The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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Chapter 10

Anna-Elizabeth Hartel.

She still remembers what happened at the entrance ceremony and her meeting with the headmaster of the academy, Choi Joon Won. Of course, it was only a day ago, so of course it was normal to remember, but she had a habit of deleting useless memories on the spot.

Like this guy, for example.

“Oh, hello. Wow…I didn’t think that Anna was the head of our team. Uh, anyway, nice to meet you.”

A lean and muscular pig called out to me.

Ma Jin-han.

This boy was red-faced and holding out his hand with his gaze downwards in embarrassment.

Anna first accepted the handshake with a business-like smile.

Somehow the squeezed hand felt like it was being held for a long time.

“Please take care of me too.”

“Um, please take care of me too.”

These were the words of Millie, who was tense, unlike Ma Jin-han and she was timid, who used spear techniques, respectively. Of course, I had already checked the identities of all my classmates for talent scouting.

Even though they are children who are not as good as me, they are still in an elite class that is recognized by the academy in its own right.

(Ma Jin-han is no good, and still, should. I prefer Millie?)

Ma Jin-han was the best of the three in terms of combat talent, but his past history was tainted. He was involved in a student group assault when he was in secondary school, I heard.

He was talented but not heroic qualities.

Rather, he has the face of a criminal. His personality seems to be decorated now, but his original character doesn’t seem to be very good.

The other two were a little more ambiguous. They were talented in their own right, but I had to be cautious in making an immediate decision. Some of the students will later show stunted growth.

And right now there was one boy I had to be more sure of than them.

Where the hell did that guy come from?

All the other children’s histories were investigated, but Kim-Ha Jun’s history was not found.

It was as if the information had been purposely concealed from some higher power.

Even the information guild I created couldn’t easily find information on Kim Ha-jun.

Still, one thing I did get was that Kim Ha-jun’s nationality might not be Korean?

This information was not very useful as of now, so Anna was going to use this opportunity to evaluate Kim Ha-jun.

(It’s the same as the fact that he overtook Han Si-young for the top spot, and there’s a lot of catching up to do. ….)

Armstrong’s bus terror attack.

An incident in which several heroes gathered and barely protected the students and publicly announced that they had shot and killed a Class A Villain Armstrong, but rumor had it that a lone student on the bus had killed that infamous Villain with a single blow.

Kim Ha-jun was the head of the school for a moment. Anna also had her doubts about the rumors, but in the end she did not believe them.

The story was so ridiculous that even the headmaster, Choi Joong-won, denied it.

(He really doesn’t look like much of a big deal at first sight. ….)

However, the bravery he showed during his introduction time forced me to doubt him again.

It reminded me of Kim Ha-jun, who was not afraid to introduce himself even when faced with that mighty killing intent.

It was clear that he was anything but ordinary, at least.

(This would be a good opportunity to confirm this.)

Soon the time for identification was approaching, and the moment the practical class started, Anna had no choice but to frown.

(Hey… Are you serious?”)

“Huff~ Huff~”

It was Kim-Ha Jun, who was making strange breathing noises and running with a steady posture.

I was taken aback by the sight of him.

Did he really make it by luck to the top?

I am not sure if it was possible by luck, but it was clear from his current appearance that he definitely had below-average fitness and strength.

And looking at the sweat pouring from his forehead, it doesn’t look like a prank either.

Anna looked at Ha Jun with a probing gaze.

If he really makes his luck at the top, he’s the one who will leave the team anyway.

However, at best, it would be a problem if the Beasts hunting was slowed down because of one team member, so Anna thought that she had to say what she needed to say as a team leader.

The moment she turned her face away like that and tried to open her mouth to Kim-Ha Jin.

“Well… you guys go ahead already.”

“Already! You should have said so earlier!”

“That’s right. Let’s go quickly!”

Kim-Ha-jun spoke up first, and without hesitation Anna ditched Ha-jun and rapidly increased her speed. At least he seems to know that he is causing a problem.

“He really is like a dog! Why the hell is he like that! What luck did you make the head of the class, really! Hey, If we lose, it’s all his fault!”

“He said it was luck with his own mouth. Calm down a bit. It’s right in front of us anyway. Besides, Anna’s there, too, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

In the end, it was Ma Jin-han who was angry, unable to overcome his temper.

Anna watched the figure idly in the sky, but did not pay much attention to it.

She had long known Ma Jin-han’s character beforehand.

Soon they arrived at their destination and the hunt led to a quick attack.

After binding It’s legs with Anna’s restraining magic, the rest of the three of them were to attack.

The black dog gradually began to tire from such an onslaught.

The only problem was that Ma Jin Han, who confirmed the black dog’s exhausted appearance, jumped into the black dog with a smirk on his face.

“Now, wait a minute!”

Cheon In-han tried to stop him, but Ma Jin-han didn’t care, jumped on the black dog and started strangling it with his taunting arm. However, no matter how exhausted it was, it was still a magical Beast.

The black dog swung itself away from Ma-jin-han, and Ma-jin-han, who had flown so far away due to the force reaction, rolled thumping across the floor before hitting a tree and then stopped.


Soon after, an angry Ma-Jin Han raised his body and jumped again at the black dog.

However, something began to emerge from the ground under where Ma-jin-han had rolled, digging out the soil and revealing its head.

Their number increased from one at first to about 30 after a while, followed by 30 giant ground bees that crawled out from under the ground and began to flap their wings powerfully with a violent sound.

“Huh? Ha!”

“Crazy what did you touch!”

“Everyone get a grip!”

Immediately, Anna grasped the situation and came down from the air and landed in front of them.

Anna began to look around .

Behind her was a black dog that had not yet fallen, and in front of her were countless giant bees.


Anna gritted her teeth and began to manifest magic .

Maybe our group is the lowest of all the groups in terms of time, but it’s better than being eliminated.

The moment the Intermediate Flame Magic formula was composed in such a way and she was about to cast the magic.

In Anna’s field of vision, she saw Kim Ha-jun approaching here leisurely.

“Don’t come over here, stay th??…”

Then he disappeared.

Followed by.

Pack! Paca! Pucka! Pucka-pucka!

With a strange sound, the heads of the giant bees began to explode.


Ha Jun, who disappeared shortly afterwards, suddenly appeared with his back to her with a huge hammer.

He opened his mouth to Anna in an irritated tone.



“What are you doing? I don’t want to deal with that one.”

Ha-jun pointed at the growling black dog with his chin.

Soon the stunned-looking students were looking at Ha-jun, who immediately turned their backs up and began dealing with the black dog. Even in the midst of all this, the heads continued to explode and Ha-Jun just watched the scene with a casual and indifferent expression on his face.

“What? When did that guy come—Ugh!”

“What? What’s wrong, Ma Jin Han?”

“I don’t know! The back of my head suddenly hurts.!”


Of course, I wasn’t going to be a hero.

A hero who saves a colleague in a moment of crisis?

I had no intention of staging such a thing, or wanting to stand out. But the situation was a little difficult as it was.

That would be a rejection.

Because of Anna’s magic, the situation did not seem so critical, but time was only an issue.

Because the most important factor the instructor checks in this practical class is time and safety.

It was how quickly they hunted the beasts and how safely they came back.

By the way, what if our group fails? The next course of action for this one instructor was obvious.

He would probably run 20 laps around the playground in the supplemental class and wouldn’t we be sent to hunt again?

There was no way I could do It.

(Still, I’m glad the hammer was strong enough…)

In the still space.

Naturally, the stones used in place of the hammer before could not withstand the shock onslaught, and they all broke or shattered into pieces. But only this hammer was different.

Six hours of hammering did not cause even the slightest scratch.

Rather, every time the hammer was used, the rust peeled off and a golden halo was reflected.

(Huh…, let’s struggle just this once. This is the last of today’s lessons.)

Ha-Jun sighed and approached the students with the maharaj.

He then approached behind Ma Jin Han and hit him three times on the back of the head with the palm of his hand.

I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t sound (*Pong*Pong*), but oh well.

I might have got it right myself anyway.

“Ugh…Because of this muscle pain.”

The next first act, naturally, was to deal with the giant bees.

There were approximately 30 of them, and more were on the way .

The reason was that 30 of them had already spread their wings and pointed their sharp venomous needles at students, and several more had succeeded them and were crawling up to the ground.

Ha Jun started hitting each of them ten times on the head.

Because at least without these guys, the black dog hunt could be finished without difficulty.

However, he did not intend to help with the black dog hunt.

Why? Because it’s too hard.

The jet-black hair of the black dogs was tougher than expected and had a surprisingly strong durability.

For example, it would have played a similar role to a shield that would have prevented a hammering attack, as in the case of Ma Jin-han and myself.

Of course, if I hit it in the head about 50 times, it would probably die from a concussion too, but it didn’t seem necessary.

In the first place, a flat area attack wouldn’t get through, but a thrust attack should.

With Chong-In Han with his spear and Millie with her long sword, it shouldn’t be too hard to kill one drying dog.

(Ah… I’m really gonna die today…)

How many times a day did I work — no, in terms of time, it feels like another day has already gone by. It just doesn’t flow through the time stop, though.

“Well, then…”

Ha-Jun began to look around, walking around to make sure he was in the right place before he released the time stop. The reason is that there might be one of them that he missed by any chance.

Fortunately, no more giant bees were seen.

And Ha-jun released the time stop without hesitation.

Paca! Paca! Pucka! Paca-paca!

He checked the quest window that floated above his retina as he watched the heads of the exploding ones.


(Questable character: Kim-Ha-Jun

Description:Hunt a certain number of Magical Beasts.

(38/25 Magical Beasts)

Reward: 35 experience.


[More than a limited number dealt with].

[Rewards added!]

[Reward: 35 experience]

[Additional Rewards: +20 experience, +250p]

(Yes, at least this should be the award for my hard work.)

(TL: Next Chapter is end of Test and stuff.)

Chapter 9
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