Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 37. Establishing a Guild(2)
Chapter 39. 5 Star Dungeon (2)

Chapter 38. 5 Star Dungeon

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“It’s Kang-woojin!”

Someone let out a shout, and the flash of the cameras burst forth from all direction.

The reporters had the boring job of waiting outside the Dungeon since they wanted a scoop. Now the reporters swarmed Woojin and Sunggoo like bees.

“What…what are you guys doing?”

Sunggoo spread out both his arms to block the reporters. He called himself a manager, but Sunggoo wasn’t proficient at the jobs done by an actual manager of a Roused.

“Mr. Kang-Woojin. Is it true you are a Roused secretly raised by the Hammmer guild??”

“Is it true you are a Rank A Roused?”

“Your mother works at the restaurant. What happened?”

Sunggoo couldn’t even respond to the questions that poured out like a waterfall, so Woojin stepped forward.

“Why are you standing there like that? Let’s go.”

“What? You just want to go like this?”

“Then do you want to be stuck here?”

“But how…”

Woojin clicked his tongue.

“Get out of the way. I’ll just answer their questions quickly. Why are you getting so worked up over it?”

He…he was so cool. He was his hyung-nim.

The reporters rushed in front of Woojin.

“Hurry up and ask me a question. I’m busy.”

“Mr. Kang-woojin. Please respond…. Uh? What?”

“I said hurry up and ask me a question.”

The reporter was taken aback, but he used his professional mind to quickly come up with a reply.

“What kind of a relationship do you have with the Hammer guild?”

“I have no relationship with them.”

“What is your exact Roused Rank?”

I’ll be measured soon.”

“You mother works at the restaurant. What happened?”

“What do you mean by what happened? She just works at a restaurant. That’s it.”

He gave short answers to the trivial questions, and suddenly 5 minutes flew by.

“I’m about to go into the Dungoen, so could you guys move aside?”

“This will be my last question.”


“Which guild are you affiliated with?”


The reporters quickly took notes as they asked their questions.

“It is the first time I have heard of this guild. What kind of guild is Alandal?”

What kind of guild was it? It was his military exemption card.

“I’m done answering questions. Let’s go Sunggoo.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Woojin and Sunggoo pushed past the reporters, then they headed towards the Dungeon’s entrance. Several reporters caught up with him to keep asking questions, but he didn’t give any answer at all.

The entrance was guarded by public employees dispatched by the Management Bureau. This Dungeon wasn’t cleared by a guild rather it was a privately owned Dungeon. The Management Bureau had been entrusted with the supervision of the Dungeon instead. There had been inquiries about the Dungeon, but no one had made an appointment yet. So they weren’t able to collect their fees even once yet.

“Uh? Mr. Kang-woojin? Are you going to use the Dungeon?”

“Yes. Here.”

Woojin took out his Roused card, then he wrote his name inside the Access Control Registry.

“Just the t..two of you are going in?”

“The two of us will be enough.”

Woojin and Sunggoo entered the Dungeon with multiple flashes from cameras directed towards them. When they crossed into the entrance, the barrier formed, and everything external to the barrier was completely shut off.

Sunggoo spoke in an excited voice.

“Ooh-wa. Hyung-nim was like a famous entertainer.”

“Stop talking nonsense, and pay attention.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m not kidding. If you take even one direct hit, you will probably die.”

“Huk. Yes, sir.”

Sunggoo sharpened his senses, while still being nervous. Even a ghost learns a few things after 3 years.(TLN: idiom) Sunggoo was somewhat getting used to the life of being a Roused, so he was able to focus his mind in an instant.

“Only Lrats will show up until the last floor.”

Lrats were enormous bat-like monsters. They stick to the ceilings of the subway station, and they attacked when they saw an opportunity. They were a very troublesome monster to deal with. If one didn’t have a long-ranged attack then this monster would cause a lot of difficulty. However, Woojin and Sunggoo had ranged magic.

“Oh yeah. Try using this.”

Woojin took out a short stick from his inventory. When it was handed to Sunggoo, he took it in confusion, and he was bewildered by it.

A magical wand with a large ruby embedded in it. +100% effect for Flame-based magics.

“I picked this up. You should use it.”


Sunggoo was touched by the move. The price of a magical Artifact was extraordinary. However, Woojin was just giving this one out without any qualms. It showed how great Woojin was.

It wasn’t just his ability to acquire such item. Sunggoo was surprised at Woojin’s willingness to give this item away as if it was nothing. This was a very precious item.

‘It’s a low level item, so it should be useful for awhile.’

Sunggoo didn’t realize the item Woojin gave out was trivial to him. In the previous tour of this Dungeon, he had picked up several Artifacts.

There was a big difference between the Artifacts found in the Dungeon, and the Artifacts bought in the Point Store.

It all came down to rather another person could use it or not.

The items purchased from the Point Store could be materialized and used. However, items with special abilities could only be used by Woojin.

He could share the clothes and food with anyone. However, the skill books and magic imbued Artifacts couldn’t be shared.

He would be able to give it away. However, the skill book would appear as a blank book with no ability. It wouldn’t be able to produce any magic, and it would basically be a normal item.

‘I’ll have to experiment with the consumable items.’

If he was able to transfer consumable items, then he wouldn’t have to worry about things like potions.

The 5 star Dungeon gave much more Achievement Points compared to the 4 star. Moreover, he was able to level up faster.

“Ok. Let one fly as an experiment.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Sunggoo’s face was filled with awe as he formed his fireball magic. The fireball was several times larger than before. Sunggoo’s eyes turned round.

He threw the fireball towards a Lrat hanging on to the ceiling.

Hwa-roo-rook, Puhng!

When the fireball reached the Lrat, the fireball broke into several dozen pieces as sparks flew everywhere.


The fire coated the entire body of the Lrat. It flapped in the air for a moment before it fell to the floor.

“Finish it..”

“Yes, sir.”

Sunggoo’s body was trembling from excitement. His magic was effective inside a 5 star Dungeon. The real 5 star Dungeon was across the portal, but still how great was this?

Sunggoo was actually able to help in clearing the 5 star Dungeon. Woojin was fascinated by how Sunggo had used his magic.

‘Did he use his own body as a medium to imprint his magic?’

The Roused was a fascinating existence. They had learned of a different way to use magic compared to the magicians on Alphen.

Were they like Woojin where they leveled up? Did they only have a single skill?

He didn’t know when he will have to confront Trahnet, but Woojin knew it might be impossible to do it by himself. No, it was almost an impossibility. He might need allies who will fight by his side. He needed to find out more about the existences called the Roused.

Sunggo, who was by Woojin’s side, would be a good subject to observe.

“Hyung-nim. I got it! I was able to do it.”

Sunggoo had killed one Lrat. It looked like it had been roasted. The Lrat’s meat were similar to that of a bat, so it wasn’t tasty. Even if it was cooked well, eating it was a chore.

“You did well.”

Woojin used the Lrat’s corpse to summon a Skeleton Magician.

The Skeleton Magicians had also leveled up to level 13 during all of this. The Skeleton Magicians also had a wand, so they took over one of Sunggoo’s role.

As the number of Skeleton Magicians increased, the speed of the hunt also increased. This forced Sunggoo to pick up the short sword instead of the magic wand.

“Ha. It feels more natural to excavate the Bloodstones than using the wand.”

Woojin and Sunggoo took care of all the monsters inside the subway station in a flash. They returned to the 1st floor, and they saw the generated portal.

“Its the real thing from now on..”

They didn’t want to make the same mistake as last time, so Sunggoo and Woojin changed into a different set of clothes.

“Uh? Hyung-nim. Your equipment…”

After changing his clothes, Woojin started taking out items from the sub-dimension. He started equipping the items one-by-one, and it made Sunggoo’s eyes turn round.

On top of his cloth, Woojin wore a blue Raider armor, and a hat made out of leather. Moreover, the gloves and shoes looked quite unique.

“I customized my equipment a little bit.”

He had bought the shoes and gloves from the Point Store. He had picked up the armor and hat when he cleared the Dungeon last time. It possessed options that increased his magic, and recovery stat. He’ll probably use this for a while.

‘It would have been great if I had my old equipment. This leaves much to be desired.’

Woojin was a peak Necromancer. If he could get his hand on the equipment he possessed on the Planet Alphen, then he would become several times stronger.

He had no choice, but to swap out his equipment one by one as he acquired better items.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Don’t even think about joining the battle. You just write the guide.”

If Sunggoo joined the battle, he wouldn’t even be of any help. He might even get in the way, so Woojin decided to fight by himself. Even on Alphen, he had worked in sync with his Summoned familiars. It wasn’t in Woojin’s style to hunt with other people.

‘I only have 6 levels left.’

Woojin’s current level was 24. The previous Dungeon raid had increased his level by 10. This basically meant the 5 star Dungeons gave a lot of EXP. This meant the level of difficulty for this Dungeon had been quite high even for Woojin.

Woojin’s main skills were released every 10 levels.

When Woojin reached level 20, his main combat skills were released. He just needed to raise 6 more levels, and he would reach the requirement to be able to summon another one of his familiar.

He was able to increase 10 levels on the previous raid, so he thought it would be possible for him to increase his level by 6 this time around.

‘Well, if it isn’t enough, then I could just run it one more time.’

It wasn’t as if the Dungeon was going to run away. Woojin was the owner, so he didn’t even have to make an appointment. He had acquired a proper inexhaustible hunting ground. Woojin and Sunggoo went through the portal together.


A scene of a desert was spread out in from of them after they crossed the portal.

The scorching sun was ablaze, and the heat made it hard for one to breathe.

“There will be an ambush within 10 seconds. Be careful.”

It happened right after Woojin’s words had ended.


The desert’s sand exploded, and large tentacles shot out from below. The identity of the large tentacles was none other than the Sand worms.

The long worms were 2 meters in length. It’s large terrifying mouth held saw-like teeth. It was able to move freely around in the sand, and it could burst forward from the sand to bite its enemy. The Sand worm’s attack was frightening.

It seemed Woojin was the Sand worms’ target. He intentionally jumped high into the sky.


The steel staff in Woojin’s hand changed its appearance in an instant. The blunt head of the staff disappeared, and it was replaced by a sharp spear point. The spear point’s appearance changed into a shape akin to a falchion.

The Warrior’s weapon evolved with Warrior.

When he reached level 20, he was able to change its shape into a spear.


The Sand worms tried to leap after Woojin, but they couldn’t jump high enough. Woojin used his spear to attack.

The soft Sand worm had a natural resistance against blunt physical attacks, but a piercing weapon was very effective.

Woojin attacked the 5 Sand worms that had suddenly ambushed him. It only took a blink of an eye for Woojin to take care of them.


Sunggoo couldn’t think of another word to describe what he saw. Woojin didn’t looked like a Magic type Roused. Instead, he looked like a Physical type Roused.

“Did you record it?”

“What? Yes, sir. I wrote it all down.”

Sunggoo quickly wrote inside the notebook. ‘Five Sand worms ambushed us at the same time we entered. Use sword instead of club.’

“Do you see that over there?”

“…yes. What is it?”

Woojin pointed toward a cloud of dust blowing towards them.

“The Sand Pill Bugs are rolling towards us. There is about 12 of them.”

“How are we suppose to kill it?”

“There is only one way those bastards attack. They quickly roll towards their enemies, then they self-destruct.”


“As it explodes, it lets out a poisonous gas. The poison is quite nasty, so it would be best to strike them before they could approach us.”

“C…can’t you use the Skeleton Magicians?”

“Their range is too short. The Skeleton Magicians would have to be within range of the poisonous gas to kill those bastards. I will probably be ok, but you will die from the poison.”

“T…then what are we suppose to do?”

“You have to either bring an antidote, or have an archer or a long-ranged magician in your party. ”

“Which method are we going to use?”

Sunggoo was a bit frightened when he heard about the poisonous gas. Sunggoo asked with a tremulous voice, and it made Woojin grin. How cute.

Woojin raised one hand, and a bone spear formed on top his hand.

This was the powerful magic he had gained at Level 20.


Woojin’s body bent like a bow, and the dynamic movement allowed him to throw the spear a far distance. It was beautiful. He looked like a Olympic javelin thrower, and Sunggoo watched him with his mouth open.

The thrown spear landed around 800 meters away. Still it was well short of reaching the Sand Pill bugs.

It was approaching them faster and faster. Sunggoo could see the monsters with his naked eye now, and fear started to fill his eyes. At the very least, he didn’t want to die a painful death from being poisoned.

Woojin, who had been still as he watched the Pill bugs approach him, started to chant a spell.

“Rise. Wall of Bones!”

Magic slipped out of him as it accompanied the activation words. Then the Bone Spear, which looked like an item someone had just thrown away in the middle of the desert, changed.


Suddenly, the bones started to grow like vines in the desert. It grew quickly and it spread to make a wall.

Kwa-kwang, kwang, kwa-kwang!

The wall of bones suddenly formed in front of the Desert Pill bugs, and they exploded as they ran into the wall. A large poisonous cloud was spread, but Woojin and Sunggoo was too far away. It quickly dispersed into the air.

“The first objective is the Oasis over there. By the time I reached it, I was attacked 4 times by the Desert Pill bugs, 8 large scorpions, and some Desert Rats that shows up from time to time. Also, the group of 5 Sand worms attacked me 3 more time.”

Woojin spoke as if nothing of import had happened, and it made Sunggoo’s body quake.

So this was a 5 star Dungeon.

Woojin was facing off against them like it was nothing. He was amazing. The only word that would come to his mind was amazing .

Woojin leveled up once again when he disposed the Sand Pill bugs. He smiled.

Level 30. He just need 5 more levels before he could summon the Golem.

Chapter 37. Establishing a Guild(2)
Chapter 39. 5 Star Dungeon (2)