The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 9

.— No, wasn’t it just a backlash phenomenon?

— but its disappears suddenly?

—It’s probably an old treasure. You know, there are times when it ceases to manifest itself.

— Is that so?

— Wow… But he’s also lucky. Legendary-Noble Phantasm-repulsive phenomenon also ends up being a non-fire.

Occasionally, among Noble Phantasm found in old dungeons or ruins, they just disappear without a repulsion.

Therefore, the students did not greatly suspect the Ha-jun.

No matter how high the value of the grade itself, it is a Noble Phantasm that is distributed to the students.

The Noble Phantasm is so durable and has suitable characteristics that it cannot be broken by any kind of training.

The protective gear distributed to the students had just that level of value.

“Hmmm, that was—”

Meanwhile, amid the noisy murmur of the students, Liam-Martel looked at the hammer held by Ha-jun with a disappointed expression.

“That’s a shame. That one was my first choice, should I have chosen that one?”

Liam had chosen another treasure because it had a powerful curse for a Legendary, but the curse did not seem to have been activated properly because it was older than he thought.

It’s clear that a Noble Phantasm with such a powerful curse would have above grade properties.

“Tsk, I can’t help it. The hammer is not in my hands anyway”.

The honestly visible characteristics themselves were not bad for a Legendary, but unfortunately the weapon itself did not suit me.

The reason is that the weapon I use most often is a spear.



Meanwhile, Han-Shi Young just stared at Ha Jun with narrowed eyes.

What was that?

At the moment, Kim Ha-jun’s movements were invisible.

In a way, it looked like he hardly moved at all, but Kim Ha-jun did indeed move.

(That guy…)

Han-Shi Young then noticed minute changes in Ha-Jun.

The moment when the curse that made the man a phenomenon exploded.

Ha-jun had moved slightly away from his original location.

(When did he move?)

When he looked at the place where he was obviously off, he was sure that he moved very slightly, but he could not see it.

He looked at Ha Jun for a while with such a suspicious look.

“Come on, everyone gather around.”

It was Han-Shi Young who had no choice but to turn his back at Li-Han’s sound.

* * *

A few minutes ago.

In a space where time has stopped.

(What is this again?)

[Emergency quest].

Questable character: Kim – Ha-Jun

Description: Break the curse of the great King Holton.

Reward:50 experience.



Emergency quest.

This was virtually the first quest I had ever seen.

This is because even in my gaming days there were no such quests.

However, I thought the word “Emergency” somehow made the situation a bit dangerous.

(Hmmm — for the time being —)

Ha-jun tried many things during the time stop.

In space, where time was stopped, he could not move anything but himself. But there was a bit of a strange part. The very point was that the clothes he was wearing were not stopped.

Ha-jun noticed this point and immediately tried to stop time with Maharaj.

However, contrary to Ha-Jun’s expectations, the Maharaj did stop.

It just floated in mid-air, just like the objects that had stopped in mid-air.

There were no restrictions on its movement, of course, but there was no taste for a bit of swinging around.

Because it was like swinging something around in space with no gravity.

Anyway, I’ll look into this part later.

“So, how solid is it?”

At first, I hit it with three hammer blows and checked by un-stopping the time.

But there wasn’t even a microscopic change.

(It’s not enough to bring it down with 3 full swings.)

Probably not as much as an ‘Armstrong’, but it was going to take some time.

(Huh… how long do I have to swing down then —…)




For about two hours I had no choice but to start hitting it all over its body.

As soon as I released the time stop, it reacted.


A circular hole appeared all over its body.

However, what I could see from nearby was that smoke was rising and recovering from the hole.

I immediately invoked the time stop again .

(Two hours is not good enough, is it?).

In the end, I squeezed the hammer in my hand again, and the tentative six hours of hammering began.

After six hours of using the hammer in this way.

I finished the work. I stepped back and then released the time stop.


Shortly afterwards, with a horrible scream being heard, a hole formed in its entire body and it began to crumble.

At the same time, a system window floated above in front of Ha Jun.

[Emergency quest].

Questable character: Kim-Ha-jun

Description: Break the curse of the Great King Holton.

Reward: 50. Experience.


[Reward awarded].

[Level increased!]

(This is it…)

I didn’t know how to lift the curse, so I just hit it and somehow the curse was gone.

After I made sure it was gone, I activated the time stop.


Six hours of intense labor unfolded in a civilian body with no rest periods.

I could endure it with the mental capacity of my skills, but I also needed rest.

I approached a nice sun-shaded tree that blocked the sunlight and lay down on the ground as it is.

“Huh yeah~ It’s pretty relaxing despite hard ground.”

[Hammer Maharaj, Crusher].


Characteristics:{evolution} {absolutely unbreakable strong bones} {size adjustment} {weight adjustment} {curse pirate }

Description:The hammer of the great Dwarven king Holton.

I’ll look at the characteristic description later.

It’s time to rest now.

Ha-jun was going to get up after a good night’s sleep.


After a while.

No, by Ha-jun’s standards it wasn’t a while later.

He felt like he had slept soundly for at least four or five hours.

However, his body began to ache with muscle pain, just as it had in the past with the ‘Armstrong’.

(I need more sleep…)

Considering my next practical class, I wanted to raise my hand and go to the infirmary immediately, but I didn’t have a suitable excuse.

Should I have pretended I was the one who broke the curse and just fallen straight down?

“Stand in line four lines vertically!”

Soon, 20 students began to move hurriedly, at Li-Han’s words.

Incidentally, I stood farthest back in Anna’s row, who was the head of the first group.

In the first place, the seat immediately in front of me was Anna’s, so I naturally joined Anna’s group.

“You already know what the afternoon class is about, so I’ll skip the introduction.”

The students looked somewhat crushed and nervous at these words.

The first practical lesson in the afternoon was a demon hunt consisting of teams.

One hundred years in the past, a sudden outbreak of magical power caused a great revolution, and at the same time, magical mutant creatures arose.

The cause of the outbreak was unknown, and the characteristics and habitats of each species differed, as well as the variety of species, with all of them, including a small number of life-forms, being threatening to humans.

There is no scientifically proven fact yet as to whether this is an instinct, but the characteristics of the magical beasts, which can be found anywhere, even in the mountains, designated them as the next life form that had to be rescued after the villains for the safety of the civilian population.

“As heroes, it is a basic requirement to deal with the beasts. Each pair selects a species of beasts to deal with, and if they succeed in killing them within the allotted time, they pass.”

At the same time as these words, the sound of the notification window that always comes to mind was heard.





Questable character:Kim-Ha-Jun

Description:Hunt a certain number of beasts.

(Magical beasts 0/25)

Reward:35 experience.




However, this time it was a sub-quest, not the main one.

A smile appeared in Ha-jun’s mouth.

(Isn’t it too small?)

I’m going to take it easy this time.

* * *

I was jogging lightly among the open fields and lush trees in the sunshine .


Because I had already been abandoned by a pair of children.

Only five minutes earlier.




“Wow… You’re is not as fit as I thought.”

“That’s right. What’s wrong with you?”

Of the four groups of five people each, our team was the slowest.

We started at the same time at first, but due to my below average fitness, the team had to match my speed.

“Hey? Are you kidding me? Why do you have so little strength?”

“Did you get lucky and get the top spot?”

These were the words of Cheong In-han, who use the same pair of Spear Noble Phantasm and Ma Jin-han, gauntlet between their puny muscles, respectively. A natural sigh escaped the children as they complained of wrinkled impressions.

The other two, Anna and Millie, an American student with a long long sword, did not say it either, but their expressions were full of frustration.

Frankly, physical fitness was not an issue in this situation.

Because physical fitness itself can be covered by mental strength and persistence.

Moreover, the maharaj could be reduced to the desired size.

I thought it was too cumbersome to carry around with me, because of this reduced size.

However, the point they complained about was the speed at which I ran.

(How can you keep up with these crazy guys running at the speed of a car?)

This was the assessment of Ha Jun, who watched the speed of the other groups right up close.

The students boasted even crazier speeds than they had seen in the game.

Some climbed up and down the trees like monkeys, while others flew through the trees in a state of aerial levitation.

Incidentally, the aerial levitating student was Anna in front of me.

She was no better than me, but she was not as strong as the other students, and she was using magic.

“Well… you guys go ahead already.”

Ha Jun had no choice but to stop running immediately.

If he activated a time stop, he could reach his destination faster than the guys in front of him, but there was no way he could use it. He didn’t dare to stand out in front of these guys, especially Anna.

He had already given up on his quest.

“Then say it quickly!”

“Yeah, hey! Let’s go fast!”

Cheon-In Han, who had been running in the lead, started running at a speed unmatched by what he was doing now, followed by others who picked up speed.

Finally, Anna, who had been glaring at me for a while in the air, quickly turned around without hesitation.

I began to slow down, staring at the blurred and distant students.

(Oh well, they complain a lot.)

I stopped for a while and then caught my breath.

I could manage to run for a long time with mental strength and persistence. But to run as fast as them was impossible for me, with my stats like an ordinary person.

I started walking as if taking a slow stroll, lightly.

Soon there was a roar of something exploding from the surroundings and vibrations of the forest ground shaking.

It seems that perhaps the students from other pairs have already started hunting for magical beasts.

(I wonder if our group has also started by now?)

As I slowly walked to my destination, I could see the students, including Anna, hunting.

This time, the beast our group was hunting was the “Black Dog”, which, as Anna said, boasts great power and sharpness among the lower class beasts with its huge body and jet-black hairs.

Unlike the term “black dog”, its body was comparable in size to that of a tiger or lion, and it had red, ferocious eyes.

It’s a shame there’s no popcorn.

Seeing them hunt the magical beast, which you don’t see in real life, was like watching a scene from a film.

Looking at the situation, it looked like I didn’t even dare to move.

It was almost over anyway, because the kids were getting ready to finish up.

That was when.


Ma Jin Han jumped towards the black dog and started to strangle it, and the black dog started to roll and shake its whole body as if it were kicking its last struggle.

It was Ma-Jin Han who couldn’t withstand the force and flew far away.


In anger, Ma-Jin Han immediately got up from the ground and pounced on the black dog.

At the same time, under the ground where Ma Jin Han was, a huge bee the size of a head began to crawl up from the ground.

Instantly, upon seeing the bee crawling up from under the ground, Ma-Jin Han’s face turned pale.


“Crazy what did you touch!”

“Get a grip, everyone!”

Anna’s shouts caused everyone to lean back and brace themselves, and at the same time the number of bees crawling up from the ground gradually began to increase.

The number of bees was around 30.

Originally, Anna’s magic could do something about it.


The black dog was still alive.

“Looks like you need a hand”

Ha-jun reluctantly lifted his maharaj.

Slowly approaching them, in his time stop-activated world.

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