The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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—Tick. -Tick. -Tick. -Tick. -Tick.

At one moment, the ticking sound of the second hand was heard.

Soon the sound gradually slows down and all movement gradually slows down.

The loud sirens, his taunts, the expressions of the terrified children, the pained grunts of the instructor, all gradually slowed and then stopped.

For a moment, there was pause, silence, then stillness.

Time stopped.

Everything but me.

“It really did stop.”


I remained calm even in the presence of a spectacle that defied phenomena and laws.

Nothing upsetting happened, I was calm.

And then, as a matter of course, I started looking for a solution.

I was even uncomfortable with the fact that the sense of crisis had disappeared, but I didn’t care and thought of a way. I felt like I had a pretty good idea of the reason for it, for once.

It was the “Supreme Fortitude” mental defense skill I received along with the time stop.

I have no other explanation than that.

And maybe the time-stopping skill is still perfect, because time could suddenly flow again. Now, instead of panicking, we have to look for a solution.

“Well, then, I’m already…”

The decision was made that the priority was still to kill that guy.

Class A Villain Armstrong.

In the storyline, his appearance is ever-present.

He is the enemy of the student council president and appears in a variety of episodes, including the one where he joins the League of Villains and attacks the academy. Countless heroes, students and citizens are killed in the process.

Of course, one of those heroes and citizens killed could include me.

Judging by the attitude of Armstrong, I’ve already been locked by him.

(The episodes may change: ….)

It can’t be helped.

It’s a bit troublesome, but right now my priority is to kill that guy.

“Well then…”

In the meantime, I decided to try to find a way to kill him.

I thought of a simple way to stab him in the neck or heart with something sharp. but as he is a Class A fighter and also known as an Armstrong, his strength and stamina exceeded 500, which is called “borderline extreme”.

He has a reputation for being strong, befitting his enormous physique.

He probably can’t even be wounded by ordinary blades.

However, that’s only if he was serious.

When you look at him smiling broadly, it probably didn’t look like he was putting that much effort into his body.

(Let’s give it a shot, shall I?)

What would be the sharpest thing on the bus?

Ha Jun started by searching the students’ bags.

This is an academy where only the most famous geniuses in the Republic of Korea gather.

They were all either the children of top-ranking heroes. The grandchildren of association heads, or of famous guilds, and so on.

Since the academy attracts promising candidates, there are probably a few children with rare or unique equivalent weapons.

But here Ha-Jun faced an unexpected disaster.


The zipper refused to open.

To be precise, it was fixed.

At the same time, the bag was no better than a hard stone.

In a world where nothing worked, Ha-jun found it difficult.

“… I’ll give up here.”

Ha Jun made a quick decision and gave up the bus immediately.

He eventually left the bus and was just walking around near the tunnel.


It was Ha-Jun who bumped his shoulder against something floating in the air.

A different color appeared in Ha-Jun’s eyes.

The piece of glass that was now floating in the air slid off Ha-jun’s shoulder and moved a little.

“This can’t be…”

Just to be sure. Ha-Jun flicked the shard of glass again with his finger.

At the same time, the piece of glass was pushed a little and stopped.

“It seems there are no restrictions on its movement in the air.”

Ha-Jun immediately got the piece of glass floating in the air and then went back.

Fortunately, a few possibilities that were not there at all began to arise.

Ha-Jun then checked for similar objects floating in the air, and soon discovered a vehicle that had been semi-collapsed after hitting a wall next to the tunnel.

Numerous pieces of glass from the vehicle floating in the air and the crumbling wall.

“Especially useful…”

The moment he thought there was none.

Ha-Jun had an idea.

Thinking about it, can this ever be broken?’

He thought as he looked at the bag, which had become as hard as a stone.

Ha-jun immediately smashed the shards of glass on the floor, and the result was as Hajun had expected.

(It won’t break…)

Then it was that all the debris floating around here had a durability equivalent to Unique or Legendary class items.

“…Not bad.”

A smile appeared on Ha Jun’s face.

He felt like he had a little clue as to something.


A day had passed since time stopped.

Ha-Jun understood to some extent about the space where time stopped.

Firstly, time stopped so nothing could not be destroyed.

It was the same with people.

In effect, there was no way to kill that guy, and it was a hopeless situation, but one thing.

There was an idea that passed through Ha-jun’s mind.

“Please let this be good.”

Ting! Ting!

The method Hajun came up with was ignorant but simple.

After placing a shard of glass near the guy’s heart, the method was to take a fist-sized rock that was floating in the air and mindlessly strike it like a nail into a tree.

Of course, this process wouldn’t necessarily pierce Armstrong’s body, though.

The reason being that if time passed again, the overlapping forces would penetrate the guy’s heart. Of course, it wasn’t clear, as I had seen the scene in some comic book or film.

Well, if not, I’d have to stop time again.

“Not in an hour or two…”

The endurance of the Armstrong was ridiculously awesome to the point of ignorance.

It was so great that he could prevent attacks from unique or Legendary-level treasures naked without a single skill.

At least a day or two of force had to be overlapped .

Fortunately, there is plenty of time.

No need to rush.

Because you have to be prepared to the maximum to defeat that guy perfectly.


And just like that, about three more days’ time had passed.

Ting! Ting!

At a certain moment, Hajun’s hand, which was violently using the hammer, stopped.

Ha Jun looked at the guy while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“This is about right.”

Ha Jun also covered both of his tendons (Arms&Legs) of the armstrong with pieces of glasses for any unforeseen situations. Everything was perfectly prepared.

All he had to do now was leave it to fate.

“Hey, you bastard let’s see if you survive this.”

With those words, the skill was deactivated and time began to flow.

Gradually, the noisy sirens, the pained moans of the instructors, and the cries of the shrunken children could be heard, and


His hilarious laughter could be heard, and

At the same time.


With a strange squealing sound, the shards of glass began to move quickly .

For a moment, the glass, which moved so fast that it was invisible, pierced Armstrong’s heart.

At the same time.


the thin piece of glass that had pierced him was destroyed, unable to withstand the force of the superimposed force with the piercing glass still in his heart.

The shards of broken glass turned into a killing tool and ripped through the armorer’s heart.

Cough! Blaargh!Blaargh! !!!

He vomited blood and collapsed forward.

The armstrong’s gaze went to Ha-Jun, who raised his head.

“Blaargh!…… Ugh, how?”

“What, what did I do? Hurry up and die.”

“AHhaaaah!!! I can’t go on like this!!!”

And began to expand all the muscles in his body, as if he was going to make one last struggle before he died. Ha-Jun only retreated a couple of steps.

This guy is done anyway.


Soon after, the armstrong raised himself up, but like a child stepping on their feet for the first time, he fell to the floor without being able to grasp the center of gravity. His eyes began to flicker with panic.

He realized what had happened to his ankle.

“Ughh …..what are you..”

Those were his last words.

The color of his eyes was gone, and the blood poured down like a rushing flood.

That was the end of the villain who was called a Class Armstrong.



The moment everyone’s eyes turned to me.

I sat down in my chair, as if falling over, then closed my eyes as it was.

It was my turn to reap the fruits of three days of hard work.

The current bus chair was nothing more than a soft and fluffy sofa from some famous furniture shop for me.

(Still, it’s effortless when your skills are so easy…).

Because I can feel a few piercing glances without a care in the world.

That’s how I bunked down.

[Main quest.]

Questable character: Kim-Ha-jun.

Description: Defeat the Class A Villain, Armstrong.

Reward: 250.


[Rewards will be given.]


I woke up in an unfamiliar hospital bed .

I just don’t know why I am in the hospital.

Because I didn’t have even minor injuries anywhere on my body.

Just that I hadn’t slept for three days?

“Did you wake up?”

I turned my head and saw an old man in a gray suit with gray hair sitting there.

Ah, this…

Ha-Jun had a feeling that he could generally tell what the old man was trying to cut out.

Probably an interrogation.

“Are you that student who defeated the Armstrong?”

“Yes, my name is Kim Ha-jun.”

“You’re even younger than I thought. ……. Younger and more surprising…”

I looked at the old man in front of me for a while.

A man with a gray suit, a well-kept beard, and a clear blue odd eye.

He was an old man I knew well.

“Could you possibly be Principal Choi Joong-won the Sage?”

Korea’s first wizard and headmaster of the Rokia Academy.

He was Sage Choi Joong-won.

“Ho, ho, ho, nice to meet you. Well, then, as soon as you wake up, I’m sorry, but what is your true identity?”

While he said these words, Choi Joong-won’s blue eyes began to flicker.

I knew exactly what that meant.

Maybe he’s trying to detect a lie.

“There’s a lot of talk about you across the school now, all over the country.”

“Has my name been made public as well?”

” No, it hasn’t been revealed yet”

I listened to Choi Joong-won’s words feeling relieved inwardly.

“But in the meantime, I have to know who you are, anyway. I can’t believe that an unknown person whose name I’ve never even heard of has defeated a Class A armstrong.”

“First of all, I am not a villain. I am just an ordinary student who came to take the entrance exam.”

The clearer and more concise the explanation, the quicker the eye to judge the truth.

It was Choi Joong-won, who looked at me silently at those words.

I also faced Choi Joong-won with an indifferent face, and

Soon Choi Joong-won’s flickering blue eyes disappeared and he began to smile fully.

“Ha ha ha! Amazing. I didn’t know there was such a talent among the students.”

“You praise me too much.”

“You’re the first one to be so nonchalant when facing my magic.”


Maybe he was spreading magic power?

The magical power of a human being who has reached the highest rank is unbearable for ordinary mental powers.

But as it happens, I could not feel the magic power.

The dog system didn’t give me magic powers.

Naturally, I couldn’t feel the magic power.

“How about it? If you, wish, I will immediately enrol you in the academy as a special student and make your fame known throughout the country. Are you okay with that?”

Did this old man grow senile?

Trying to kill someone —. No, are you tasting me?

“Principal, I want to live long.”

A smile started to appear in Choi Joong-won’s mouth at that word.

After all, it’s obvious that he is testing me.

A student who has already defeated a Class A armstrong who might belong to the Villain Alliance?

Of course I might be driven into their target.

Moreover, it would be even more so if my name were known throughout the country.

“So what are you going to do then?”

“Let’s go with the standard procedure. Do not publish the names of the students who defeated the Class A Villain, and cancel the extra large student ticket again. I will take and pass the entrance exam as usual way.”

“Hmph, you have a good head on your shoulders. I prepared in advance one in advance you do. Don’t worry, I’ve silenced the students and the instructor as well.”

Of course, I’m also watching you, old man.

The old man saw my slightly crooked eyebrows, no. Choi Joong-won smiled and suddenly started to bow his head.

I was in a situation where I would have been surprised if it was the original me, but this skill, which was always activated, calmed me down.

Choi Joong-won said.

“I’m really grateful, for helping the academy instructors and students with a promising future.”

“I didn’t want to die either, so I killed him.”

“Ha ha ha! You make that sound so easy. It shouldn’t have been that easy, but no, it was easy for you. I saw the footage.”

It seems that this old man is misunderstanding me more and more as a monster in some way. but surprisingly, it was an alright situation, because if I befriended him, the former head of the Heroes Guild and the Headmaster of the Academy, it would help me a lot.

“So your body is okay then?”

“Yes, I’m not injured to be honest.”

“It’s really great, it’s … amazing to see someone in good health against that guy. So can we have an exam soon then?”

Exams? Has the admissions period passed?

Frankly, I was going to give up and hang around and see if I could afford to go around for a year.

But the words of Choi Joong-won cut through my thoughts.

“I’ve postponed it for three days for you. If you’re not feeling well, I can extend bit more.”

It’s nice to have convenient power like this.

Chapter 2
Chapter 4 Part1