The Academy’s Time Stop Player

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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“Hehe, I’ve never seen him like that before.”

The academy’s principal’s office.

Choi Joong-won gazed up at the night sky and thought about Kim Ha-jun, who he saw in the morning.

He had met many heroes and students in his long life, but never of such an unusual kind as Kim Ha-jun.

“What in the world did he go through in his young years?”

Choi Joong-won recalled the expression on Kim Ha-jun’s face when he saw him in the morning.

The expression of the one who took his magic head on with an air of indifference.

It was really nonchalant, and… looked like bored.

He had a really bored expression, as if conversing with him was a bother.

“I don’t know why you’re showing up now.”

Even with that level of power, why the expression that everything looks boring?

If you have been keeping a low profile up until now, why are you revealing yourself now?

-What purpose does he have for entering the academy?

Is that look of boredom possible because you have achieved your goal?

“If I had discovered you a little earlier, you would have helped me…”

I’ve seen a lot of talent.

This year in particular has been a year of many promising talents who gained fame even before they took the entrance exam. Some of them are unrivaled geniuses.

Some of them had talents that were comparable to the heroes of the current generation.

It should be normal for such talents to appear only once a year…

This year was different.

The Golden Generation

A few people with that level of ability came out every year.


“Because of him, my sight has become high for no reason.”

And that boy who is being touted as a candidate for the sword king.

And that child who is called the genius of the end of the century, who succeeds him.

That child who was chosen as a rune language.

That child who was chosen as a U.S. Mythological National Treasure….

Probably because there should be no one with such brilliant achievements as Kim Ha-jun.

That’s what I meant by killing a Class A villain.

Because the power of a class A arranged in the country is like a disaster.

“I’m really looking forward to this year.”


As Principal Choi Joong-won said, Ha-jun took a day off.

It would be better to take some more rest while he could anyway.

It was obvious that he would probably start a busy routine once he entered the academy.

At the same time, you never know when this dog system will give a quest.

“Well, then…”

The first entrance exam was written.

The questions were simple basics, such as the code of conduct and principles of heroes and the characteristic habits of magical beasts.

Of course, I knew some of this knowledge, so I was able to pass the written exam with the bare minimum score.

In the practical tests that followed, the entrance exam students in earnest failed the most.

At least 10% of the students who took the exam would fail the written exam, and 70% would fail the practical exam.

Ha-Jun was not so worried about practical skills.

It is strange to fail in the first place.

What can’t he do when he has the skill of “stopping time”?

Moreover, the last practical test was to escape from an artificial dungeon.

For Ha-jun, it was impossible to fail the test in the first place.

“Entrance exam student #256. Please begin when you are ready.”

Ten gates neatly lining a one-character corridor.

Every single door here is connected to an artificial dungeon.

Of course, each door did not have a high or low level of difficulty.

Just different doors to enter, because that’s where the difficulty was.


The dungeon was desolate in its quietness.

Ha-jun was still standing at the starting point.

But time was still running out.

Because the stopwatch on his wrist was already running from the moment he passed through the door to the dungeon.

(I can pass through with plenty of time to spare…)

Ha-jun’s goal was only to pass the exam.

Therefore, he had no intention of daring to draw attention by showing an overwhelming figure, even if he was dying to do so. After all. I’m sure currently, the Villain Alliance is obviously looking for the entrance exam student who killed the ‘Armstrong’ with a gleam in their eye, and then suddenly a new student they have never heard of is at the top of the list, surpassing all the promising candidates.?

Unless they were sick, they too were bound to suspect that I was the one who killed the ‘Armstrong’.

“It’s been four minutes. Is it about time for that guy to pass?”

Han Si-Young, the Sword King’s disciple.

He is the main character among the playable characters, the so-called protagonist.

He is the first one to pass the entrance exam this time.

He is the one with the most unique talent among all the other promising students.

“Okay, then.”

Just as I’m about to dust myself off and get going, I hear the most eerie voice I don’t want to hear.

An eerie sound, the kind you don’t want to hear the most, begins to echo in my ears.

One of Ha-jun’s eyebrows twitched at the sudden ringing of the notification window.

Feeling somewhat uneasy, he checked the system window and saw

[The system appreciates Ha-Jun Kim for defeating the ‘Armstrong’].


[The future will be changed due to the death of the Class A villain ‘Armstrong’ and a penalty will be given to you.]


[Quest difficulty will increase]


[Main Quest].

Questable Character: Kim-Ha-jun

Description: Enroll in Rokia Academy as (Head of The Class).

Reward: 150P

“You’re going to kill me. Damn It!’

Ha-jun immediately activated the time stop.


In the stopped time, Ha Jun was troubled about how to become a top.

First, the biggest problem was that the written exam was delayed.

No, it was really a level that he passed appropriately.

However, to be a Head of The Class, shouldn’t one have to be perfect in both written and practical skills?

( I can’t help it with the written exam, after all…).

Soon after, I gave up on the written exam once and for all.

There was no way, even if I kept worrying about it.

I couldn’t even go outside again.

(So, I guess the only way is practical skills…?)

I have to show something with practical skills.

Ha-Jun immediately decided and began to look around.

He could pass now, or even surpass Han Shi Ying, a top-ranking student, but he had to show something overwhelmingly more spectacular than him or any other.

Something that even the instructors, the test scorers, had to admire.

That will make up for the lack of writing.

(I really have no idea how to…).

However, soon a look of doubt appeared on Ha-Jun’s face.

I was looking for something that was floating in the air like that piece of glass before.

The likelihood of such a thing being in such a dungeon was significantly low.

Of course, that did not mean it was not there from the beginning.

As I walked all the way through the dungeon, the stocky goblins were playing with stones, throwing them around, so I brought one with me. Now I had found the hammer.

Now all I had to do was find a nail.

(Nails 。。)

On the way continuing moving forward in the dungeon in this way.

A thought suddenly popped into Ha-jun’s mind.

(I mean, do I really need a nail..)

The performance, Ha-jun thought, was simple.

To break everything and reach the exit.

I don’t know why I’m looking for a nail for this process.

(Well, I’m tired, I guess…)

Although hammers are often used to drive nails.

Sometimes it is best used to break something.

Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Part2