. Minchan was surrounded by his team mates, and he was continuously receiving congratulations for his promotion.

At that moment, Kim-haemin pushed an envelope towards Minchan.

“What are you doing?”

“Please accept my letter of resignation.”


“At least I have to get out.”

“But we are going to the same place.”

“Maybe I’ll go there early and ask for a better position. Who knows? Maybe I’ll receive a higher position than team leader Jung.”

Son of a bitch. He was normally rude, but why was he so impudent today?

“Uh-ooh. I’m uncomfortable in these kind of places, so the food won’t even go down my throat. I’m going to go first. Team leader fighting!”


Haemin quickly disappeared as if he didn’t want to be caught. The resignation letters held firmly in Minchan’s hand shook.

“Department head. Please let me pour you a glass.”

“Uh, all right.”

The employees were already calling him department head, and they were sucking up to him. Minchan kept receiving alcohol from the employees, and he knew he couldn’t put this off any longer.

If he resigned, Minchan would probably never see them again, but the guild society was pretty small. There was a chance they would cross paths, so there was no reason why he should leave on bad terms. It would only make it more difficult for Woojin and his new guild.

He didn’t know how many glasses of alcohol he had emptied already.


Michan stood up from his seat, then he headed towards the table set aside for the directors.

“Hahaha. Congratulations on becoming the guild master of the greatest guild in Korea.”

“Huh huh huht. What are you saying? It is all thanks to you all.”

Minchan firmed his resolve as he saw Park-sahngoh, who looked as happy as Minchan had ever seen him be. It didn’t matter what he said since he was fucking Park-sahngoh over. The possibility of a beautiful parting didn”t exist.

“Excuse me, president.”

“Oh my. Aren’t you the guild’s number one star, chief Jung? Now now. Please come over here.”

The directors looked at Minchan as the president call him over.

Some of them were several prospects Jung-minchan had found in the past. They were all Rank B Roused. They were held in high esteem for their high Roused Rank and their history of attacking Dungeons.

It was a common occurrence to have yesterday’s comrade be given a higher position in a brief amount of time. This was why not many Roused bellyached at the other’s promotion. They didn’t become jealous.

The positions were only words to be printed on a business card for the Roused. Guild was just a place for them to gather. It was a place where they could work together for profit. If the Roused didn’t like the guild, they could leave after their contracts ended.

Still, even if the title was considered to be a single line on the business card, it was a target to aim for.

“President. I have something to say to you.”

“Oh oh. We have to listen to Department Head Jung’s tale of exploits.”

“I failed.”

At Minchan’s words, Park-sahngho’s smiling face froze in place.

“I failed in making a contract with Mr. Kang-woojin.”

“What did you say?”

“I’m deeply ashamed of myself.”


Park-sahngoh’s face became turbulent. What kind of place was this? Wasn’t this party thrown to congratulate Jung-minchan’s promotion, and to celebrate him bringing in an almost verified Rank A Roused Kang-woojin in to the Hammer guild?

“How could you say such a thing right now?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Is this something you can get away with just by saying you are sorry? Do you want to be fired from the company?”

Uh? If that happened then he would be thankful.

“Do you know how much money you spent while you tailed after Kang-Woojin? Do you think an apology is enough?”

He had allowed Wooin to use the Dungeon for free. Moreover, he spent money to secretly manipulate Woojin’s Roused Rank…. A loss was a loss..

Yes, he was wrong. He was wrong. He made a very big mistake.

“I will take all the blame.”

“Blame? Is this how you take the blame… What is this?”

“This is my resignation letter. I will take all the blame, and I will resign from the Hammer guild.”

Park-sahngoh glanced at the resignation letter, and he looked at Minchan with a bewildered expression on his face.

“Are you crazy?”


“You aren’t a politician. Do you really think you are taking full responsibility by stepping away? Aren’t you running away after making a mess?”


What could he say? No. What words were needed?

He was going to quit.

“I’m leaving. Please take care of yourself.”


He placed two envelopes containing resignation letters on the table.

Jung-minchan gave a bow then he escaped the banquet hall in all haste.

“That, that! That crazy son of a bitch!?”

Jung-michan heard Park-sahngoh fly into a rage, but he continued to walk as he closed his ears. His heart was jumping inside his chest. He was still nervous, but there was a faint smile on his face.

It had felt great and satisfying. Moreover, he was filled with anticipation.

Michan had selected the seed rather than the fruit.

When he stepped outside, Haemin was already in the front with his car.

“Over hear, team leader.”

Ah. This is why he still liked that rude bastard.


*Sahdahng station’s Angel Angel Business room. 8 PM.*

“Welcome to Alandal.”

Minchan and Haemin grinned at Woojin’s words.

“I am looking forward to working with you.”

“I will treat you as my president. Please look out for me.”

“I will.”

Woojin and Minchan shared a handshake.

“Feel free to treat me in a way that is comfortable for you. I will use all my strength to establish Alandal.”

“Is that so? Then I can just call you Minchan?”

Uh? Isn’t he being a little bit too familiar with him? (TLN:he stopped speaking in the respectful form)

“Please call me team leader Jung.”

“All right, team leader. I’ll leave the establishment of the guild in your care. Do what you consider is best.”


There was a saying that the people of the east being courteous is a thing of the past, yet… Jung-minchan was having a hard time adjusting to it.

“So you want to go have some soju today?”


His view on life seemed to be simple.

If someone else saw them, it would look like they were making a club instead of a guild.

“Even if we get acquainted part to a later date… There is a matter president needs to address first. ”

“What is it?”

“We need at least 5 founding members to establish a guild.”

They were in need of one more person.

“Should we put Jaemin in the guild?”

“I’m pretty sure you can’t use an under-age youth.”

“Yes. An underage youth can’t be one of the founding members.”

Minchan confirmed Sunggoo’s words. Woojin nonchalantly opened his hand phone.

[Mother][Do-jaemin][Real Jaemin][4 hundred thousand][Phone salesman][Kim-haemin]

‘Ah. I really don’t know a lot of people.’

He thought his personal connection in this world was quite simple.

When his mother saw Woojin falling into the Dungeon by accident on the broadcast, she had become bedridden. Moreover, the reporters kept bothering her at work, so she had to quit her job. Currently, she was just staying at home.

‘Mother isn’t an option.’

If he excluded Jaemin and all the people gathered here, then he didn’t have any more acquaintances. One was an unknown number… So the phone salesman was the only one left.

“Do we just need a name to use?”

“What? Yes. We just need to fill the 5 spots.”

Minchan guessed Woojin was trying to use a family member’s name for the position of Guild’s founding member. Woojin brought up the phone salesman’s number then he pressed the call button.


After a long wait time, the call was connected.

[Ah, hello?]

“Ah, do you remember me? From that time?”

[O…of course. I remember. I remember very well.]

Woojin put his phone down for a moment, and he looked towards Minchan.

“What documents are needed?”

“What? He just needs his ID, a copy of his ID, and if he has a seal, he should bring it.”

Woojin held up his hand phone again, then he started talking again.

“Come to Angel Angel near the intersection. Bring your ID and seal.”

[…why do you need me to do that?]

“Ah. I just need to borrow your name for a moment..”


“Why aren’t you answering?”

[I saw it all on TV.]


[Your face is known to the whole country now. Do you think you will be able to ask me to do anything illegal?]

“Ha. Do you think I am you? This isn’t a scam, so come here with everything. I just need to borrow your name for a moment.”

[I…I’m going to call the police..]

“I don’t care if you call them or not. Do it before I get mad. Do you want me to go there?”

[N…no. I’ll be there.]

Minchan asked a question after Woojin ended the call.

“Who is it?”

“Ah. It’s just someone I know.”

“Is he coming here?”

“He’ll be here soon.”

“Excellent. I’ll fill out the required initial paperwork, and I’ll go to the Management Bureau tomorrow to get an approval.”

Minchan took out several previously prepared stack of documents from his briefcase.

“I’m liking how this had turned out.”

Whether it was trying to run a guild or a country, one needed at least one aide. One would be able to dump the annoying work on the aide. Woojin was pleased by the fact that he had made an offer to Minchan.

“Oh yea. There is a something we need to resolve with haste.”

“What is it?”

“We have to create a guide for the Seoul National University station’s 6th exit Dungeon. There is no information on this 5 star Dungeon, so it isn’t an easy Dungeon to attempt. If there is no guide then we would be hard-pressed to get any appointments.”

The very first team or guild to clear a Dungeon received a tremendous benefit.

Every time the Dungeon is cleared, a 30% commission was taken from the price of the blood stones. Moreover, one could levy a usage fee for the Dungeon.

This was why it was required to disclose all the general knowledge of the Dungeon. Once the information is disseminated, the difficulty in clearing the Dungeon decreased, and it would become more manageable for the Rank B teams to clear the 5 star Dungeons.

The large guilds, and the upper-tier average sized guild had numerous teams of that caliber. So this Dungeon would bring in a lot of profit.

“Well, are we required to receive the Roused who want to use the Dungeon? I could just use it.”

“During the times when president has to rest, wouldn’t it be better if the Dungeon is put to use instead of keeping it idle?”

“You have a good point.”

Woojin didn’t think too long on it.

“I’ll immediately head towards the Dungeon after a the required paperwork is prepared.”

If he had an idea, then Woojin acted on it immediately.

“Let’s go, Sunggoo.”

“You…you want me to go? It’s a 5 star Dungeon…”

He had risen to Rank D, but he didn’t think his skill measured up to the rank. Sung-goo couldn’t help, but become nervous.

“Then you don’t want to go?”

“N….no. I’ll go.”

He was scared, but at the same time, he felt a weird anticipation inside his heart.

Woojin grinned as he looked at Sunggoo.


Woo-soonghoon entered the cafe’s business room. He turned his bleary eyes towards the people gathered in one place. They were the culprits causing a ruckus in the news.

‘Look here. Look here. Everyone is gathered here.’

He had seen them on the news. Kang-woojin was the one who had accidentally fallen into the Dungeon. The others were at the scene of the accident.

“Uh, you are here?”

His body froze when he heard Woojin speak. He shrunk back as if he had met his natural enemy.

“Did you bring what I asked you to bring?”

“I brought it, but….”

“Then go talk to team leader Jung.”


Woojin and Sunggoo stood up.

“Keep up the good work, team leader Jung. It’ll probably be tomorrow by the time I finish clearing the Dungeon. We’ll have some soju tomorrow.”

“Yes, president. As I have told you before, I’ll make the preparations.”

Woo-soonghoon’s eyes narrowed. What kind of situation was this?

When Woojin and Sunggoo left, Jung-minchan offered his hand for a handshake.

“My name is Jung-minchan. I used to be the team leader at the Hammer guild. I’ll be starting the Alandal guild with you. I’m pleased to meet you. I look forward to working with you.”

Hammer guild? One of the 3 great guilds of Korea?

This person used to be a team leader in the Hammer guild?

Kim-haemin shook his hand immediately afterward. Woo-soonghoon grabbed his hand in confusion.

“My name is Kim-haemin. Heh heh. Please take care of me. If you are an acquaintance of the president then… Friend? Or relative?”

What is this? They were swindlers.

Woo-soonghoon acted like he was listening to their stories, and he secretly searched for their info below the table. He had searched using Kang-woojin’s news as the focus, so there were very little information on his companions.

Still, the internet should have some articles about them. His eyes turned round when he searched for the articles.

Chapter 36. Establishing a Guild
Chapter 38. 5 Star Dungeon