Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 38. 5 Star Dungeon
Chapter 40. 5 Star Dungeon(3)

Chapter 39. 5 Star Dungeon (2)

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They had already passed by 5 Oasis.

During that time, they had found 3 Artifacts. They were also able to earn a lot of bloodstones, and all of it had been placed inside Woojin’s sub-dimension.

Woojin and Sunggoo arrived at the last field.

There were crumbling walls, and the road was covered with sand. Trees were growing sparsely, and it was an indication that there were life here.

“W..what do you think of this place?”



“It is the name of an abandoned city.”

“Hul. How do you even know the name of the city, hyung-nim?”

“It’s written over there.”

Woojin pointed toward the gates leading to the collapsed city. Sunggoo tilted his head in confusion as he looked at the undecipherable letters.

‘How does he know this?’

He was able to speak with the Orcs last time. Now he was able to read the writings found within the Dungeon.

However, he wasn’t going to ask about it. He was just curious. He didn’t want to be berated for asking unnecessary questions.

“You’ll really have to be careful from now on.”

“Yes, sir!”

Woojin scratched his cheek when he saw Sunggoo answer bravely. If the danger went away just by the person being careful, then no one would die inside the Dungeon.

“Mmmm. Wait.”

Woojin searched his inventory, then he took out a leather armor.

“This isn’t suited for a Magician, but it had a pretty good defense. Try putting it on.”


Sunggoo was close to tears as he accepted and wore the armor given by Woojin. It was made out of leather, but there was something hard covering the chest, and sides.

“Uh? It feels like my body has become lighter.

An armor worn by the soldiers of Ragrecia. It is a fairly heavy armor, but it increases agility by 5.

Skill : Acceleration

After the elated Sunggoo put on the armor, Woojin spoke to him.

“It is an Artifact imbued with magic. You said the Roused could use it?”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“Try using it.”


Sunggoo was surprised as he started touching his armor.

“Does this have an imbued skill?”

The price of the Artifacts depended on what kind of ability it had, and the price varied.

“Use it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sunggoo spat out a surprised sound when he put his magic into the armor. It felt like his body was floating, and it made him feel dizzy. Moreover, a pain lanced through his head as if he had just ate a cold ice cream.

“Uh uh?”

“Try moving around.”

At Woojin’s direction, Sunggoo was moving his body from side to side when he fell.


The fallen Sunggoo was surprised, He got up, and he started to speedily move around the surrounding. He was moving twice as fast as his normal speed. However, the amount of magic possessed by Sunggoo was quite meager, so his movement decreased soon.

“Huk. It seems I can only maintain it for 30 seconds with my ability.”

“Can you use your fireball in that state?”

Sunggoo tried to use his fireball magic. The fireball formed much slower than before.

‘Whether it is the skill used through the Artifact, or one’s natural skill, the Roused has to provide all the mana.’

He won’t have any cause to use his flame magic. The armor will adjust his agility, and the Acceleration skill could be used for evasion. Sunggoo would have no problem surviving.

“You are less likely to die if you are able to dodge well. However, you should still be careful.”

“Yes, sir.”

“When the moment of danger comes, don’t put your trust in me. Protect your own life. Don’t expect others to protect you….”

“…yes. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Woojin wasn’t Sunggoo’s protector. He couldn’t’ always keep an eye on Sunggoo on the chaotic battle field. If he died, then it was his fate.

Woojin could always acquire a new errand boy, but he kind of liked Sunggoo. Woojin decided to prepare him as well as he could, then he would just have to hope Sunggoo will live a long life.

It didn’t matter what Woojin felt. In the end, everyone had to defend for themselves.

Sunggoo had to no choice, but to be watchful and alert.

“The monster that will appear is of the anthropomorphic race. They are called the Naga. I don’t know how many there are, but they put poison on their weapons. Be careful. ”


Ragrecia was an abandoned city.

The fallen houses, and the thatch-less buildings created a maze. Desert rats were hiding in every corner, and they kept attacking. Woojin sent the Skeleton Soldiers forward to act as a pathfinder, and they also cleared the path.

The Skeleton Soldiers performed well in their role as scouts.


Accompanying a horrible shriek, a spear came flying through the air, and it hit a Skeleton Soldier walking in the front. The spear embedded itself in the skull. The skull of the Skeleton Soldier broke, and it crumbled to the floor.

Woojin ran out of the alley, and 3 Naga Soldiers appeared.

The lower half of a snake had merge with the torso of a human. The Naga looked rough, and they used weapons dipped with poison.

It was unfortunate for them, but the Skeleton Soldier couldn’t be poisoned.


“Keh keh.”

The Skeleton Soldiers quickly ran towards the Naga Soldiers, but it wasn’t enough. The bone swords couldn’t penetrate through the armors they wore on their torso, and it also couldn’t break through the scales surrounding the lower half of their body.

The Naga Soldier’s spear was fast and accurate. The Skeleton Soldier’s skull was crushed with a single blow. Even if there was a gap in strength, superior numbers could still be used to push the enemy.

Even though the Skeleton Soldiers were level 17, it didn’t pose any threat to the Naga Soldiers. The Skeleton Magicians were probably more of a threat, but the Naga Soldiers quickly hid themselves behind the terrain. Therefore, the Skeleton Magicians weren’t that effective.

Woojin kicked at the remain of bones leftover after the Skeleton Soldier had been demolished.


The stack of bones were scattered everywhere.

Woojin aimed his Bone Spear at the Naga Warriors. He threw the Bone spear.


It flew at high speed as it spiraled. The thrown Bone spear was powerful enough to catch the attention of the Naga Warriors. A Naga Warrior’s spear blocked Woojin’s bone spear.


The Naga Soldiers quickly disengaged from the Skeleton Soldiers, then they tried to widen their distance from the enemies. However, Woojin immediately summon his Wall of Bones. Pieces of bones shot out in all direction, and one of the Naga Warrior was skewered.


The Naga Soldiers had been surprised by the sudden appearance of a wall, and now a steel spear was flying towards them.


They couldn’t blocked it. No. Even if they did block it, the result wouldn’t have changed.

Woojin had used the level 20 Warrior’s Skill, ‘Throw’. He threw his spear, and it was sufficiently strong enough to kill the Naga.

“Release, summon.”


At Woojin’s command, the spear stuck inside the Naga Warrior’s heart disappeared, and it was summoned back within Woojin’s grasp.

The Warrior’s weapon evolved alongside the Warrior.

The various ways one could use it was endless.

When one throws one’s weapon, it is the Final attack. When one let’s go of the weapon, one has to bet everything on it. The speed is increased proportional to one’s strength. The accuracy is increased proportional to one’s Agility.

The Warrior Class had many innate skills. There were a lot of basic passive skills like Warrior’s Senses, Throw, and Spearsmanship.

Moreover, the endlessly recoverable Warrior’s Weapon was well suited for being used as a throwing weapon.

The purpose of Skeleton Soldier’s attack was to occupy their attention. That had bee enough.

Shwahhhk! Boom!

Woojin’s body was bent back like a bow. He let go of the spear as he shot his body forward, and the spear accurately pierced the Naga Soldier’s heart.

The last remaining Nag Soldier was dismayed. Woojin looked towards it, and he opened his mouth.

“Ria ni Le root ta. Reona raket.”

“Riket La? Reona Raketa nia.”

Woojin once again spoke in words Sunggoo couldn’t understand, and this time he wasn’t confused by it.

‘My god. How many languages does he know?’

He admired Woojin. Every move made by Woojin made him surprised routinely. He just took hyung-nim smartness as a given.

[If you want to protect the Naga’s temple, then gather all of your Warriors and wait for me.]

[Who are you? Tell me the reason why you are trying to trespass into the Naga’s temple.]

[My reason is the same as yours. I just want to protect earth akin to the Naga protecting its temple.]

[The guardians of the temple will all be gathered to repel you.]

While they were conversing, Woojin took down the Wall of Bones. Sunggoo had a quizzical expression on his face when Woojin spared one Naga.

“Hyung-nim. Why did you let one go? Moreover, what did you say…”

“I told them to attack me with a large force.”


Wouldn’t it be dangerous? They looked really strong.

“Wouldn’t it be cool?”


What? What was cool? Think, Sunggoo. The answer is already determined. Find the answer. Find the answer hyung-nim wants.

“An expert like me…”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“…can use words to create a Train.” (TLN: he used a gaming term. basically lining up/gathering enemies.)


Is that what he meant? Wasn’t the Train used to round up easy monsters to kill? At a glance, the Skeleton Soldiers was incredibly inadequate to face these opponents…

However, hyung-nim must think otherwise.

“You are very cool.”

“Hoo hoo, let’s go. If I had to hunt down all the Naga, then it would have taken half a day.”

Woojin was excited about the fact that he’ll be able to fight all the Naga in one sitting. Sunggoo was a little bit worried as he followed Woojin from the back.

‘I’m level 30, so I should be able to do some group hunting.’

Woojin earned a main skill every 10 levels. The Golem summon was one of the skills, but he had also earned an essential attack skill that was critical to Woojin.

If he hadn’t reached level 30 right now, he wouldn’t have forced himself to hunt a group. However, he was level 30 now, so he would be able to do it.

In the middle of the city, there was a large tower standing high over the city.

The Naga Warriors were packed around the tower.There were a little bit less than 100 Naga Warriors.

Sunggoo swallowed dryly.

“H…hyung-nim. Aren’t there too many of them?”

“It’ll be dangerous, so you should wait here.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Woojin marched confidently in step with the Skeleton Soldiers. He lead them from the front.

[Are you the impudent human trying to take the temple?]

[Can we dispense with the long speech?]

[We will protect the temple at all costs.]

The Naga Soldiers’ fighting spirit burned brighter. There were 80 Skeleton Soldiers behind Woojin. He still had enough Control stat to make more, but he didn’t want to summon the maximum number.

In this Dungeon, the Skeleton Soldier’s role was insignificant. However, they were a linchpin for what he was about to do in this battlefield.


“Kee kee kee!”

The Skeleton Soldiers let out its unique yell, and they quickly charged forward. They were already dead, so fear didn’t slow them down.

He didn’t even need to vocalize his orders. They were beings under the control of Woojin.

He just needed to use his will to change their formation, and they would move like his limbs.

“Kee kee kee!”

The Skeleton Soldiers ran forward with force, but their numbers were cut down quickly by the Naga Warrior’s spears.

However, Woojin didn’t look worried.

When the last Skeleton Soldier was destroyed, a very large Naga Warrior stepped forward.

‘I guess the boss mob only comes out only once in the beginning.’

The ‘Naga Chieftain’ that showed up in his first raid was absent now. One of the 5 great warriors that had stood by the Naga Chieftain was this field’s boss this time around.

The difficulty was much lower compared to the first raid.

[You dare to invade the temple with such an inferior Undead army?]

Woojin waited in the back as all of his Skeleton Soldiers were destroyed. Woojin laughed

[The Undead Army?]

The Undead army had always faced the Trahnet army as an enemy.

[If your voices reaches Trahnet, then there is something you should inform him.]

Woojin summoned two Bone Spears for each hand. With twin spears in his hand, Woojin started to walk forward.

One step. Two step.

[I, the owner of Alandal, is on earth.]

Third step. Fourth Step.

As he took more steps, his speed became faster. On the last step, he jumped high into the air.


He looked down from mid-air, and he was able to see everything. Wooojin looked at the pieces of bones littered around the Naga Warriors.

A large amount of magical energy exited his body.


The pieces of bone fused with each other as it grew. It formed a massive Wall of Bones.

No. It was a Bone Prison. The Naga was surround by the Wall of Bones. Woojin fell right in the middle of the crowd.


An unlucky Naga Warrior took Woojin’s knee to its head, and the skull burst open.

Woojin pierced the Bone Spear he held in both hands into the Naga Warrior’s head.

The Naga Warriors nearby ran forward to surround Woojin. A shock-wave emanated from the embedded Bone Spear. It spread out with the Bone Spear as its focal point.


The Naga Warriors were pushed back all at once by the green shock wave. The damaged caused by the shock-wave was minimal.

Green smoke started to spread, and it clouded the Naga’s vision.

When the green colored poison suddenly spread, the Naga lost control of their senses. The poison stopped one from breathing, and it ate away one’s blood.

“Kyahh, kyahk!”

“Rigen Kehta!”

The Naga Warriors died as they let out a pain-filled scream. When he saw the state of the Naga Warriors, Woojin laughed harder.

“I also know how to use some poison.”

The Naga’s snake venom couldn’t even be compared to Wooijin’s poison.

Chapter 38. 5 Star Dungeon
Chapter 40. 5 Star Dungeon(3)